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Published on July 31, 2007

Author: markjaquith



"Contributing to WordPress" presentation by Mark Jaquith at WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco.

Contributing to WordPress by Mark Jaquith

My WordPress Story • 2001 - “What’s a ‘blog?’” • 2002 - “Gosh Mom, I can’t believe you don’t know what a blog is.” • 2003 - “I want one of those.” • 2004 - “Movable Type is so 2003.” • 2004 - “... so what else is there?”

• 2004, May - WordPress: free, Free, hackable, participative, friendly... home. • 2004-present - WP plugins, core patches, bug triage, part time consulting. • 2006-present - gained commit access to WP, in charge of legacy 2.0.x branch. • 2006-present - full time job as WordPress consultant.

Why contribute? • Improve the software you use • Influence something potentially immortal • Become part of a community • Karma, man... karma

Jump in! • Report • Fix • Document • Discuss • Break stuff (Matt only)

Report • • user/pass from

How to write a bad bug report • Make the title of the report something uninformative • bonus points if it is simultaneously insulting: “Problem you idiots need to fix”

• Make it interesting: keep the WP version you’re using a secret • Be firm: demand an immediate solution • When it comes to descriptions, less is more: “_____ is broken. kthxbye.” • “closed: wontfix” should be considered a personal insult, and a declaration of war

But seriously...

How to write a good report • Descriptive title • Easily reproducible steps to encounter the issue • WP version where bug can be triggered • Cogent argument for desired solution (optional)

Fix • • svn co • cd trunk • svn up • svn di > patch.diff

• Coding standards - row the boat before you rock it • Responsible security disclosure: • Ask to be mentored • Don’t get discouraged - grab some fruit • “Fix the thing-a-whatsit. Props JSmith.”

Document • • user/pass from

Discuss • • WP-Hackers • WP-Testers • more... • #wordpress on Freenode •

Make a difference • Use your natural talents • Contribute because you want to contribute • Take vacations • Be a friendly WordPress ambassador • Communicate as you contribute


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