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Information about Cordyceps

Published on December 3, 2008

Author: szajafri


Air Composition : Air Composition 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen 0.9% argon 0.03% carbon dioxide 0.07% is mixture of hydrogen, water, ozone, neon, helium, krypton, xenon, and other trace components. Slide 3: Human Lungs Outdoor Air Pollution : Outdoor Air Pollution 1. Air pollution Automobile exhaust, industries emissions, open burning. 2. Haze Health problems, poor immune function Outdoor Air Pollution : Outdoor Air Pollution 3.Tobacco smoke – cause lung cancer 4. Biological pollutants – allergens Indoor air pollution : Indoor air pollution Tobacco smoke Cooking Heating appliances Vapours from building materials, paints, furniture etc. Causes of Air Pollution : Causes of Air Pollution Direct causes of air pollution related deaths include Asthma Bronchitis Empyema Lung diseases and other respiratory allergies. Cordyceps : Cordyceps Cordyceps is used in TCM to improve respiratory system. Promotes general health and relief of cough. Improve the quality of life. Cordyceps : Cordyceps A Chinese medicinal herb categorized under the fungus / mushroom group. Where to Find : Found naturally in highlands of China, Tibet and Nepal, above 10,000 feet above sea level. Where to Find Common name : Common name Caterpillar fungus Deer fungus Tochukaso Tong Chong Xia Cao Scientific name Cordyceps sinensis How Cordyceps grow in wild : How Cordyceps grow in wild Literally ‘winter worm, summer grass’ Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus. How Cordyceps grow in wild : How Cordyceps grow in wild Growing primarily on the caterpillar of the moth, Hepialus armoricanus. The fungus infects the caterpillar in the autumn. How Cordyceps grow in wild : How Cordyceps grow in wild Kills it by spring. Fungal fruiting body protrudes from the caterpillar’s head. Fermentation technology : Fermentation technology The advancement of biology and fermentation technology enables large scale plantation of cordyceps for the benefit of all. Sports : Sports Cordyceps attracted the attention of the general public and the health profession in 1993. World Outdoor Track and Field Championships 1992 in Germany Chinese runners broke 9 world records in the guided coach Ma Junren. Nutritional Contents of Cordyceps : Nutritional Contents of Cordyceps Cordyceptic acid Cordycepin Amino acids Polysaccharides Vitamin B12 DXN Cordyceps : DXN Cordyceps 100% Cordyceps Capsule, Tablet and Powder Organically cultivated Quality control DXN Cordyceps : DXN Cordyceps GMP Without chemical additives and preservative Easy for digestion and absorption Easy to prepare. Slide 20: Can be taken directly or add into your favourite drinks , soups or porridges Recommended Usage : Recommended Usage Capsule : 1 capsule for 1st week 2-3 capsules for 2-3 capsules daily Tablet : 6 tablets daily Powder : 1 bag daily

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