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Published on March 28, 2020

Author: torresc1697


Corgi Behavior Guide: Corgi Behavior Guide Presented by: Christina Torres Table of Contents: Table of Contents What makes corgis special? Herder traits Pros Cons How to manage behavior Obedience training Regular exercise Entertainment Fun quirks about corgis What is “derping”? What is a “sploot”? Are corgis for you? Contact information What makes corgis special?: What makes corgis special? AKC “Meet the Breeds” video: Herder traits: Herder traits Pros Cons A corgi doing what he was bred to do: working on a farm Herder traits: Pros: Herder traits: Pros Intelligent Trainable Alert Inquisitive Affectionate Independent Athletic Herder traits: Cons : Herder traits: Cons Headstrong Can get restless May nip heels May bark Can throw sass How to manage behavior: How to manage behavior Work on basic obedience training. Make sure to exercise corgis regularly. Give corgis tasks to entertain them. The importance of regular exercise: The importance of regular exercise Corgis are naturally athletic. Two options for keeping them in shape: Short high-intensity exercise Moderate walks What is “zooming”? High-intensity running bursts Can be self-started or encouraged View corgi zoomies in action by following this video link: Keeping corgis entertained: Keeping corgis entertained Corgis are smart and get bored. Avoid boredom by… Making play routines. Visiting a dog park. Scheduling doggie play dates. Using treat puzzle toys. Apollo is so bored… Fun quirks: What is “derping”?: Fun quirks: What is “derping”? Fun quirks: What is a “sploot”?: Fun quirks: What is a “ sploot ”? To “ sploot ” a corgi will: lay on stomach sticks out legs behind Four common types of sploots Are corgis for you?: Are corgis for you? Affectionate Intelligent A bit stubborn A little quirky Apollo surveying his backyard Contact information: Contact information Contact Christina Torres with any questions. Resources: Corgi personality revealed American Kennel Club Corgi pages Cardigan Welsh Pembroke Welsh

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