Cooking With Cranberries

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Information about Cooking With Cranberries

Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Estelle


Cooking With Cranberries:  Cooking With Cranberries Information provided by Recia Garcia and Today’s Diet & Nutrition, Fall 2006 Exploring Cooking with Cranberries :  Exploring Cooking with Cranberries Cranberry – shiny scarlet berries grown in huge sandy bogs on low, trailing vines One of the 3 American fruits that were indigenous to the region (blueberry & Concord grape) Also referred to as “bounceberries” and “craneberries” Grow in the wild in northern Europe and northern climates of North America Harvesting Cranberries:  Harvesting Cranberries Dry Method – produces fresh or frozen berries used for cooking and baking Berries are combed from their vines with a mechanical picker Wet Method- produces fruit used in juices, sauces, and processed foods Farmers flood the bogs with water Next day, egg beater-like tools agitate the water and loosen the berries from the vines Berries float to the surface, gathered, and processed Visiting a cranberry farm:  Visiting a cranberry farm More about cranberries:  More about cranberries Harvested between Labor Day and Halloween Peak market period is from October through December Some bogs are still producing after 100 years Only about 8% of the annual crop is allocated to the fresh market A little bit of cranberry history:  A little bit of cranberry history Native Americans of SW Massachusetts called it sassamanash or ibimi meaning “bitter berry” The Native Americans considered it a symbol of peace and they introduced it to the Pilgrims in the 1600s The first known recipe for cranberry sauce appeared in 1633 in The Pilgrim Cookbook The first commercial shipments of cranberries were to Europe in the early 1820’s. A little bit of cranberry history:  A little bit of cranberry history 19th Century sea traders stocked their ships with cranberry juice to ward off scurvy and other Vitamin C deficiencies. Native Americans used cranberries for consumption as well as the juice to treat arrow wounds and dye blankets. Cape Cod has largest production of cranberries Autumn in Cape Cod:  Autumn in Cape Cod Home to more than half of the nine-hundred-plus cranberry bogs in SW Massachusetts Several vacation spots “showcase” the cranberries with hiking trails that overlook the bogs or you can choose to harvest your own snack Research:  Research Research has shown: Drinking 2 servings of cranberry juice cocktail can help women maintain healthy urinary tract and prevent infections Compounds called cranberry proanthocyanidins keep bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract Cranberries have the highest concentration of total antioxidants which prevent CVD and decrease the risk of chronic diseases Research:  Research Research is looking into: Cranberries may be a weapon against bacteria-related conditions like dental caries, gum disease, and ulcers May prevent fungal conditions like yeast infections May prevent certain flu viruses from attaching to host cells and causing illness May be a natural preservative that can help defend against food poisoning caused by Salmonella, E. coli, and other types of bacteria Storing cranberries:  Storing cranberries They can be stored fresh up to 2 months in the refrigerator or up to a year frozen Do not wash the cranberries before freezing Cooking with cranberries:  Cooking with cranberries Americans consume more than 350 million pounds each year 73 million during Thanksgiving When ready to use, simply wash them briefly, pick out stems, and place directly into recipe without thawing If thawed first, the cranberries are likely to collapse Cranberries should be hard, with a bright red to dark red color Cooking with cranberries:  Cooking with cranberries Cook cranberries only until they “pop” Over-cooking will make them taste bitter Cranberries need a little sweetness to balance their acidic flavor. Add sugar, honey, or fruit syrup when cooking High pectin content of cranberries makes them a natural choice for jams and jellies Nutritional information :  Nutritional information 1 cup chopped = 53.9 kcal 0.4 g Protein 13.9 g CHO 4.6 g Fiber 95 g Water 78.1 mg Potassium 14.9 mg Vit C 50.6 IU Vit A Recipe for today:  Recipe for today Cranberry Vanilla Smoothie (pg 40)

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