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Published on February 14, 2008

Author: Valentina


Strategic Planning: 2/14/2008 Strategic Planning T. Patrick Carrabré, Ph.D. What is Planning (Mintzberg, 1994): What is Planning (Mintzberg, 1994) Planning is future thinking (p.7) Planning is controlling the future (p.7) Planning is decision making (p.9) Planning is integrated decision making (p.11) Planning is a formalized procedure to produce an articulated result, in the form of an integrated system of decisions (p.12) Why Plan?: Why Plan? To coordinate activities (p.16) to ensure that the future is taken into account (p. 17) to be rational (p.18) to control (p.19) [to motivate] What is Strategy ?: What is Strategy ? Strategy is a plan (direction) Strategy is a pattern (consistency) Strategy is position (in market) Strategy is perspective (intent) Umbrella Strategy broad outlines defined details allowed to emerge Slide 5: Ten Schools of Strategic Management Forms of Organization: Forms of Organization The Machine Organization classic bureaucracy Entrepreneurial Organization flexible structure (CEO control) Professional Organization autonomous professionals (Hospitals, Universities) Adhocracy Organization project driven (high tech) Diversified Organization semi-autonomous divisions What Does a Strategic Plan Include? after Dolence & Associates: What Does a Strategic Plan Include?after Dolence & Associates The Direction to be Taken (KPI’s) External Environmental Analysis Internal Environmental Analysis Strategies, Goals, and Objectives Responsibilities and Timeframes How Resources Align with Direction Framework for Evaluation Internal & External Analysis (for Planning and Team Building): Internal & External Analysis(for Planning and Team Building) Current Performance SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Collaborators Competitors PEST and other Trends...: PEST and other Trends... Political Economic Social Technological Demographic Demand Funding Popcorn and other reports... The Mintzberg Change Cube: The Mintzberg Change Cube “Wherever you intervene on this cube, you have to change everything below.” Four Phases (Dolence and Associates): Four Phases (Dolence and Associates) Slide 15: Realigning intent with environment attention with strategic needs processes with desired outcomes resources with expectations knowledge with reality organizational units Redesigning organization for intent strategies systems to provide support programs to attract new “customers” products to incorporate new objectives Slide 16: Redefining KPIs Unit responsibilities individual responsibilities Mission Reengineering Policies Processes Procedures The Practical Results (Conventional Strategic Planning): The Practical Results (Conventional Strategic Planning) Objectives {Formulation} Strategies Programs {Implementation} Actions BUDGETS Dolence’s Plan: Dolence’s Plan Mission Statements Goals (2 to 5 Year Milestones) Objectives (1 Year, measurable) Budgets Evaluation [Recursive]

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