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Published on September 20, 2014

Author: Emzzino




Controlling Depth of Field Depth of field- the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects giving a focused image. For instance, on this photo, the depth of field area is the bottom of the photo towards the centre, and the depth of field area ends as the camera starts to go out of focus. Aperture-this is simply the opening of the camera lens, it is measured in F-stops. The larger the F-stop number means a large depth of field is being shown through the camera. And in contrast, a smaller F-stop number will mean that a lower depth of field is shown. Deep focus and shallow focus simply mean how much of the shot is in focus, so deep focus will be used whilst having a larger depth of field and vice versa. Lens length- This is an amount of how much the camera is zoomed in. zooming in will result in a shallow focus or reduced depth of field. It is easier to focus when zoomed in as there Looks good. Why is this important for us? Creative choice. For the sake of variety, for instance to replace a shot reverse shot. To direct the audience’s attention. For example camera will focus to make audience concentrate on focused area. Can establish a relationship between characters. Tension can build through the use of depth of field In class, we went out in groups and experimented with the depth of field using cameras. Depth of field I have learnt how to adjust the camera focus from auto-focus to manual-focus as well as changing the F stock number, to help make things get into focus.

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