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Published on September 3, 2009

Author: jbacon



Slideshow used for SIDLIT 2009 conference which includes links to basic copyright tools covering fair use, TEACH Act and what is covered by copyright.

1 Presented by Jonathan Bacon, SIDLIT 2009

What Do You Know About Copyright?Open Book QuizA Few Important Web ResourcesDiscussion of ScenariosQuestionsImage licensed from 2

What Do You Know About Copyright?

Open Book Quiz

A Few Important Web Resources

Discussion of Scenarios






Campus bandwidth is unpredictable & faculty member wants to display YouTube video for class discussion. May he capture the video (using Media Converter, ZamZar , YouTubeX) so successful playback can be assured during class time?

Faculty member receives PowerPoint slideshow distributed by book publisher. She wants to delete all publisher logos and references and modify PowerPoint slideshow extensively while retaining most images and text and adding substantial original material. Is this legal?

A student borrows portions of several copyright works to create a parody of movie trailers (using portions of current movies and popular music) to complete a classroom assignment. Does this use qualify for fair use? May the student legally use the end product in their portfolio? Can they post to YouTube?

May a faculty member use an off-air recording of important historical event (e.g., Challenger disaster, Obama Inauguration) even if same media is available for rent (can be licensed) commercially.

May ancillary materials provided by textbook publisher be used in class whether or not the accompanying textbook is adopted? Wouldn’t fair use enable instructor to use portions of materials without infringing on Copyright? What if use is online in learning management system?

Faculty member wants to show film to student film club, discussion to follow. Showing supports college diversity initiative. Distributor lists $250 rental (license) fee. College library owns film. Can library copy be used legally for club showing? Covered under fair use?

May a faculty member legally show complete film in face-to-face classroom based on fair use?

Faculty member finds table of statistical formulas on web, wants to use the table in an online course. Is reproduction legal based on fair use?

Faculty member locates several images (on web) that she wants to use online in course (housed in LMS). The images have no copyright notice. Some from Flickr, some from Google images. May she use the images without seeking permission from copyright owners?

Faculty member’s son plays in a band. They play popular music (Beatles, etc.) and have recorded a version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Faculty member has permission from son to use recording in a PowerPoint presentation used at “college nights” to promote college. Legal use?

Faculty member teaches programming, creates code for class during office hours. She wants to share on Internet via  Who owns the code? College or faculty member? Instructor wants to use MIT open source license but wants assurance she has legal right to do so.

May a faculty member retain work by one of her students and use it as an example (good or bad) in subsequent semesters without specific permission from the student who created the work?

May a faculty member use an editorial cartoon from a local newspaper to generate discussion in an online course without seeking/obtaining permission from the publisher/copyright owner?


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