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Published on May 31, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: PRESENTED BY:--- SHAIKH FAIZAN - 61 PRT . DIVYESH - 56 NIKHIL . A . P. - 04 ANS . SHAHZAD - 05 PATEL YAMIN - 54 PowerPoint Presentation: VISION OF SUCCESS GOAL: GOAL Explain the meaning of success in contributor’s life. Contributors have a deeper & wider defination of success than non-contributors. GOAL WHAT IS VISION ? :  WHAT IS VISION ? The vision is an idea of the is an image a strongly felt wish. When we say that leader has a vision we refer to the ability to see the present as it is and formulate a future that’s grows out of and improves upon the present. For leader a vision is not a dream, it is a that has yet to come into existence. WHAT IS VISON ? WHAT IS SUCEESS ?: WHAT IS SUCEESS ? S uccess has a different meaning for each of us for one person it could be a general sence of happiness Another might think of success as making meaning a lot of money and accumulating wealth. But actually success means , ACCOMPLISHMENT OF DESIRED WISH. WHAT IS SUCCESS ? PowerPoint Presentation:  EXTERNAL SUCCESS NON-CONTIBUTO R EXTERNAL+INTERNAL SUCCESS CONTIBUTOR TYPES OF SUCCESS . PowerPoint Presentation: MEANING OF SUCCESS IN CONTRIBUTOR‘S LIFE PowerPoint Presentation: CHAK DE INDIA THE SUCCESS STORY PowerPoint Presentation: Kabir khan – once the hero of indian hockey, the best “center forward” in the world, the man a nation found a hero in. now he has declde to make a last comeback to the game he once loved to reclaim his lost honour and prove his point to the nation he still loves. KABIR KHAN – COACH OF INDIAN HOCKEY TEAM’S PowerPoint Presentation:  In the movie kabir khan was selected as a coach of indian women’s hockey team which has to play in worldcup. Beacause it was already declared as impossible. But kabir khan converted impossible to possible. TAKE THE CHALLENGE AS AN OPPORTUNITIY PowerPoint Presentation:  Kabir khan aims to achive the impossible by making a rag-tag bunch of girls into a team.and he is eyeing nothing less than world championship. The only problem is , it is easier said but than done. :  It is very important to process right attitude……… a positive body languge can make a huge diffrence PowerPoint Presentation: “winners don’t quit , quitters don’t win”… PowerPoint Presentation: It’s story about honesty, determination,perseverance,sincerity,integrity,and human spirit to fight and win.and his contribution for his nation’s success . STEVE JOBES: STEVE JOBES Steve jobes started with an idea and an empty garage and built a firm worth $350 billion Job’s gratest & most usefull example lies not in what apple has done for share holders, but in what it has done for other industries, companies, and indivisual Jobs was mostly intrested in creating products. STEVE JOBES PowerPoint Presentation: Greatest contributor of nation maulana abdul kalam azad PowerPoint Presentation: Avul pakir jainulabdeen abdul kalam was born on 15 th october, 1931 in rameshwaram, tamil nadu. His father jainulabdeen was a boat owner and his mother ashiamma was a housewife. In his school he was decribed as a sincere, bright & hard working student who had a strong desire to learn and spnd hours on his studies especially maths. After completing his school studies at rameshwaram elimentary school, he went on to graduate in physics. But was not very enthusiastic about the subject. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM AZAD PowerPoint Presentation: so he moved to madras in 1955 to study aerospace engineering after graduating from madras institute of technology kalam joined aeronautical development establishment, defense research and development organization as a chief scientist.he started his career of desingning a small helicopter for indian army. In 1969,he was moved to indian space research organization where is the project director of indian satelite vehicle – SLV 3 SLV- 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Function-small carrier Manufacturer- isro Height- 22 meters {72 fit} Diameter- 1 meter [3.3 ft] Payload-44 kilograms Launch site – sriharikota Engines- 1 solid Burn time- 48 sec Fuel- solid BRIEF DISCREPTION OF SLV-3 :  Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was elected a 11 th prime minister of india succeeding by K.R. Narayana he won the 2002 presidental election with an electoral vote of 992,884 surpassing 107,366 votes won by lakshmi sahgal, he served from 25 july 2002 to 25 july 2007. On 10 th june 2002 the national democratic alliance express to Sonia gandhi that day would propose kalam for the post of presidant Presidency:- PowerPoint Presentation:  Wings of fire:- an autobiography by abdul kalam. India 2020:- a vission for the new millennium by Abdul kalam , 1998. Fluid mechanics & space tech, by abdul kalam . Inited minds:-unleashing the power within india by Abdul kalam, 2002. Mission india by Abdul kalam. Inspiring thoughts by abdul kalam 2007. Books & documantaries PowerPoint Presentation: BILL GATES PowerPoint Presentation: Born on 28 october,1955 to William H. Gates 2 and Mary gates. Grew up in seattle washington. 2 sisters – Kristi [ older ] & Libby [younger]. Father was a seattle attorny .mother was a schoolteacher university of washington. Regent & chairmen of united way international. His real name is William H gates 3. PowerPoint Presentation: Enrolled at lakeside prep age of 13. Wrote his first computer program in 8 th grade. Graduate from lakeside and registerd at harvard college in the fall of 1973. Sat score : - 1590 ot of 1600. SCHOOL DAYS PowerPoint Presentation:  Chairman of microsoft corp. He has mad it easier,more costefective and more enjoyable to use computers. Microsoft is now the worldwide leader in software , services and solutions,that help peple & businesses reach full potentil . NOW PowerPoint Presentation:  Bill gates and his wife melinda created a foundation call the bill & melinda gates foundation. He has written 2 books the road ahead 1995, & buisness @ the speed of thaught 1999. It has 28.8 billions to support charible initiatives in the ares of globle health and education. INNER LIFE PowerPoint Presentation: BILL GATE’S HOUSE & AQARIUM PowerPoint Presentation: Now bill gates is the richest person in the world-2014 again he does this . Gates’ net worth is now $76 billion, according to Forbes, having risen $9 billion in the last year. Gates bumped Mexican telecoms magnate Carlos Slim Helu off the top spot, which Gates has held for 15 of the last 20 years. WORLD’S RICHEST PERSON-2014

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