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Information about Coral

Published on May 18, 2012

Author: marjoriebarbara



What are corals? Plants, animals ore stones?

Creatures of the Deep BlueMarjorie Crivellimaggio 2012

This is coral.Coral isn’t astoneor a plant.It’s an animal.

Where canyou findcoral?You can findcoral in warmsea water*.*acque marinecalde

Coral isbeautiful.It’s verybeautiful!

A Corral Reef An amazing world of colours and beauty…

There is orangecoral…some openedand someclosed

Red coral

White coral

Green coral

Blue coral… and more!

What are corals? Corals are marine animals living in colonies , groups of many identical individual “polyps “.

What does it eat?Coral eats small animals inthe water. It can’t swimand it can’t move. But ithas got lots of «arms» and«mouths». It eats smallanimals when they come MOUTHnear.

Coral Feeding Sun cup coral feeding in aquarium

How does Paralyzing coral catch sting food? 1 3Corals can catchsmall fish and 2plankton, usingparalyzing stingson their tentacles.

Coral JewelsCoral is not agemstone -- it isactually the skeletonof sea creatures thatgrow in formationsresembling thebranches of a tree.There are necklaces,earrings andbracelets made ofcoral.


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