Coping with Travel Fatigue_ Avi Chiat

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Information about Coping with Travel Fatigue_ Avi Chiat

Published on December 7, 2019

Author: avichiat


slide 1: Coping with Travel Fatigue Avi Chiat slide 2: Avi Chiat Whether you travel for business or pleasure Avi Chiat knows the process of boarding planes adhering to schedules and being in constant flux can become quite demanding—even for the most experienced among us. slide 3: Avi Chiat And when “travel fatigue” begins to rear its ugly head the adventure you have planned can turn into a nightmare fast feeling more like a burden than an opportunity to explore and learn about the world around you. slide 4: Coping with Travel Fatigue As a travel enthusiast Avi Chiat understands that travel fatigue isn’t always avoidable though there are indeed ways to mitigate its effects and still get the most from your next vacation. slide 5: Adjust your Plans One of the most overlooked ways to deal with travel fatigue is to stay put. slide 6: Adjust your Plans If your trip has begun to wear on you consider adjusting your schedule and saying another night where you are if possible. slide 7: Call someone you know If you’re alone on your adventure take a moment to call someone you know and update them on what’s going on. Doing so can be quite cathartic during moments of fatigue. slide 8: Visit Social Profiles of Avi Chiat

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