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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: piyushlulla



Convergence in media with live examples

What is convergence of media? • The process of various media platforms coming together both through technology and through content. • Technical definition: Media convergence is the merging of mass communication outlets – print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms.

Diagrammatic representation:-

Types of Convergence:-  Internet.  Laptop.  Portable Phones.  Tablet PC’s.  Stereo Devices.  Gaming consoles.

Examples of Converged media:-  Social Networking.  Applications in a smartphone.  SMS Promotion.  Email awareness.  Hoardings.  Advertisements on a social messaging app.  Barcode scanning.

Content Wise convergence:-  When a text message has a direct link to a website.  Hoarding information redirecting to a website.  E-newspaper applications.  When an email helps you reach a particular website.  While conversing with friends and family the user encounters an advertisement which further redirects to a website.

What are the opportunities in Convergence of Media ?  Content delivery through variety of media.  Provides various tools for interactivity.  Cost reduction.  Increasing functionality.  Easier and quicker feedback mechanism.

Challenges:-  In a way it gives rise to clutter if not handled properly  Copying of content(plagiarism).  Problem for older generation to cope with ever-changing technology.  Comes with a price.  A newspaper costs 5 Rs where as mobile phone with internet will cost at least 8grands.

Example:-08/01/2014  B) Text messages having direct links to the websites.  Text messages received on a smartphone.  Myntra online shopping website sending promotional messages.

Example:-09/01/2014  C) Social Networking apps sharing reviews.The links further redirecting to the respected website with more information.  Facebook Application being used on a smartphone.

Example:-10/01/2014  D) Advertising in a application. The links further redirecting to the respected website with more information.  Zedge Application being used on a smartphone.  The advertisement is of Quickr.

Example:-11/01/2014  G) Smartphones having an ability to scan barcodes which further redirect to the respected website.  The application ‘Barcode Scanner’ is available at the ‘Play Store’ which can be installed without any cost.

Example:-12/01/2014  E) Email awareness about various offers.The links further redirecting to the respected website with more information.  Email being received on a smartphone.  Abercrombie & Fitch sending promotional e-mails.

Example:-13/01/2014  F) Hoardings / Newsletters redirecting to websites.

Example:-14/01/2014  A) An article from a e-newspaper application.  The EconomicTimes Application being used on a smartphone.

Weekly observations:-  The instances mentioned in the above slides were being noticed on a daily basis.  The examples have the dates at which they were observed and noted respectively.

Assignment on Convergence of media ThankYou… BBA - 1 (Piyush Lulla)

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