Cosmic Energy - How Can I Obtain More

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Information about Cosmic Energy - How Can I Obtain More

Published on March 24, 2019

Author: Rayus7777


slide 1: Cosmic Energy - How Can I Obtain More What is Cosmic Energy Cosmic Energy is all around us. It is the link between the stars and heavens the planets humans animals and molecules. It is the bond which keeps everything in order. Comic Energy is the “Life Force.” It is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our consciousness. It acts as a base for all of our actions and functions receiving some in deep sleep and silence. Humans use this energy for our daily activities and bodily functions. However the amount of Cosmic Energy we receive through sleep is not sufficient for our daily lives. It is why we constantly feel tired tense and drained and if left untreated can cause significant physical and emotional stress as well as suffering. slide 2: How Can I Obtain Cosmic Energy We need Cosmic Energy to usher in a happy healthy life and maintain order. Additionally we can find knowledge and expand our consciousness. We can only obtain additional Cosmic Energy through meditation and connecting with Mother Nature through activities such as yoga. Yoga unifies the body and the life force that lives in the body with the Cosmic power of Mother Nature. Practicing yoga prepares one to be greatly receptive of energy from Mother Nature. Meditation When we meditate we are immersing our mind into the spiritual dominion and connecting with the cosmic energies of the universe. With meditation we are opening ourselves to receive the cosmic energy we need to feel fulfilled and live spiritually. slide 3: Meditation requires allowing our minds to empty and allow the universe to put us in a state of hypnosis just for a short time. Through regular meditation we can keep our cosmic energy at peak levels allowing us the spiritual and physical health we need and desire. In order to provide you with a better understand of yourself and how to begin this spiritual journey. We recommend creating a Cosmic Energy Profile to better understand yourself. Create your own Cosmic Energy Profile here.

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