Conventions of horror film posters

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: marwasaroya


Conventions of Horror film posters The fonts are mainly kept simple and spaced out however the presence is really sharp and pointy also eye catchy Shadows and shadings are used to represent the victims’ life in most horror posters therefore the darkness and dominance of the evil. The background colour of the poster is usually dull and gloomy. Main colours such as black, grey, dark brown. Tag lines are mainly warnings or signs foreshadowing what’s to be seen in the film e.g. ‘Once you see him, nothing can save you’ from the movie Sinister. ‘You scream. You die’ from the movie Dead Silence. ‘No horror movie is safe’ from the movie A Haunted House. Images of houses and trees are usually shown in the background to show isolation, this is usually supernatural horror which is a sub genre of horror movies Dark shadows or presence of the unknown is an important convention of horror posters. We usually get a blurred out glimpse of the antagonist which creates suspense The colours of the fonts are mainly red, black, and white. Black connotes danger, darkness, and evil. Red – blood and white – purity, innocence or either ghosts and shadows

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