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Published on September 23, 2014

Author: yunbootcamps



Jason Yun gives a presentation to a group of Humana employees on how to be awesome in life and at their jobs.

With fitness at the office, nutrition, health, and mindset hacks.

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ICmproovemrepnt Woarrrioar Fittneess presents: Wellness AWESOMENESS ! By Jason Yun, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, CISSN, FMS, USAW, YFS Kick Wellness to the curb and learn how to become Awesome at your job with these simple biohacks of Health, Nutrition & Fitness!

Who am I and Why Should You Care? ❖ Fitness business owner since 2007 ❖ Certified PT, CSCS, CISSN, KBA, YFS, YSAS, Fit Mom ❖ Was picked by CityPulse magazine in Columbus as one of the top 53 young professionals you should know. ❖ Consider myself the human Guinea pig. 2011 and on….. ❖ Some of the things talk about- don’t believe me- do your own research ❖ Improvement Warrior

What we are going to be talking about today! ❖ Corporate Awesomeness 3 steps: ❖ Healthy body- Fitness ❖ Nutrition ❖ Mindset ❖ You can find any videos, downloads, notes, bonuses for this presentation at ❖

Healthy BODY @ Work

Healthy Body- Office- Sitting ❖ Most offices people sit—— Danger! Up to 12 hours a day sitting. Work, commute, meals, tv, computer….. ❖ Sitting is the new smoking ❖ Research showing linked to all kinds of health problems: 43 reviewed studies increase colon, endometrial, lung cancer ❖ cancer, CVD, diabetes, hypertension, depression. ❖ Each hour of sitting takes 21.8 minutes off life expectancy. 11 min. cig. ❖ Metabolism down- burn 50 calories less per hour. ❖ an hour of exercise can’t undo negative effects of 8 hr sit. ❖ Inflammation goes up!

What you need to do- Biohack Sitting ❖ Standing desk- How to stand (coming next)- (treadmill) ❖ Swiss Ball- alternate ❖ Timers- 2 hour rule—- Can’t be Sedentary more insulin resistant- less you move! ❖ Little Walks- Doesn’t matter where ❖ On the phone a lot- headset wireless-walk around ❖ get a pedometer

Posture Needs Work ❖ Dangers of bad posture ❖ Kyphosis ❖ Get your eyes checked. Can’t see computer screen can lead to bad posture. ❖ Starring at computer screen for hours on end…. 15 minute rule. ❖ How to sit 101

How to stand correctly ❖ How to stand with good posture ❖ Shoes— ❖ tripod, abs, butt, pelvis, head in-line ❖ reminders ❖ rubber bands ❖ timers ❖ sticky notes ❖ ‘Fitness’ while you stand……

‘Tricks’ to improvement ‘the damage’ ❖ It is damage- ❖ misaligned spine- damages other bone, muscle, organ— leading to….. back, knee, hip, joint pain— especially bad for kids…. ❖ trigger points- myofascial. Sitting, standing, sendatary lifestyle, not enough sleep. Build up over time: asymmetries: injury: pain ❖ Self massage— Foam Roller, Lacrosse ball, tennis ball ❖ Everybody needs one…. Benefits???? ❖ Quick routine….

‘Strength’ @ the Office ❖ Breathing ❖ Importance of breathing: Health: Well being: Posture ❖ Techniques: ❖ Belly Breathing ❖ Ujiyya ❖ Warrior breath ❖ Apps

‘Strength’ @ the office part 2 ❖ Yoga Routine for energy and revival and STRESS RELEASE!! ❖ Improvement Warrior Yoga Flow ❖ Balance Flow ❖ Full yoga practice on web page

‘Strength’ @ the office part 3 ❖ ‘Stretching’ Routine ❖ Resistance bands are your friend ❖ Quick Fitness Routine- Isometrics

The ‘Fitness’ Pyramid ❖ Fitness at a gym, studio or at home…. Needs to be priority ❖ weight loss vs. fat loss ❖ YOUR Pyramid is wrong!!! ❖ We have all these things to choose from: Lift weights, cardio, aerobics, interval training, yoga, HIT, Nutrition, stress reduction, mobility work, foam rolling—— ❖ so much to little time…..

Fix the Pyramid ❖ Nutrition ❖ Lift Weights- 3-4 times a week ❖ Yoga 3 times a week ❖ Cardio- CHUCK IT! ❖ Regeneration- Foam rolling, mobility— 5-7 days a week. ❖ Even better— Combined Weight Training & intervals.

Nutrition At Office ❖ What if it’s all been a big, fat lie ❖ fat vs carbs- do your own research. Current recommendations - 60% CHO, 20% protein ❖ 1994- ADA- Upped to 60-70% CHO- 97-07 diabetes rate doubled in USA. ❖ Your brain- 3-5% weight, uses 25% of total energy (kcal). 60% of brain is made up of fat. ❖ DHA- Omega-3 ❖ Cholesterol- 25% of it in brain. Die without. Every cell can make. ❖ The good, the bad, the ugly….. Statins. ❖ Triglycerides and fatty acids ❖ AGE’s- ❖ Metabolic Syndrome ❖ waist- 40/35” (europe standards is 37/31.5) ❖ Triglyceride levels 150 mg/dl or higher ❖ HDL C— less then 40/50 ❖ BP- 130/85 or on medication ❖ Fasting glucose- 100 or use of medication for hyperglycemia

Saturated Fat ❖ Most important ❖ Preferred fuel source over glucose. preferred source for heart ❖ No study has every linked sat fat to CHD ( or cholesterol). It was all a hypothesis (read Why we get fat: Ancel Keys- 7 countries) ❖ Bones need it to put calcium in bone and not arteries. ❖ Raises good HDL and Good LDL ❖ Lowers triglycerides ❖ Sources: ❖ BAD FATS: Vegetable Oils, Visceral Fat (what is it)

Why everybody should be Gluten-Free ❖ Gluten and Grains- is it the cause of the obesity epidemic? ❖ Celiac and gluten sensitivity. non-gluten sensitive ❖ Wheat- the new OJ? ❖ 99.5 yards- ❖ Blood sugar— higher & faster then …… ❖ High carb, high inflammation ❖ Highly addictive- Gliadin

Inflammation ❖ Biggest problem ❖ Every single disorder and disease cause. People just don’t get sick being around the sick. ❖ Unchecked Inflammation in person A could lead to obesity and CHD, and in person B could lead to an autoimmune disease, and in person C diabetes, person D Alzheimer's, etc…… ❖ Should NOT Be Permanent ❖ If it does, it is toxic to body. ❖ Leads to every chronic disease- CHD, Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s (type 3), obesity, arthritis, liver and kidney disease, etc… ❖ 4 horsemen of aging ❖ Oxidation, Inflammation, Sugar (CHO), Stress ❖ Oxidation- leave apple slices out- what happens. Free radicals attack cells. Aging is rusting within caused by free radicals

What you need to know…. ❖ #1 dietary contributor to heart disease ❖ One of top for inflammation (what’s the other….) ❖ Increases the bad LDL and HDL levels ❖ 2 types- hard dense and large fluffy. Sugar turns fluffy to hard ❖ Triglycerides UP UP UP! Independent risk factor for CHD ❖ #1 creator of AGE’s

Nutrition Prep For Your Work Day ❖ Easy snacks ❖ Meal Prep 101

Think Right! Mindset

4 things to start doing to be more positive ❖ News ❖ TV ❖ Automobile EDU ❖ Goals ❖ DMP ❖ Goal setting sequence

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