Converting from MySQL to PostgreSQL

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Information about Converting from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: akmed13



How to convert from MySQL to PostgreSQL: discuss history of each, current status, when you might wish to convert, what might motivate you to convert, & how to do so. With references.

PostgreSQL John AshmeadMySQL

MySQL vs PostgreSQL • MySQL covered basics • But a bit flaky in practice, under load • Had looked at PostgreSQL before, but relooked • Others have had similar problems

• Clay tablets • For taxes (but you knew that) • The map replaces the territory The First Database

Size matters! • Ad hoc tools • SQLite • MySQL • PostgreSQL


MySQL History • Named after Widenius’s daughter ‘My’! • Version 5.0 with relational integrity, transactions, & stored procedures (i.e. real) in 2005 • Bought by Sun in 2008 • Eaten by Oracle in 2010 • Forks: MariaDB (by Widenius), Drizzle

PostgreSQL • Ingres • Postgres a seQUEL to Ingres • Postgres95 - released on web • Open source version 1996 • Has caught up with MySQL on speed & reliability, still ahead on features • MySQL is open source, PostgreSQL is open project

Decision Points • New Project • Organizational changes • Accumulated stress • Feature lust • Strategic planning

Why • Features: i.e. PostGIS, FDW, Stored procedure languages • Performance • Reliability • Plays nice with others • Others: culture, fear of Larry Ellison, kool-factor, …

MySQL Gotchas • Nulls->default • Case insensitivity • Select 1/0 -> Null • February 31st

Approachs • hack & go • pivot with frameworks • migration assistants • plan & persevere (step at a time) • halfway houses, i.e. with ODBC

Hack & go • Schema level • Data • Application level • Configuration level • Tools • Documentation • Culture

Pivot with a framework • SQL Alchemy on Python • Ruby on Rails/ ActiveRecord on Ruby • DBI on Perl • Pear DB on PHP

Migration Assistants

Plan & persevere • EnterpriseDB • Internal task force • Culture: desperate late night appeals for help often answered

Summary • PostgreSQL makes sense for new projects • For specific features • As operational core • Should be familiar with alternatives: relational, graph, noSQL, and so on.

Further information • • How_to_make_a_proper_migration_from_MySQL_to _PostgreSQL • postgresql • from-mysql-to-postgresql

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