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Information about Core strategy (Kaki Travel)

Published on September 7, 2016

Author: echizen94


1. CORE STRATEGY Core strategy is the first component in business model which describes the plan of the firm to compete with its competitors. It consists of four main elements which are: 1. Business mission 2. Basis of differentiation 3. Target market 4. Product/market scope 1. BUSINESS MISSION Kaki Copy’s business mission is to provide an exceptional service and to follow through on their promises. They promise to do their best and strive to deliver the individualized solutions to all of the client's printing needs and add value to the clients' businesses. The Kaki Copy’s staffs are focused on providing great service and forming lasting relationships with their clients. They want to be judged not only by their words but also by their actions. 2. BASIS OF DIFFERENTIATION To compete with other printing businesses that exist in the same market, Kaki Copy holds some competitive advantages that make it different from its other competitors. These are the things that make the customers choose to get Kaki Copy’s services than other printing shop. 1) Price: Kaki Copy offers prices which are relatively lower than the market price. Some printing shops in IIUM itself such as Silverseed charge RM 0.20 per page for the printing service that they provide. This is quite high for the students who have financial constraint.

2. Therefore, Kaki Copy takes this opportunity to provide a low cost printing at RM 0.10 per page. 2) Service Facility: Kaki Copy provides the in-store Wi-Fi connection for their customers to ensure that the customer may browse the online documents and directly print it using the free internet connection. This service is very useful to the students since there is no other printing shop in the university that provides such service for free yet. It is a good opportunity to attract the customer to use Kaki Copy services especially during the examination season where the students are needed to print out the examination slip from the student portal. 3) Fast Service: To make sure that the customers satisfy with the services provided, Kaki Copy upgrades its service quality. Kaki Copy introduces the express counter to cater the urgent needs and express photocopy service of the customers in order to improve the service quality and product delivery. 3. TARGET MARKET Target Market is defined as the group of customers that are targeted. Kaki Copy business target market is the staff of IIUM such as lecturer and administrator, students as well as the banker. Other target market that can be included is the cafes nearby where they need printing service to print out their list of menus and price.

3. 4. PRODUCT/MARKET SCOPE Product scope or market scope strategy is defined as the strategies that involve decisions about what types of products a company will offer and what markets the company plans to target with the products or services that they are producing. Kaki Copy implements the wide strategy in order to determine which market scope or product scope that they will focus on. This is because, Kaki Copy not only focus their business solely on the printing and photocopy services. In fact, they also provide other complementary services and products which are related to their main printing service such as T-shirt printing, designing service, stationeries and merchandises.

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