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Published on July 28, 2007

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Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense deals with the theme "PR Today and Development of youth and the professional skills".

India’s first corporate PR ezine VOL 2 Issue 5 – July 07 Published by Prime Point Foundation (Supported by Chennai PR Club) PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Chief Editor “Individual talents have no value, unless combined in a team“ In some of the earlier to analyse this phenomena as to why group discussions, many there is a hesitation in coming out and of the youngsters raised working in a team, pooling all the the ‘serious concern’ resources. The combined talent is about the lack of youth more beneficial to the industry. empowerment and not Individual talents have no value, involving youth in many unless they are pooled for the of the decision making betterment of society. In turn, activities. Based on that, we working in a team, helps the dedicated this July 2007 issue of PR-e- individuals to develop ‘team spirit’ and Sense for the youth. We requested Mr ‘leadership skills’. Tushar, one of the enterprising youth to be the ‘Guest Editor’. Messages This is a very serious challenge before were circulated repeatedly for youth the youngsters. A time has come that volunteers to participate in making this both seniors and youngsters should ezine. come together to identify the reasons for such ‘indifference’ and involve the Surprisingly, we could get only three youth in the mainstream team. volunteers to be part of this ezine. I feel that the youth of today, have The Editorial Board places on record great potentiality. The contributions the appreciation and initiative taken by made by these young people in this the Guest Editor and other three ezine are really excellent. This is only young professionals. a sample of youth potentiality. Individually, they have great talents in K. Srinivasan them. When the opportunity was given, there was a hesitation in accepting the responsibility. We need PR-e-CISE – Inside this ezine • • An exclusive interview with Mr Al Expert views by Harish Bijoor, Ries, Co-Author : “Fall of Brand-domain specialist & CEO, Advertisement and Raise of PR” Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. • • Expert views by Mr Roger C B Expert views by Anurag Batra, Pereira, CEO & Managing Director Managing Director and Editor-in- R&PM:Edelman. Chief, Exchange4media Group.

2 PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Guest Editor “If you don’t speak, you don’t have right to complain“ When we decided that we would bring We have collected guidance from some out the special issue of ‘PR-e-Sense’ of the most talented people in the focusing on communications business today, which young I am sure, will help you to shape up generation your future. It will help you to decide in public whether you want to pursue your goal relations, of creating a career out of a PR job or we were look for another job. hoping that many of our This is my first effort as an editor young (though I contributed and produced friends will many in-house journals) of such come forward and share their views on wonderful publication and I look the business and seek clarifications. forward to your feedback and We were hoping that they would suggestions, which may help me shape convey their needs and desires. But my skills as an editor. I would like to unfortunately, very few people came thank all the contributors and forward. motivators for their valuable time and advice. Don’t you think that it is reflective of our business culture where just born Parting wisdom: Those who do not PR professionals don’t speak? This speak when the right platform is being reminds me of a great line penned by provided, do not have a right to a well-known author Gracie Allen: complain that I was not consulted. “When I was born I was so surprised I Converse. didn’t talk for a year and a half”. With a hope to hear from readers, I I think most of our just born PR remain. professionals are equally surprised to see the ‘very’ different world in the real PR business. Tushar Panchal In this issue we have tried to capture Vice President, Rediffusion DYR Pvt. the PR world that exists today and Ltd. going to emerge tomorrow. PODCAST TRIBUTES TO DR ABDUL KALAM – HE REDEFINED INDIAN PRESIDENCY Dr Abdul Kalam after glorious five years of tenure as President of India, has stepped out of Rashtrapathi Bhavan and started continuing his journey to motivate the young people Please listen to the exclusive podcast

3 PR-eXCLUSIVE “PR will be the driving force in marketing programmes” That notion has not been accepted by most companies here in the U.S. Today, more companies look to their advertising agencies to develop the strategies for new brands. Actually many PR agencies are reluctant to be involved in strategy. Al Ries & Laura Ries need no introduction. The duo authored a much debated book “The Fall of Advertising & Rise of PR”, which created ripples in the world of communications and established the importance of PR in a never before manner. Here in an exclusive email interview with Tushar for PR-e-Sense Al talks about the future of PR and how we should be preparing ourselves for the same. Q: Its quite some time now since you have written the legendary book on PR Industry. The world is moving at a speed of light and in this fast changing world where does PR industry stand today? They seem to feel that if they did, they would be blamed for the failures of A: While the PR industry might be new brands. They seem to believe moving at the speed of light in your their job is to deliver media clips for part of the world, the same thing isn't their clients and not to be responsible true here and in many other countries for the success or failure of brands. of the world. However, we believe that the PR It was our concept (in the book, The industry will eventually move in the Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR) direction we suggested in our book. As that brands should be introduced by we said in the book, it's going to take PR and only when the brand is some time for this to happen. established should the company switch to advertising. Q: As it has been increasingly said that PR builds the brand, what in Furthermore, we believe that PR your opinion are the ideal traits of people should be primarily responsible a successful PR Manager to be able for the strategy of a new brand, not to replace the traditional brand advertising people. managers?

4 A: A successful PR manager has to in India. Much more so than in many look at a brand from the consumer's other countries. point of view. And then try to figure out what attributes of the brand would Q: Where do you see the Future of make the best impression on PR and what advice would you consumers. like to give to young and aspiring PR professionals to become the Actually, looking at a brand from the future-proof? consumer's point of view is quite similar to what media do when they A: We see the future of PR to be the decide whether or not to run a story future of marketing. In other words, about a brand. So in many ways, a PR will become the driving force in good PR manager already has the most marketing programs. traits necessary to become a good brand strategist. Young and aspiring PR professionals should take a great interest in strategy Q: You visit India quite frequently rather than just in the traditional PR and I am sure you must have got a skills. quot;Getting your name in the chance to observe Indian PR paperquot; is not the goal of a marketing business as well, what is your program. quot;Building a powerful brand in opinion on Indian PR business? consumers' mindsquot; is the goal of a marketing program. PR is just a tactic A: While Laura and I have visited India in the broader goal of winning the a number of times, we still don't feel battle in consumers' minds. that we know about Indian PR business to comment on this question. Website: We have been pleased, however, that email: there seems to be great interest in PR Laura's blog: Laura’s email PR – e- Groups – Have you joined discussion groups? Image Management Group – Second largest yahoo group on PR with nearly 1500 global members. Click here PRpoint Group - The largest Indian group for PR/CorpComm /academic professionals with 720 plus members. Click here New Media Forum Group – A group for Indian journalists with around 350 members. Click here India Vision Group – A group for Indian youth on India Vision 2020 with around 1200 members. Click here Subscribe to this ezine PR-e-Sense – Click here

5 PR-eXCLUSIVE “PR industry needs more commitment ” Roger C. B. Pereira, are just fabulous. They have many CEO & Managing more opportunities, both in terms of Director professionalism and technology than R&PM:Edelman, a well we had, and they are exploiting them known communication to the hilt. They also have the professional of India, in advantage of shared experiences that an interview with ‘PR-e- have worked. Regretfully, that Sense’ shares his views represents just about 50 - 60% of the on the business and today’s PR professionals. The remainders treat it professionals. as just another job. Q: You are amongst the few Q: How do you look at the future legends who started PR practice in of PR business in the country? India and you have seen how it has evolved over a period of time. A: When I switched from advertising What do you think about Indian PR to PR, quite honestly, I was not industry today? terribly happy. I did it out of necessity. I was bored working as a consultant, A: Whilst I am grateful to you for the spending more time on writing reports credit, I can't honestly claim to have than on doing the work. But today, it started the PR practice in India. I can seems the PR business has an even think of Anand Akerkar, the true doyen greater future than advertising has, in of the profession who set the pace in the country. The challenge is to India. navigate the many pitfalls that are strewn along the way by different About the PR industry in India today, stakeholders (read: vested interests). quite frankly, I am disappointed. I have seen both industries - Advertising Q: What would be your advice to and PR in its infancy. The advertising today's generation of PR industry, fortunately, has always had professionals to remain relevant more dedicated professionals all the time and become a who were willing to raise the bar and successful PR manager? take the business to greater heights, intellectually and business-wise. A: I don't think I am qualified to give Unfortunately, I don't see the same advice to anyone, but if I were starting commitment in the PR industry. Isn't it my career afresh today, I would do a a pity? couple of things: Q: What is your take on today's a) Stay ahead of technology. young generation of PR b) Stay ahead of what's happening professionals? around the world, in every respect. A: I can only speak about those who I Email: have interacted with. Some of them What is Public Relations? When the elephant tramples the When the circus comes to town and mayor's flower garden and a picture you put up posters announcing it, shows up on the front page of the that's advertising. When you put a paper, that's publicity. When the sign on an elephant and parade it mayor laughs about it --- THAT'S down Main Street, that's promotion. public relations!

6 PR-eXCLUSIVE “Future PR is all about niche PR and not mass PR” Harish Bijoor, I do believe that any successful person Brand-domain needs to be a successful specialist & CEO, communicator as well. Does not Harish Bijoor matter whether you are a scientist Consults Inc. working on an oblique bit of cutting shares his views edge science, or whether you are a on the role PR brand manager. has to play in the branding, Q: What's your advice to today's Q: You are amongst India's most young generation of PR respected Brand Gurus and I professionals? believe PR plays a very important role in Branding - what's your My advice to young gen PR personnel observation? would be to stick to the knitting of integrity all the while. Never sell your I do believe PR has a potent role to personal integrity level for short term play in the process of building brands. goals of any kind. The company is The point is simply this; advertising is important and so is the client. But getting trusted less and less. The remember, what you will carry with advertising medium is a medium that you all the while is your personal self is accepted with some degree of and its reputation. Manage your cynicism, even in new-gen advertising reputation well and manage it with markets such as India. integrity. Everything else will fall into place. Advertising is therefore working best at the level of creating awareness Never allow PR to get the bad name it among consumers. Other marketing just might be on the verge of getting roles such as the need to get due to the behaviour of a generation consumers interested in the offering, of people who have used it rather desirous of possessing the offering, wrong. the actual physical action of sale and indeed managing post-sales Q: According to you, what is the dissonance, often requires other tools future of PR and how we should to help out with. PR is one such useful prepare for it? tool to date. Today of course it is overdone, just as advertising got The future of PR is all about niche PR. overdone! Not mass PR. Old PR is all about a mass approach with publications of PR done with subliminal respect for the every kind and media of every kind. consumer at large always works. PR Future PR is about niche media, broad- needs to however take care not to based media and indeed about the repeat the mistakes of mass larger community as well. PR that advertising at large. This is golden seeks to impact on the larger goose that must not be squeezed dry community 1:1 is true blue PR of with insensitive use. tomorrow. Q: Successful brand manager Email: should be successful URL: communicator as well, is it true?

7 PR-eXCLUSIVE “Lead your clients; don’t follow them” • Anurag Batra, Understand Media issues. Managing Understand Readership and Director and Viewership. Learn how to run Editor-in-Chief, TAM • Exchange4media PR is also an intellect and Group, in an knowledge driven business. Its interview with not just about wining and ‘PR-e-Sense’, dining • shares his views on the future of PR Understand that writing a press industry from the other side of the release is a small part of your table. job • You are a business advisor. Do Q: You have seen the business of you understand the business communication closely than many environment? • of us would have. You are witness It’s not about looking good. It’s to the evolution of PR business in about intellect. • India. Would you please share It’s about breakthrough ideas. • your views about Future of Indian Be a professional who PR business? understands business issues and imperatives. Rest will The Future of PR and Communication follow Business is very bright in India as the business is booming and so many new Q- 3: You are associated with the launches and initiatives are happening. business of media. We have seen PR and communication business in many earth-shattering changes in India is also under the throes of the media field, how does it impact change. Global PR agencies are looking PR profession? at tie ups with Indian companies. There is a paucity of well trained PR Internet and Mobile devices is professionals. The spends on PR in changing our world. Reputation India are the lowest in world and are Management on the internet space is likely to go up tremendously. most important. Dissemination of information and retrieval of Q: It sounds like a great future information, both are changing, how ahead. What do you advice to does one leverage it is the challenge today's young PR professionals to cope with this kind of scenario? Q: A final word of advice for today's young PR professional? I would advice today’s young generation with following points: Go for it. Become a business leader. Lead your clients don’t follow them. • Understand the Brand Email : August 07 issue - Theme : PR 2.0 Guest Editor: Ms Bhavani, President, IPRS, Singapore

8 PR –e- Views – Professional experiences Ms Subha Ganesh, Account Manager, New Media Marketing, , London “Traditional concepts need to be understood, to move to next-gen PR” I am an online The companies are no more satisfied marketing with just people who are looking for professional, them, but they want to target to the working everyday people who might become interested on getting a good in them. promotion for our clients business on With the number of options in the the web. I was reading some articles market, the businesses are no more and blogs on PR and was really interested in the contents, but about surprised to see that what I do the conversation and conversions. This everyday is nothing but advanced PR push in the industry led to the new or in other words PR 2.0 and I have mediums of PR which included online been just terming it as online mediums like SEO, blogs, social and marketing. I got really interested in business communities, online press what was written on the blog and also releases in the related web sites to the I was enjoying because in my devils face to face mediums like focus mind I was seeing my next new idea groups, talk show, newsletter, email for promotion of my clients business. campaigns. But for a split second I wanted to Company’s ignorance and innocence know what exactly then is PR and PR are making them to forget that PR 2.0 2.0 and what is the difference between is not a discipline in itself but just an them? extension of the traditional PR and its not just about technology but how we The major PR tools during that time use the technology for our purpose. were the press release in the newsprints to publicity by means of It’s very important for any PR person word of mouth campaign. Later on to have an insight and knowledge into with the development of PR field as a the overall PR concept and not just profession, the need for planning, about PR or PR 2.0. But the worrying evaluating and understanding the need part is that though we used to have and targeting of the audience became excellent PR professionals, with the an integral part of the process. new technology and trends, the younger PR persons are focused just With the domination of internet, the on the new development and forget to entire way people think, do and see strengthen their roots in the field by things have changed, which got about exploring and understanding the a revolution the way business thought traditional concepts. PR and promoted themselves. First as a PR professional, its PR 2.0 is the enhancement of PR due important to understand the traditional to the industry push towards more mediums and modes of communication influential mediums for corporate and explore the new mediums and communication. With the advent of combine the knowledge and come up internet age, no more the focus of the with their unique style of PR… communication is on the audience, it is Generation Next PR. about people whom we need to reach.

9 PR –e- Views – Professional experiences Ms Rupali Kalav, Manager, Corpcom, SBI Capital Markets Ltd “PR executives should understand employers’ contemplation” We always talk about the beyond regular press release, and problems, challenges we conference. Story ideation and face as a PR Professional weaving new ideas around the from our various organization’s activities. stakeholders. While • working, we always look Media familiarization: Every at stakeholders, who organisation feels that they should matter to us, but in the process we get quoted in each and every tend to forget that even our employer, story, and this is what he expects our immediate reportee also becomes from the PR professional. Here, it our stakeholder. is necessary to educate the people how publicity works. “Every news Since, this issue is concentrating on may be a worthy news to the the issues faced by youth, I thought it organisation but not for would be appropriate to talk about the publications” employers expectations. I know the • topic will create an upheaval but Measurement: Management nevertheless wanted to give few tips expects ROI (Return on to our fellow professionals who are investment), and PR being the planning a shift or recently shifted to most intangible, they expect it to the corporate world. be measured and present a plan incase if corrective actions are • Sector Knowledge: Its imperative needed. to have sector knowledge that you are working in, as this will help to Not that the PR professionals are not plan the right strategy based on following it up, infact few must be strong objectives and present the already practicing it, but thorough plan showing your knowledge and understanding of the organization perspective. environment is equally important and a lot depends on it to be successful in • Training and Interactions: Top your organization. management expects PR person to be proactive, provide proper So in short, employer expects you to training, construct key message, be Advisors, to be Educators and to brief them on media nuances and make it Happen. how to handle the media. • Opportunity Identification: New media opportunities, which go Exclusive Blog on Corporate Podcast – How to use Podcast to brand and market your products For enquires –

1 PR –e- Views – Professional experiences Ms Debanjali Chakraborty, Manager – Corpcom, Elixir Web Solutions “PR executives should guide the client based on their need ” A very general myth about proper knowledge about the industry PR industry is that it can and its working pattern. I have done it sell, be it a person’s image myself for my clients and believe me it or be it some goods for a helps. If somebody wants to have his company. It’s been almost or her own identity in this vast field of three years in this PR, the groundwork should be perfect. industry and one thing PR is not a hard core marketing stunt that I have come to know very but managing of outside strongly is that PR is still looked upon communication of an organization or as one of the marketing pattern. There business to create and maintain a are clients who use Public Relations positive image. merely to fortify their selling gimmick. When I had joined as a trainee and the When someone reads a third-party kind of lifestyle clients I was handling, article written about any product or at the end of the day the clients used views coverage on TV, they're seeing to come back to me and ask “why my something client didn't pay for and things are not selling?” Same thing view it differently than they do paid had come from three clients of mine. advertising. In public relations, you At that time I had decided that I have have to have a nose for news and be two options. Either I help them sell able to generate a buzz through that their thing or guide them how to sell news. Public Relations need patience their things. and perseverance that leads to success. I very truly believe in an old adage: “light a candle instead of cursing the I would like to wind up by saying those darkness”. who are in this field should take the plunge to make PR a credible and The PR industry has reached its organized profession. We should be threshold where it should start guiding the one to guide the client with what its client and demarcate between kind of PR they have to go for as per advertising and PR. The clients should their need and the media on the be well consulted and not just to be various kinds of trends going on in the followed. And to become a true industry. It’s us to decide and to give consultant we should have our a proper shape on how this industry research strong and well grounded. should look like. We should be well equipped with Subscribe free to India’s first PodMagazine PodUniversal (one stop shop for podcasts on all subjects)

1 PR eTTY - Relax – Light bulb story PR Firm answer: Hmmm…light bulb. That depends. Is this a launch? Are we taking it on tour? Let us think about it and we’ll get back to you with a proposal. Hollywood PR Firm answer: Just one light bulb? Goddamn it! When How many PR people does it take I set this shoot up I told you explicitly to screw in a light bulb? that we were to have no less than 20 light bulbs, a technical advisor and PR Manager Answer: catered lunch for the talent. You want screwed? Give me the name of your Two. One to screw in the light bulb, boss! You’re through in this town! one to write the press release. Brand communications answer: Corporate Communications answer: Let’s not focus on the people or bulbs. Let’s own “light”. We are aware of the light bulb and should we choose to participate, look forward to its implementation. PResenters of PReSENSE Guest Editor Editor Associate Editor Senior Web PodJockey Tushar P A Narrendiran, and PodJockey consulta nt Shvetha Sridhar Rediff PR Blue Lotus PR Veena Vinod M M Sevakumar PR Executive Good Relations PR Publisher and Chief Editor K. Srinivasan (Prime Point Foundation) Feedback and contributions to: All the earlier issues may be downloaded from Listen to India’s first pod-magazine one stop shop for podcasts on all subjects Do you want to subscribe to this ezine. Please click

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