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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: StacyMeissler



HealthFitness infographic about corporate wellness.

WHY CORPORATE 16KG WELLNESS? Three out of five employers (61%) offer a corporate wellness program1. Why? Because when properly integrated, a corporate wellness program can improve employee health and productivity, and contain health care costs. Plus, corporate wellness is proven to help retain top performers. EMPLOYER PAINS Poor employee health DID YOU KNOW? 1 IN 2 ADULTS HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AT LEAST 2 ONE CHRONIC DISEASE 2 OUT OF 3 ADULTS ARE OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE3 Many health care providers struggle to address risks, such as obesity4 • U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines recommend checking all patients to determine if they’re obese; however: o Research shows when doctors perceive an obese patient to be smaller than themselves, only 11% discuss weight loss with the patient Health care costs5 25-30% of medical costs per year are spent on employees with major risk factors such as: Obesity Cigarette smoking Diabetes Productivity losses6 $ Health-related productivity losses cost employers $225.8 BILLION PER YEAR Cost employers $1685 > per employee Employ ee Jan. 1 one th ous and six hundre d eighty -f 1685 ive doll ars PER YEAR Retention7 49% employees likely to leave and look for a new job this year IMPACT OF MAJOR EMPLOYEE HEAL TH RISKS 2. Obesity 1. Tobacco Obese cost Smokers miss more days per year8 $1,850– $5,500 6.2 days Smoker more in health care costs than normal-weight individuals10 $ 3.9 $4.3 billion: days Non-smoker Annual losses to businesses because of obesity-related job absenteeism11 { { { Annual cost to employers: $96 billion11 { Annual cost to employers: $190.2 billion11 3. Diabetes Employee with diabetes costs, on average, Employee without diabetes averages $13,243 annually13 $2,560 annually13 VS. Diabetes accounts for: • 15 million work days absent12 • 107 million work days lost due to unemployment disability12 • 120 million work days with reduced performance12 Annual cost to employers: $174 billion BENEFITS OF CORPORATE WELLNESS Reduced costs and absenteeism14 Meta-analysis shows corporate wellness on average reduced sick leave absenteeism by Health care costs by $ Workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs by $ 30% 26% 28% ROI Average ROI of corporate wellness15: $1 $ $1 = $1 $ $1 $1 $ $1 $1 $ $1 $3.27 for every $1 spent Impact on retention Employees who participate in wellness programs are more likely to be loyal to their employer16 73% Participants believe their company is very loyal to them 62% Participants feel very loyal to their company 62% Participants say benefits are an important reason they stay at their current company Employer spending on corporate wellness is a strong financial investment when it succeeds in modifying employee health and behaviors. HealthFitness is a proven leader of population health management solutions that measurably improve employee health. To learn more about HealthFitness’ unique approach to infusing a culture of health for clients, visit Sources: 1. Business Insurance,|307|74|305|339|257 2. Health Affairs, 3. Institute of Medicine, 4. Wall Street Journal Health Blog, 5. National Business Group on Health, 6. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 7. Employee Benefit News, benefits-employees-employers-workers-ancillary-offerings-coverage-2725242-1.html 8. Tobacco Control, content/10/3/233.abstract 9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, implementation/topics/tobacco-use.html 10. Occupational Health & Safety, 11. Institute of Medicine, in-ObesityPrevention.aspx 12. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13. Diabetes Care, 14. American Journal of Health Promotion, 15. Health Affairs, 16. Metlife, © 2012 Health Fitness Corporation

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