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Published on April 8, 2014

Author: pangratiou


By Matt Pangratiou

The masthead for Empire magazine is a generic convention for the magazine. This is the visual branding of the title and is often done in a specially designed typeface to be easily recognised and unique. This allows the customer audience to understand the product and know what there accessing this why people would buy the product if they wanted an in depth look into the upcoming blockbuster movie. The dateline is the Month and year of publication, often with the price. Note that a monthly magazine usually hits the news-stands the month before the cover date this will be seen on every issue of any type of magazine. The cover image is essential for the magazine cover and their promotion of the film, the cover image will always change every month for obvious reasons as they would be promoting something different. In this case its a picture of Johny Depp as the notorious John Dillinger. The image is big and bold which will stand out amongst other magazines, the costuming of it immediately allows the customer audience to get into the films base genre and from this u can see that its of the crime/thriller genre. The name of the film is very apparent and the grey scale colouring fits in with the cover image. The font is the same as the masthead which is bold and stands out customers no exactly what the film is called and what the magazine is promoting. Cover lines are also a generic convention of a magazine cover, they are distributed around the main image without detracting from it too much. A mistake often made with cover lines is that they run over an image that has a lot of colour changes, rendering the words difficult to read. cover lines are a necessary part of the magazine it doesn't just focus on that one particular film they include other things in this case iron man 2, clash of the titans etc. The barcode is seen on every magazine cover usually on the front in the lower corners or upper corners. However it is sometimes seen on the back of the magazine cover.

The masthead is the same with all of the Empire magazine covers. The font is big and the deep red makes it very distinctive. This is there visual branding something that all customers see and know what type of magazine it is. Above is convention that doesn’t always happen with Empire magazine covers this issue of the magazine is especially just for crime this immediately tells the customer the genre of the films that will be within the magazine. The dateline is a common feature with every magazine whether it be on the back, bottom corners on the front cover or top corners it will always be there. It provides the month and year of the copy and is often situated above the barcode which is needed in order two sell the item. On this particular issue of Empire there isn't many cover lines most likely because it’s a special everything is going to be about one particular genre which in this case is crime thrillers etc. the cover lines are often small so that they do not take to much away from the cover image and title name. The main cover image is of the two main characters in the movie Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. There names are kindly situated just underneath both people but this is part of the cover title. There eyes aren't locked onto a camera this image is probably roped from two different scenes and then merged together. Denzel Washington is holding a gun which shows what type of character he is without revealing two much and links to the films genre. Russell Crowe is wearing a police badge which shows that’s it’s a sort of police vs. villain storyline. This is the main cover line with the title of the film ‘American Gangster’ this is a Generic convention and is seen on the majority if not all issues of the Empire. The text is bold and grabs attention on the shelves.

This is a limited edition of empire magazine. Notice the masthead is bigger and bolder in a golden white colour highlighting its differences. Here the barcode is placed differently than other empire magazines which are usually situated on the right hand side of the cover. The dateline has been moved from the barcode and placed here. Its small not a big distraction and is situated alongside the price there online address.The selling line is a lot smaller than usual as it is giving space for the cover image its font and colour are the same as the white gold on the masthead. Underneath the cover line is a smaller selling line that tells the customer that its a limited edition, collector cover, its small and concise that doesn’t take the customers attention away form the main image. The main image is extremely apparent highlighting the films main character (Jamie fox). Its a collectors edition the main image is for good presentation and sense of tension. Its big bold and very noticeable on the shelf. His eyes a looking directly at the camera lens allows the customer audience to see into his character. Looking at his costuming you could take an accurate guess into when its set and allows you to build a better picture of the character. The quality of the photo is very good and allows for a professional finish.

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