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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Silvestre


THE FORMS OF COOPERATION IN OLYMPIC EDUCATION BETWEEN STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA AND LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM :  THE FORMS OF COOPERATION IN OLYMPIC EDUCATION BETWEEN STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA AND LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM DZINTRA GRUNDMANE University of Latvia RITA APINE Latvian Sports Museum OLYMPIC EDUCATION:  OLYMPIC EDUCATION Knowledge of Olympism, the Olympic movement, the Olympic games helps kids and young people to assimilate moral and other Olympic principles Olmpic education is a learning process Olympic education satisfies the needs and interests of modern civilization, social development trends, the priority of human values OLYMPIC EDUCATION SYSTEM:  OLYMPIC EDUCATION SYSTEM Olympic education subjects in official programmes of physical education at schools The Olympic education is the ingredient part of academic education Olympic knowledge as a scientific research Slide5:  LSM WHEREABOUTS LSM is in Old Riga, Alksnāja Street 9 The building is made in the 16th century like amiddle-age arehouse Now it’s an architectural monument LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM:  LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM Museum is a governmental institution, what mission is to keep up collective historical memory and using visual sports means strengthen national confidence what is ideological and emotional ground of statehood LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM:  LATVIAN SPORTS MUSEUM Aim: to rouse interest and inform society about physical culture and sport as a base of active and healthy lifestyle, what promote societies moral and physical ability for creating mental and material values LATVIAN OLYMPIC ACADEMY:  LATVIAN OLYMPIC ACADEMY Latvian Olympic Academy is an educational sports non governmental organization that investigates the Olympic Movement and Olympism and promotes the Olympic education in Latvia . Aim: To promote the Olympic idea and to support events organized by the Latvian Olympic Committee about the Olympic history, education, sports science and Olympic movement. LATVIAN OLYMPIC ACADEMY:  LATVIAN OLYMPIC ACADEMY The tasks : Study and popularization of the Olympic Movement and the principles and ideals of the ancient Olympic Games Promoting the cooperation of the fields of sport, science, culture and art, and economics in Latvia and abroad Writing and issuing of publications about the Olympic movement Supporting the development of sports museums, libraries and other centers of the Olympic idea popularization Organizing educational and sports events UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA:  UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA Student is a central component in academic learning process Students’ active participation in the learning process is promoting acquirement of new experience They learn by acquiring information independently, cooperating, sharing their experience THE CRITERIA OF ENHANCEMENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE:  THE CRITERIA OF ENHANCEMENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE Changing in the attitude towards and understanding of studies Active participation in the teaching/ learning process Acquisition of independent learning skills, Motivation of action OLYMPIC EDUCATION IN ACTION:  OLYMPIC EDUCATION IN ACTION Integration of information in other lessons Olympic values – fairy play, voluntary actions Participation in minority sport festivals Publicity, competitions, exhibitions CONTACT INFORMATION:  CONTACT INFORMATION

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