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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: JohnnyMcGinleyMCIPR


1. The Innovation Opportunity Corporate Communications TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN 9 JUNE 2016 JOHNNY MCGINLEY

2. Introduction • Delighted to be invited to Trinity to speak with you today. • You will get a copy of these slides. • Please feel free to ask questions.

3. Innovation for me…. • Innovation is a word often quoted. Seldom truly understood. • Innovation for me is not always product or service centric. • Innovation can be process, communications and engagement centric.

4. First what do we think of this…?

5. What is corporate communication? My perspective. All communication is human to human. Corporate communication is human communication. Not B2B, B2C or Stakeholder communication. Because B2B, B2C, Stakeholder are all just corporate labels. And the thing about labels is people hate being labelled!

6. Re-thinking corporate communication… People want to be engaged with more than they want to be communicated with. Particularly true in today’s digital world.

7. Re-thinking corporate communication… So the biggest innovation opportunity in corporate communications is not necessarily communication centric BUT rather engagement centric. Communication and engagement are two very different things.

8. So how do we get engagement… Offline engagement • Psycholinguistics • Neuroscience • Body language • No substitute for meeting in person! • Print media outlets (reputation management & awareness) • OOH (out of home) advertising (drive awareness) Image courtesy of Reza Halimah

9. So how do we get engagement… Getting digital engagement Images courtesy of SNAP Ireland.

10. The frightening reality of today’s corporate communications landscape… Image courtesy of Matthew Sweezey

11. Re-thinking how we view the communications landscape… For me it is not about Digital Marketing vs Traditional Media. People think about this in the wrong way. Rather the two should be strategically integrated because in doing so they compliment each other and maximise impact.

12. Re-thinking how we approach communications strategy… Digital Marketing is “big” metaphorically yes but integrated cross channel corporate communication strategy is even bigger. So the innovation potential also rests in creative integrated communications strategy design.

13. Evidence to support integrated communications strategy being business critical….. Image courtesy of Brunswick Insight

14. Innovation for me starts by thinking differently. So let me challenge an established norm... • The quote “content is king” is often said now as gospel in content marketing. • The truth for me is engagement is king not content in itself. • Because you can produce content marketing that does not engage.

15. • If content marketing does not engage the audience then it does not convert. • And if content marketing does not convert then it does not add value. • So content in and of itself is just an enabler of engagement. This is why I believe content is NOT king. Engagement is king. Content can also inform but not engage. Innovation for me starts by thinking differently. So let me challenge a now established norm...

16. The economics of content (Gartner 2015) Image courtesy of Kissmetrics

17. Let me also challenge another commonly held belief…. Looking to the future does NOT always = an innovation or customer centric outlook Digital Marketing is a fast changing industry. In any fast changing industry it is so easy to become future centric. Meaning that we focus on the next big digital trend. But if we focus too much on the next big communications or Digital Marketing trend we will lose sight of the innovation & competitive advantage opportunity here today.

18. The real truth about Digital Marketing? Thinking differently…. • The real truth about Digital Marketing for me is it doesn’t truly exist! • Because is it Digital Marketing or is it marketing communication through digital channels in today’s digital world that we all live in? MARKETING IS STILL MARKETING. DIGITAL IS JUST THE CHANNEL AND WORLD TODAY.

19. You start with the integrated triad of the corporate business plan, values and culture of the organisation From the above you get the Corporate Communications & Marketing Strategy (including Digital Marketing Strategy) From the above you then get the overall Corporate Communications Plan (including Digital Marketing Plan) Which translates into daily operational marketing and corporate communication activity (both digital & offline). This activity should be delivered simultaneously with ongoing investment in team CPD & training. Key points Strategy is different to a plan. Strategy sits one level above the plan. Digital Marketing needs strong integration and alignment with BOTH the Corporate Comms Strategy AND also the Corporate Business Plan, values and culture of organisation. The chain of links in strategic communications

20. So what is the corporate communication innovation challenge today?…. • Simply to have the courage to think differently from the crowd. • Experience has taught me that when you start to think differently from the crowd you start to add value over the competition and you get noticed.

21. So what is the corporate communication innovation challenge today?…. • Thinking differently takes courage. And to have courage you first need to have confidence. • Risk taking and experience gives you confidence. Experience gives you confidence. Collaborative working, networking & CPD investment does too.

22. So what is the corporate communication innovation challenge today?…. Our innovation goal I suggest is to be increasingly creative in our thinking while simultaneously leveraging data analytics science in tandem with human psychology to create content and corporate communications that inspire, have impact, engage and add value.

23. But in the context of a Board as a driver of governance and innovation consider this! Source: Brunswick Insight 2015

24. My final thoughts? Digital Marketing + Corporate Comms knowledge & experience. Ability to think creatively and different from the crowd. Real Success and distinct competitive advantage. We are in a knowledge economy but knowledge alone does not create value or competitive advantage. Creativity & the confidence to think differently as well as knowledge does.

25. Any questions?

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