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Published on November 20, 2008

Author: lsandhaas


Core Strengtheningfor Runners : Core Strengtheningfor Runners Todd M Kersten, PT, OCS Background : Background 3 years High School Science Teacher 2 years football and track coach 15 years as a Physical Therapist 23 years as a runner Credentials : Credentials 5 Marathons 4 Half marathons Countless road-races in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa Recent Marathon PR in Wichita 3:32 Half Marathon PR in QC 1:37 Essential Training Components : Essential Training Components Base mileage Long runs Core Strengthening Speed work Tempo runs Repeats Fartlek Hills Why Core Strengthening? : Why Core Strengthening? Improve performance Injury prevention Re-training post injury Inner Core : Inner Core Multifidus Transverse abdominus Diaphragm Pelvic floor muscles Deep Longitudinal System : Deep Longitudinal System Biceps femoris Sacrotuberous ligament Thoracolumbar fascia Posterior Oblique System : Posterior Oblique System Gluteus maximus Contralateral latissimus dorsi Thoracolumbar fascia Anterior Oblique System : Anterior Oblique System Internal & External Obliques Contralateral adductors of the thigh Lateral System : Lateral System Gluteus medius & minimus Contralateral adductors Why Core strengthening? : Why Core strengthening? Walking you will always have one contact point with the ground Running is a series of single leg jumps and landings Running requires : Running requires Balance Coordination Lower extremity strength Upper extremity strength Core strength Endurance Proximal Stability : Proximal Stability Core control in needed for arm and leg function Poor control of core leads to overuse of global muscles with potential for injury Muscle weakness : Muscle weakness Weak Gluteus medius- hip and knee pain Weak Internal/External obliques- adductor, hip flexor pain 4 point with legs : 4 point with legs Basic Curl Up : Basic Curl Up Basic Curl Up : Basic Curl Up Clamshell : Clamshell Clamshell : Clamshell Intermediate Plank : Intermediate Plank Intermediate Plank : Intermediate Plank Lat Pull Down : Lat Pull Down Lat Pull Down : Lat Pull Down Lunges : Lunges Lunges : Lunges Step ups : Step ups Step ups : Step ups Favorite Sayings : Favorite Sayings “my sport is your sport’s punishment.” “the difference between a runner and a jogger is the price of an entry form.” “you know you are getting tired when you spit on yourself,..but especially when you don’t wipe it off.” Questions? : Questions? Rock Valley Physical Therapy 1414 W. Lombard Davenport, IA 52804 563-388-7352 Special thanks to Mark Levsen PT,MA,OCS,SCS, FAAOMPT Danny Fleener PT,MPT,CMPT, OCS

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