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Information about Cosmetic Dentistry – Fix Your Smile with cosmetic dentistry

Published on May 19, 2016

Author: mtainfo


1. Cosmetic Dentistry – Fix Your Smile with cosmetic dentistry If you’ve ever thought of how nice it might be to have a very bright, healthy-looking smile… then maybe now’s the time to notice out what modern cosmetic dentistry has got to offer! You may be shocked at how much can be done to vary your smile’s look — and how good it will cause you to feel about yourself. While most cosmetic procedures are optional there are some cases that warrant a cosmetic correction. Gaps between the teeth, yellow or stained teeth, crowded teeth, a gummy smile and broken or cracked teeth will all be corrected by this method. How does the entire process of cosmetic dentistry work? First dentists would like to understand the plan of treatment. This is done by first understanding what the matter is with their smile or teeth structure. In every case a mock up is completed, where a photograph of the person’s mouth is taken before, and a mock up is finished in the mouth. Another simulated picture is generated to show what they may seem like after the treatment. This can even be done by taking impressions of the teeth and showing a mock up on a mould of the person’s jaw. In the earlier days there was a way called ‘digital mock up’, this has now been interrupted as a result of it is not invariably doable to show the patient a computer-generated simulated picture. In order to correct the various smile defects the following procedures are used: Teeth whitening: Discoloration of teeth can happen because of two reasons; either as a result of ageing where the teeth naturally become yellow or because of stains that are caused due to chewing tobacco, smoking or other factors. For such people, their teeth are initially cleansed and then a procedure known as teeth whitening is performed.

2. This is a procedure where bleach is used to whiten the teeth. Bleaching is the use of hydrogen peroxide, in varied concentrations, to whiten the teeth. One should keep in mind that the enamel is not affected by bleaching, but bleaching lasts only for about 6-8 months. Often a ‘maintenance dose’ is given thus it will be simply maintained reception and therefore the results last longer. It is a non-invasive and a superficial method that helps whiten the teeth. Use of Veneers Teeth or Laminates: In some cases people’s teeth become very dark, either due to certain medications or a phenomenon called root canal teeth (where the teeth become black from the inside). These are dark brown to blue-black teeth that cannot be treated with bleach. For such a case, laminate or veneers are most popular. Usually these terms are used interchangeably however by definition laminates are those that give no change in color however incorporates a in form and size. Teeth Veneers are those that will provide a change in color with or without a change in shape and size. Therefore in the case of a discolored tooth it is advisable to position a veneer. This veneer is then matched with the shape and color of the other teeth to present it a natural look and feel. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Braces: In some cases there are either gaps in the teeth or overlapping of teeth. It is then advisable to use braces to correct the defect. Braces are a set of wires put in into the mouth that help to make the teeth straight. In some cases where the size of the teeth and therefore the jaw is misaligned, a combination of braces and veneers are used. Maintenance of a cosmetic dental procedure: A cosmetic procedure requires to be maintained. Since it is a remote body and might be affected easier than natural teeth, a good regime to take care of the dental procedure is important. Here are a few recommendations on maintaining dental procedure well: Brushing: Use a soft brush for brushing. Run the brush along the teeth in sleek and soft movements. Do not be too harsh on your teeth as a toothbrush should be used like a paint brush, it is only meant to remove superficial debris. Avoid eating something hard and sticky: The doctor strongly advices against eating anything hard or sticky. Since these foods are arduous it might cause hurt to your teeth. Quit smoking or chewing tobacco: Tobacco chewing and smoking cause teeth to become stained very quickly. After a bleaching procedure or any different cosmetic dental procedure, smoking or chewing tobacco will cause undo all the good the procedure achieves. A cosmetic dental procedure can offer you that excellent smile you envisioned but keep in mind, it is essential to follow the doctor’s orders to keep them looking good for a long time to come. Visit to know more about our Services – Cosmetic Dentistry

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