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Published on January 30, 2014

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility Practicing Good Governance and Ethics: Practicing Good Governance and Ethics Page 2 Promote Compliance (1 of 5): Promote Compliance (1 of 5) Conduct business ethically and honestly Promote legal and regulatory compliance at every level Conduct risk analysis on a regular basis along with compliance monitoring Page 3 Promote Compliance (4 of 5): Promote Compliance (4 of 5) Page 4 PDCA: Information Security Enhancement (1 of 2): Information Security Enhancement (1 of 2) Information security — the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, as well as ensuring that no data is lost when technical issues arise Systems in place for handling confidential and personal information Page 5 Being Involved in Communities (2 of 8): Being Involved in Communities (2 of 8) Philanthropy / cause sponsorship This often doesn’t have a direct impact on business, but it does increase a company’s overall reputation and exposure Involves the donation of money, food, clothing, toys, and other items to selected causes Page 6 PowerPoint Presentation: Page 7 Responsibility (2 of 7): Responsibility (2 of 7) Responsibility to customers Focus on customer satisfaction Quality assurance (QA) Quality assurance is the process of ensuring the quality of goods and services as well as other business activities Dialogue with customers Make sure customers always have someone they can talk to Utilizing customer feedback Page 8 5 Steps for Effective Reporting (1 of 4): 5 Steps for Effective Reporting (1 of 4) A reliable process: Prepare Connect Define Monitor Report Page 9 5 Steps for Effective Reporting (2 of 4): 5 Steps for Effective Reporting (2 of 4) Prepare What are your organization’s major impacts Develop an action plan Connect Identify your key stakeholders Talk to them about what they think are important sustainability topics that your organization should manage and report on Page 10 Quality Assurance Testing (2 of 3): Quality Assurance Testing (2 of 3) Observe international safety standards and official safety laws and regulations Ensure safety during normal use as well as any foreseeable misuse Provide product safety design training to product designers Respond to product defects Promptly carry out product recalls if the need arises Page 11 Quality Assurance Testing (3 of 3): Quality Assurance Testing (3 of 3) A possible QA process model: Page 12 Ensuring Sound Supply Chains (6 of 7): Ensuring Sound Supply Chains (6 of 7) A sidenote: Contractors provide goods or services to another entity under agreed upon terms Subcontractors agree to perform part or all of the obligations of another’s contract Ex. An architect might be the primary contractor in a business agreement, and any suppliers and services he/she uses for lumber, labor, and other needs would be subcontractors. Page 13 Green Procurement and Purchasing: Green Procurement and Purchasing Applying PDCA to procurement: Page 14 Work-life Balance: Work-life Balance Personal obligations often conflict with job requirements, and this is a normal part of life. Consider establishing a child care program for parent employees Show you care while getting more out of your workforce Present employees with different circumstances a range of work options Ex. Telecommuting, part time vs. full time, flexible schedule Page 15 Benefits of Participating (1 of 4): Benefits of Participating (1 of 4) Financial benefits: Reduced energy and water usage and costs Reduced paper, waste and associated costs Reduced materials in production of products Grants available for improved sustainability practices Visibility of performance of buildings due to mandatory reporting Page 16 Energy Efficiency (2 of 2): Energy Efficiency (2 of 2) The LEED program encourages energy efficient building designs. LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Obtaining LEED certification shows that your company cares about energy efficiency, resource conservation, and the environment The green standards of LEED also reduce the costs of operation and increase the value of your assets Page 17 Product Packaging and Recycling (1 of 2): Product Packaging and Recycling (1 of 2) Consider the impact that your products’ materials have on the environment. What can you do to reduce that impact? Product packaging Use recycled paper whenever possible Use vegetable-based inks for inserts and manuals Use recyclable cardboard packaging when applicable Page 18 Creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy: Creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Page 19 In a 2012 survey, workers reported the following:: In a 2012 survey, workers reported the following: Source: Net Impact Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012 In a 2012 survey, workers reported the following:: In a 2012 survey, workers reported the following: Source: Net Impact Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012 Evaluating Your Current CSR Status (3 of 7): Evaluating Your Current CSR Status (3 of 7) Does your company comply with relevant laws and regulations across all facilities? Does it have fair and transparent employment contracts for all workers? Do your company and its suppliers stand against the use of child and slave labor? Does your company pay taxes according to appropriate national laws? Page 22 Write Down Your CSR Strengths and Weaknesses: Write Down Your CSR Strengths and Weaknesses   Strengths Weaknesses Transparency / Reporting     Human Rights     Compliance with Laws     Labor     Environment     Health and Safety     Competition     Taxation     Setting Goals for Improvement (2 of 2): Setting Goals for Improvement (2 of 2) The Triple Bottom Line: Page 24 Concluding Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts The resources you commit to causes outside the corporation aren’t just to show that you’re responsible in the now. Tomorrow's doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers, and businessmen are today's schoolchildren. Today’s investments are investments in a sustainable future. Page 25 PowerPoint Presentation: Download “ Corporate Social Responsibility ” PowerPoint presentation at 153 Slides include : Definition/s of corporate social responsibility, Learning objectives, Etymology, 11 slides on practicing good governance and ethics, 3 points on PDCA cycles, 12 slides on community involvement, 12 slides on creating value for stakeholders, 10 slides on transparency and accountability, 7 slides on product safety and quality assurance, 11 slides on supply chain management and green procurement, 13 slides on the treatment of employees, 17 slides on environmental sustainability, 22 slides on creating a CSR strategy, 9 points on developing your strategy, 10 points and a writing exercise for evaluating your current CSR status, 7 points for setting goals for improvement, 3 points for the Triple Bottom Line, action plans and much more. Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again. Updated & Expanded 2013 Now: more content, graphics, and diagrams Page 26

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