Conventions of a Thriller Film

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Information about Conventions of a Thriller Film

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: Sampinner96


Conventions of a Thriller Film: Conventions of a Thriller Film By Sam Pinner Themes: Themes M any themes create a successful thriller film. For example; Crime, Assassination, Psychological mind games and supernatural events, like ghosts or being raised from the dea d . I n my film I have used Supernatural events to be one of the main themes as Jack, the main character is banished from the world by Alex his ‘enemy’ and Jack then goes to haunt Alex making his life a misery. My film also plays on the idea of Psychological mind games as Jack tries to trick Alex into giving up his own life to make all this stop, although Jack is actually the hero but has just been wronged and thinks this is the only way to make things right. Also Marviosa, the gypsy witch, tricks Alex into thinking that nothing bad will happen to him which is a lie and she also takes on a different appearance to trick Alex to make sure she can get his sole at the end of the movie as this is what keeps her alive, while she takes on the form of a successful psychiatrist she tells Alex that this is all in his head and he has nothing to worry about, when in fact she knows exactly what will happen to Alex at the end when he finally snaps, making Marviosa the false hero.. Adding the Love Story : Adding the Love Story However I have added a love story or love triangle to the supernatural element and the idea of wanting something you cant have, from both Jack and Alex’s point of view- Alex wants Chloe who is with Jack and Jack wants to be free and wants Alex to do the right thing and correct everything he has done. The love story in the film does not take away from the supernatural happenings and also the scary story as, William Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of the greatest yet tragic love stories, and my film follows the same storyline: as Alex stops Jack from seeing Chloe by getting hum banished and there are many obstacles that overcome Alex and Jack until Jack and Chloe are re united but it ends in tragedy as everyone around Chloe dies, leaving her alone and unloved. Thriller Narrative: Thriller Narrative A thriller is usually a film in which a creature or human that pursues on a single minded goal- in my film it is that Alex wants to be with Chloe but sadly she is taken by Jack, someone who Alex despises and has done for a long time. The purpose of the goal is to provide thrills and excitement for the audience as the plot builds to a climax. Also the main character or hero in a thriller is usually put in a threatening situation- in my film I have used Jack being trapped in the mirror as his threatening and unusual situation as escape would seem impossible which would make the audience want to know why and whether or not he will be able to get out unharmed. The main plot of a thriller film, and also my own film, is that two main characters the protagonist and antagonist come into contact with each other which results in conflict- in my film the key scene for this is when Alex and Jack are both on a roof top and Jack is trying to persuade Alex to jump off to wrong the right he has caused. Iconography: Iconography To make sure my film is noticed as a thriller film I will have to make sure I have a recognisable location in which the audience could think that the supernatural occurrence could happen there; Tension building music which is a must in order to create a good thriller music; fast paced editing is also important especially in a trailer as it creates tension and will keep the audience on edge, finally, Low key lighting is good to use in a thriller film as it makes the surroundings more dark and mysterious and also scarier for the audience.

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