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Published on April 27, 2013

Author: sulaoshi



This presentation is for CLTA-SC Spring Workshop. More examples, please visit my Voicethread lesson:
My blog post:

Conversation in the cloud:VoicethreadJoanne ChenApril 27, 2013Chinese instructorIrvine Valley College

What is covered today 1. Examples: IVC Chinese Lesson 2. How to start 3. How to create a VT project 4. Embed or link to your CMS 5. Project ideas 6. Mobile Apps

Conversation in the cloud• 5 ways to comment• Computer microphone, telephone, text, audio file(MP3/WAV), and webcam.• Voice and video commenting takes place right inyour web browser with no software to install.

What can I upload for myproject?• Images, docs, videos...• VoiceThread supports dozens ofstandard file formats:• PDF, MicrosoftWord, Excel, andPowerPoint, images, andvideos.• Store your photos someplaceelse? VoiceThread even importsphotos from Flickr, Facebook, orthe web.

Ideas of using VT1. Voice Syllabus2. Course Lessons3. Homework assignment4. Culture project5. Leave a message6. Group project7. Photo story8. Classroom Activity9. Listening and Oral Exam10.Listening comprehension

Voicethread Mobile App


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Browse = Search

Create :Upload you project

Create aproject

MyVoice =My Document

It is very import …Publishing Options

Record My Voice: step 1

Record Voice: Step 2

Record voice: step 3

Record voice: step 4

Record Voice: Step 5

Done! Listen to the voice

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Question?• Joanne Chen•• (949) 451-5531IVC Lessons on VT:• Browse:• IVC ChineseLesson

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