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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Sharck


Slide1:  AFCEE & Industry A Partnership AFCEE Mr. Paul Parker Director 16 Feb 05 OVERVIEW:  OVERVIEW AFCEE Evolution AFCEE Overview Expectations Topics for Discussion Secretaries Guidance:  Secretaries Guidance “Transformation is changing how you think, not necessarily junking what you’ve got, but adapting what you have in new and innovative ways” AFCEE Evolution:  AFCEE Evolution 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Environmental Restoration Services provided on competitive basis Established MFH Division & Designated as AF MFH Privatization Center of Excellence & Portfolio Mgr Range Support Unit Activated & gained Geobase Program Execution Gained Responsibility for Environmental Education & Training Increasing O&M, UXO & Design Construction Workload Posturing to meet our Customers Needs Original Workload Mostly BRAC & ERA Directorates Split Based on Product Lines: Cleanup Compliance & Conservation ERA & BRAC Work Leveled Off Reorg to full service Customer sets to provide personalized, flexible, focus for each AF Customer AFCEE Overview Organization:  Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence Brooks City-Base TX Deputy Chief of Staff Installations & Logistics (IL) The Civil Engineer (ILE) Engineering (ILEC) Housing (ILEH) Programs (ILEP) Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency Tyndall AFB FL Environmental (ILEV) Chief of Staff Air Force Resources (ILER) Readiness & Installation Support (ILEX) AFCEE Overview Organization MAJCOM CEs Slide6:  Technical Expertise Environmental Engineering Design Regulatory Installation Engineering Environmental Leadership Housing Excellence Mission Focus Mr. Parker Col Fryer Contracting (AC) Base Conversion Directorate (BC) Housing Directorate (HD) East (BCE) West (BCW) MILCON (HDM) Privatization (HDP) Support The New Face of AFCEE Slide7:  Regional Environmental Offices AFCEE Overview AFCEE Business Strategy:  AFCEE Overview AFCEE Business Strategy ACQUISITION Competitive Awards (Dual Tier) Multiple Tool Choices Multiple Vendors Program Ceiling Responsible Delivery Marketing Long Haul Relationship EXECUTION Long Term Relationship Program Ceiling (5 yr Term) Minimum “Shared” Liability Contractor School Performance Grade Customer Vote No-Spread of Work “Superior Contractors” = “Exceptional Performance” AFCEE Overview Keys to Success:  Easiest to Work With Postured for Air Force Needs Service After the Sale AFCEE Overview Keys to Success Quality Delivery Your Success is Our Success Service Expertise AFCEE Overview Workload Comparison:  FY03 OBLIGATED $1.01B FY04 Source: Data provided by: MXT 07/31/04 OBLIGATED $1.72B AFCEE Overview Workload Comparison AFCEE Overview Workload Comparison:  FY04 Source: Data provided by: MXT 2/2/2005 OBLIGATED $1.72B FY05 to date OBLIGATED $368.6M AFCEE Overview Workload Comparison Expectations My Contracting Principles:  Expectations My Contracting Principles Looking for professional relationship Your success is our success! Integrity & responsibility Address performance issues Use the strength of the acquisition process Scrub “Inherently Government” tasks Expectations What I Expect ...:  Expectations What I Expect ... Work AF Mission Needs First! Help Drive Innovation Use Chain to Resolve Issues No Lone Rangers! Be on the Team! Expectations for Our GEITA05 Partners:  Expectations for Our GEITA05 Partners Air Force must come first! Contractors share responsibility for providing quality, cost effective, and timely products to our customers You understand your role as an extension of AFCEE staff You are our force multiplier You are our representative We succeed together Expectations OCI:  Expectations OCI Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) Contractor (prime contractor, team members and first tier sub-contractors) are precluded from contractual involvement in non-A&AS AFCEE contracts (e.g. WERC, 4PAE, ECOS…) Time period is the life of the contract plus 1 year All ties with non-A&AS contractors must be severed Existing work may be completed but no future work permitted Expectations Teaming Partners:  Expectations Teaming Partners No hollow teams Do not use the list of team members for show Utilize partners throughout the period of performance AFCEE looking more at how prime contractors work with team members Topics for Discussion:  Topics for Discussion Iraq Reconstruction Parker Perspective on where AFCEE is going How can you help AFCEE & the BCE’s? Summary of thoughts on the Senior Leaders Meeting Expectations of AFCEE customers News from the field Turmoil in the field Slide18:  USA Alaska Hawaii Greenland Guam Japan Germany Italy Azores Wake Island Korea Southwest Asia England Turkey Spain AFCEE Project Locations Diego Garcia Johnston Atoll AFCEE Project Locations (U.S.):  Fairchild Ellsworth F.E. Warren Offutt Nellis Randolph Dyess Plattsburgh McGuire Beale McClellan Travis Vandenberg Edwards Los Angeles Wright- Patterson Grissom K.I. Sawyer Pease Hanscom Westover Kelly Little Rock AF Plant 4 AF Plant PJKS Newark Battle- creek Shaw AF Plant 6 Hickam 8 Locations Patrick Kirtland Cannon Davis-Monthan Keesler Bolling/Andrews Mt Home Camp Pendleton (USMC) Ft Drum (USA) Cape Canaveral Pope Griffiss Havre AFS Grand Forks Lowry George Norton Williams Carswell Bergstrom Maxwell/Gunter Columbus Myrtle Beach MacDill Langley Scott Chanute Wurtsmith Madison ANG Eaker Rickenbacker Kanehoe Bay (USN) Castle Luke Ft Bliss Lackland Altus Peterson Homestead Ft Carson Loring Roslyn Gentile England Mather Onizuka Ontario ANGB Percol MMR AF Plant 59 Niagra Falls Sunset Golf Crs Dover HQ AFMC AF Plant 85 Seymour Johnson Charleston Arnold Avon Park Robins Ft Rucker Moody Eglin Hurlburt Tyndall Barksdale Johnson Space Center Brooks Camp Stanley NAS Ft Worth Goodfellow Reese Whiteman McConnell Tinker Sioux Minot Cavelier Duluth McChord AF Plant 78 Hill AF Plant PJKS AF Academy Lamar March Superior Valley AF Plant 44 Laughlin AF Plant 3 AF Plant 42 Holloman O’Hare Richards-Gebaur Malstrom AFCEE Project Locations (U.S.) as of 4/8/98 Vance AFB Eielson Galena Elmendorf Clear 611th CEOS 15 Locations Arctic Surplus King Salmon Kodiak Island (USCG) Eareckson Johnston Atoll GoldStone DSCC Kingsley Field (ANG) Buckley Schriever DDHU Cheyenne Mountain DDJCTracy Jet Propulsion Lab White Sands Hulman Field ANGB Glen Research Center DDSP DSCR DDMT Marshal Space Center Gulfport Stennis Field Space Center Langley Research Center Goddard Space Flight Center Wallops Flight Facility GEITA05 Contractor School:  GEITA05 Contractor School Questions? Roles & Responsibilities:  Roles & Responsibilities Cheryl Brown 311 HSW/PKVM GLOBAL ENGINEERING, INTEGRATION AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE (GEITA05) CONTRACTOR SCHOOL Contracting Team:  Contracting Team Contractors: AGEISS Environmental Portage Environmental Team IE Contracting Officer: - Ralph Urias Contract Specialists: - Diana Vargyas - Rita Leal Contractors: Booz Allen Hamilton SRA International Contracting Officer: - Inge Griffin Contract Specialists: - David Lindstrom - Joann Hodges AFIOH (All contracts) Contracting Officers: Sathedia Bush Diana Saenz Roles:  Roles Overview Contracting Roles Customer and Technical Roles Role of Contracting Officer:  Role of Contracting Officer Responsible for ensuring Acceptable performance Compliance with all terms and conditions of task order (TO) Only the CO is authorized to give direction which changes the requirements of the contract Role of Contract Specialist/Buyer:  Role of Contract Specialist/Buyer Serves as Business Advisor Reviews requirements Solicits requirements Analyzes proposals Establishes pricing objectives Recommends plans of action/direction Works directly with the CO GEITA Program Managers:  GEITA Program Managers GEITA 05 Program Manager Ms. Carol McCollum AFCEE/OD 210-536-5234 GEITA 05 Alternate Program Manager Ms. Carolyn Rubottom AFCEE/OD 210-536-3779 Role of the GEITA Program Manager:  Role of the GEITA Program Manager Contracting Officer’s Representative for all GEITA 05 contracts Focal point between the Contractors, AFCEE Project Managers/Team Chiefs, and Customers Manages program ceiling Approves contract ceiling Collects and reports performance data to the GEITA 05 Contractors on a quarterly basis Authorized agent for DD Form 1172, Base Pass Procedures, for the GEITA Contractors Role of the Project Manager:  Role of the Project Manager Project Manager (PM) works for AFCEE’s paying customers PM leads professionals as necessary based on project requirements PM leads integrated team and draws technical, financial and contracting support Establishes Task Order (TO) goals Responsible for satisfying TO objectives through the project management process Identifying and establishing project requirements Scoping, awarding, managing and closing project Role of the Project Manager (cont’d):  Role of the Project Manager (cont’d) PM generally acts as the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) The COR has decision authority over the following: Technical point of contact Technical review of contractor proposals Technical monitoring of contractor performance Authorize release of materials specified in the TO Review and approve contractor deliverables Review and approve invoices/payment vouchers Coordinate activities between contractor and customer Official Government representative at project meetings Slide30:  THE AIR FORCE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE Questions GEITA05 Contractor School Contract Issues:  GEITA05 Contractor School Contract Issues Mr. Ralph Urias AFCEE/ACM 16 February 2005 Agenda:  Agenda GEITA05 Basic Contract Information Contract Section B though G Section H Pre-Award Task Order Process Important Clauses Section H & I Contract Closeout Questions and Answers GEITA05 Basic Contract :  GEITA05 Basic Contract Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) Program Ceiling $850M Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Multiple Award Services Contract Contract Minimum is $15K GEITA05 Basic Contract Section B Schedule :  GEITA05 Basic Contract Section B Schedule Cost Plus Fixed Fee A&AS Services under CLIN 0001 Firm-Fixed-Price A&AS under CLIN 0002 Cost Reimbursable material or travel CLIN 0003 to support uncertain requirements under CLIN 0002 CLINS 0004 & 0005 Data CLINS (NSP) Slide35:  GEITA05 Basic Contract Sections C, D & E Section C – Performance Work Statement Modification in process to add Weapons & Training & CDRL A0006 Section E - Inspection of Services Clauses Fixed-Price (52.246-04) Cost-Reimbursement (52.246-05) inspecting services performed COR is CO’s eyes and ears. GEITA05 Basic Contract Section F:  GEITA05 Basic Contract Section F Section F Deliveries or Performance Clause F002 and FAR 52.216-18 “Ordering” and FAR 52.216-22 “Indefinite Quantity” Period of performance (POP) is 60 months from effective date of award of 28 Dec 04 POP end date is 27 Dec 2009 FAR 52.216-22 Indefinite Quantity paragraph d date 12 months after expiration of the ordering period POP end date is 27 Dec 2010 General Information Payment Process:  General Information Payment Process E003 Requirements for Data Acceptance DD250Z final certification Then submit final invoice marked “Final” PKV-G005 Invoice & Payment Process (FFP) PKV-G006 Invoice & Payment Process (Cost Reimbursement) Section G Payment Process:  Section G Payment Process Clause PKV-G005 Invoice and Payment Process (Fixed – Price) Contractor e-mails completed monthly contractor invoice to the contract administrator @ HSW/PKVM E-mail to AFCEE_ACM_ CA gets COR signature and faxes it to DFAS for payment Please do not send hard copies of invoices At project completion the last invoice will be identified as final Submit DD250Z w/final invoice at project completion Section G Payment Process (Cost Reimbursement):  Section G Payment Process (Cost Reimbursement) PKV-G006 submit public voucher SF1034 for each TO to cognizant DCAA in accordance with FAR 52.216-7 “Allowable Cost and Payment” clause Concurrently, e-mail a copy to Buyer/Contract Administrator at CA gets COR signature Under provisions of FAR 42.803(b) DCAA auditor transmits provisionally approved vouchers to cognizant disbursing office for payment Section G Payment Process (Cost Reimbursement) Cont’d:  Section G Payment Process (Cost Reimbursement) Cont’d Contractor may appeal Costs determined “unallowable or suspended” identified on DCAA Form 1 “Notice of Contract Costs Suspended and/or Disapproved” Submit DD250Z w/final SF1034 at project completion Slide41:  Clause PKV-H6 awarding orders under multiple award contracts is driven by DFARS 216.505-70 and implements Section 803 of the of FY2002 National Defense Authorization Act: 25 Oct 02 Only CO’s with 311th HSW/PKVM or 311th HSW/PKBH can issue TOs Contracting Officers or Buyers will issue the RFP and all discussions will be through them Government makes a best value selection Section H Pre-award Task Order Award Process Section 803 of the FY2002 NDAA:  Section 803 of the FY2002 NDAA RFP/task orders greater than $100K must be competed unless CO waives the requirement on the basis of written determination based on circumstances in FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)-(iv) Most common basis for waiver is the logical follow-on to an order already issued under the contract provided all awardees were given fair opportunity for the original order For GEITA05, all initial task orders greater than $100K will be competed. We will indicate if the RFP is a current GEITA01 or GEITA05 contractor is performing the work. Pre Award Task Order Process Cont’d:  Pre Award Task Order Process Cont’d RFP E-mailed to you with PWS, CDRL, Base Support Letter, Period of Performance Funding availability estimate provided as part of IPT pricing process In some instances, a contractor generated GEITA PWS will be requested in response to government Statement of Objectives 803 Competition: Acknowledge receipt of RFP. Send us a brief technical and cost proposal or a no bid letter (this helps us with file documentation and fosters communication.) Technical proposal should address consideration factors listed in 3(a) and be e-mailed to everyone requested by the buyer and CO. This is important because it speeds the evaluation. Pricing Task Orders:  Pricing Task Orders What Do You Send For Cost? If Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee solicited Send us a cost breakdown for base labor, labor overhead, fringe, G&A etc., with narrative to support the cost proposed Breakout travel and ODC’s to support to costs proposed. List sources of your travel and ODC estimates. Provide basis for how subcontractor price has been determined fair and reasonable Pricing Task Orders :  Pricing Task Orders If Firm-Fixed-Price solicited? Send a cost breakdown as stated above with last three payroll records for the direct labor categories proposed or If that is not available, provide offer letter with Salary information Pre Award Task Order Process Cont’d:  Pre Award Task Order Process Cont’d Task Orders less than $100K Independent Government Estimate developed by COR based on past history (GEITA05 IGE Data Base internal to AFCEE CORs) Selection made internally based on consideration factors Competitive Award Evaluation Process Cont’d:  Competitive Award Evaluation Process Cont’d Task orders are evaluated against evaluation criteria in PKV-H6 Evaluation accomplished by the COR with AFCEE Mgmt Review, GEITA05 PM and Contracting Officer Successful Offeror notified by e-mail then Unsuccessful Offeror notified when decision is made Under 803 Competitive environment, all discussions must be to contracting officer/ specialist (do not talk to technical once RFP hits the street) Other Section H and I Clauses:  Other Section H and I Clauses 5352.209-9002 Organizational Conflict of Interest 52.216-18 Ordering Clause Section I 52.232-20 “Limitation of Cost” 52.249-14 Excusable Delays PKV-H8 Teaming Arrangements and Consent to Subcontract 52.244-02 Section H & I Clauses Cont’d :  Section H & I Clauses Cont’d PKV – H 4 Key Personnel OCI Clause:  OCI Clause Purpose is to prevent conflicting roles which may bias the Contractor’s judgment or objectivity Be familiar with restrictions on page 25 Prime and sub: Life of the contract plus one year from contractual involvement with other AFCEE contracts Contractor must obtain GEITA05 CO written approval prior to accepting work under any other contracts with potential OCI Request copies of your Company to Company Agreements/Non-disclosure agreements with AFCEE contractors by 20 Mar 05 Ordering and Limitation of Cost Clause:  Ordering and Limitation of Cost Clause FAR 52.216-18 “Ordering” You will see this clause cited when task orders are issued Also cited when in scope modifications with funding increase FAR 52.232-20 “Limitation of Cost” Notify the Contracting Officer in writing whenever the costs the Contractor expects to incur under this contract in the next 60 days, when added to all costs previously incurred, will exceed 75 percent of the estimated cost specified in the Schedule Funding Issues with A&AS Services:  Funding Issues with A&AS Services Be aware that most O&M funded A&AS requirements are considered severable requirements. We have many of these in GEITA01 and GEITA05. Period of Performance will not go beyond one year (FAR 37.106) Severability requirements do not apply to BRAC funded requirements, however no cost time extensions need to be well documented if period of performance will be moved out beyond one year. 52.249-14 Excusable Delays:  52.249-14 Excusable Delays Used to justify no cost time extensions under non O&M funded task orders Upon request of the Contractor, the Contracting Officer shall ascertain the facts and extent of the failure. If the Contracting Officer determines that any failure to perform results from one or more of the causes above, the delivery schedule shall be revised, subject to the rights of the Government under the termination clause of this contract. Clause PKV H-8 Teaming Arrangements and PKV H-4 Key Personnel :  Clause PKV H-8 Teaming Arrangements and PKV H-4 Key Personnel Clause PKV H-8 Teaming Arrangements If you deviate from your team, request contracting officer approval for consent to subcontract If after task order award, request CO approval by submitting documentation in accordance with FAR 44.202 Clause PKV –H 4 Key Personnel Program Manager is key personnel and 30 days advance notification of change requires CO approval with COR coordination Contract Closeout:  Timely closeout completions affect AFCEE’S compliance Timely completions affect contractor’s performance Process begins when the contract is physically complete Contract Closeout Misconceptions of Contract Closeout:  Misconceptions of Contract Closeout General Belief: Contract is complete when the Contractor makes final delivery of required goods and services and Government has made acceptance Fact: The cycle is not complete until the contract has been closed – final phase of contract life cycle Slide57:  Physically complete only when: Contractor has completed required deliveries and Government has inspected/accepted services Contractor has completed performance of all services and Government has accepted services All option provisions, if any, have expired All actions resolved Physically Complete FFP and Cost Reimbursable Contract Closeout:  When contract is physically complete, or period of performance is complete, the contractor shall promptly submit the DD250Z DD250Z DD250Z is not the final invoice DD250Z signed by the COR or PCO is evidence of final acceptance of the project/service FFP and Cost Reimbursable Contract Closeout Closeout Process :  Closeout Process Signed DD250Z is forwarded to ACO and DFAS ACO ensures that all closeout actions (FAR 4.804-5) are accomplished, and coordinates with all required parties ACO at local DCMA office requests final invoice DCAA reviews final invoice/approves final payment DFAS makes final payment Contract closeout (ACM) completes necessary administrative actions Contract file is closed and physically moved to storage for six years Contract Closeout Tips:  Tips to mitigate funding issues Submit annual overhead rate proposals in a timely manner At completion of contract performance (physically complete) Invoice promptly for all remaining incurred costs and fees and submit DD250Z Reconcile account and make sure it matches DFAS records Negotiated settlements need to be worked promptly especially if additional / replacement funds will be required to complete closeout Contract Closeout Tips Benefits of Contract Closeout:  Benefits of timely closeout Reflects your performance on this project De-obligates excess funds for possible use elsewhere Identifies need for additional funds in timely fashion Minimizes the need to replace cancelled funds with current year funding Minimizes administrative costs for all parties Allows all affected activities to concentrate on current and future requirements Benefits of Contract Closeout AFCEE Contractor School Contracting Issues:  THE AIR FORCE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE AFCEE Contractor School Contracting Issues Questions GEITA05 Contractor School Technical Issues:  GEITA05 Contractor School Technical Issues Ms. Carol McCollum AFCEE/ODA 16 February 2005 No Fair Share:  No Fair Share Market Share:  Market Share Slide66:  TD (Consultants) GEITA05 MS (Mission Support) Data Management Operations & Development Pricing Legal Small Business Program Manager Buyer Field Engineer ACO AC AFCEE Customer Customer PM The AFCEE Team Non-A&AS Contractors + Slide67:  AFCEE’s Customers AFCEE’S Customers: MAJCOMs (cross-functional) AF Bases Base Civil Engineers Base Environmental Management Base Fuels Office HQ USAF AFRPA (Air Force Real Property Agency) BEC (BRAC Environmental Coordinator) Others Communication:  Communication AFCEE is the Contractor’s Customer Contracting Officer (CO) makes contracting decisions Project Manager (PM) makes technical decisions Program Manager coordinates entire process The Base/MAJCOM is AFCEE’s customer AFCEE’s customer does not have authority to direct work done by the contractor We expect full and frank communications among all parties If necessary, use the AFCEE PM to tell the customer, “No.” Where to Obtain Information :  Where to Obtain Information Primary POCs at AFCEE (TO Level) Project Manager (PM) / Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Familiar with on-going and up-coming work (Base level) Technical issues (TO level) TO Challenges Contracting Officer (CO) Contracting Issues (TO level) TO Challenges Program Manager Manages the Program Collects and Reports Performance COR for all five GEITA05 Contracts Bi-Weekly meetings with contractor Contractor POC Information:  Contractor POC Information Standardized Web Format for Existing Contracts Contractor POC information on the web CRITICAL Requirement #1 Information used by AFCEE for contract process Contractor PM must keep information up to date Links on each web page Secure log-in (New PIN each time you log on) Only Contractor PM may update info Contractor POC Information Process:  Contractor POC Information Process Contractor PM or alternate must perform this task Click on link on Current AFCEE Contracts web page Contractor POC Information Process:  Contractor POC Information Process Contractor PM, type in email address and check e-mail Contractor POC Information Process:  Contractor POC Information Process Check your email and note your PIN number Contractor POC Information Process:  Contractor POC Information Process Go back to the web page Type in your PIN Click on Submit to gain access to the system Contractor POC Information Process:  Contractor POC Information Process Add or update your information as appropriate Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Process:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Process COR rates each TO every quarter Ratings briefed at Contract Business Board (CBB) Senior management evaluates general health of contractor programs Mr. Parker personally reviews each Blue, Yellow and Red rating Red ratings – contractor CEO may receive phone call from Mr. Parker Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors COR rates each TO and project Cost (control & performance) Quality Schedule Overall Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d Cost (control & performance) Ability to develop and support accurate and complete cost proposals in a timely manner Accurately projects and forecasts costs Cost performance data submitted on time in proper format, complete and accurate; clearly identified earned value, where applicable Actively pursues cost containment and cost reduction Proper notification to the government of potential cost over/under-runs Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d Quality Technical products; completeness, accuracy, clarity, conformance with requirements of PWS Quality Control/Quality Assurance Coordination and communications (teamwork) Ability to anticipate & identify problems prior to adverse impact Adherence to government approved systems (GFP, Purchasing) Ability to manage subcontracts Timely notifications IAW the terms & conditions of the contract Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Factors Cont’d Schedule Timeliness in meeting all major and minor project milestones Schedule updates coordinated with appropriate government personnel Accurately projects and forecasts schedule throughout the project Overall Rating to consider overall performance including Customer satisfaction Ease of working with the contractor Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions COR assigns a Rating Color for each Rating Factor (cost, quality, schedule, overall) Blue** Green Yellow ** Red ** ** (comment required to justify rating) Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d Blue (comment required to justify rating) Demonstrates an EXCELLENT effort with no significant weaknesses The technical performance exceeded the expectations of the AFCEE team Ultimately, the contractor will complete the effort exceeding requirements and/or expectations Normal AFCEE and contractor surveillance required (i.e., minimal oversight) Example: no disruption in schedule and below budget baseline Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d Green Demonstrates a GOOD effort with any weaknesses readily corrected The technical performance met the expectations of the AFCEE team with minor disruptions Ultimately, the contractor will complete the effort meeting all requirements and/or expectations Normal AFCEE and contractor surveillance required (i.e., minimal oversight) Example: minor disruptions in schedule but completion is on schedule with all major milestones met and/or cost issues resolved and project completed within budget Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d Yellow (comment required to justify rating) Demonstrates a MARGINAL effort with significant weaknesses but corrected The technical performance initially failed to meet the expectations of the AFCEE team but were corrected Ultimately, the contractor will complete the effort meeting all requirements but may not meet all expectations Close AFCEE surveillance and special contractor emphasis required Example: serious disruption in schedule including missed major milestones and increases in the budget baseline Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d:  Quarterly Contractor Report Cards Rating Color Definitions Cont’d Red (comment required to justify rating) Demonstrates an UNACCEPTABLE effort with significant weaknesses that are not correctable The technical performance failed to meet the requirements and/or expectations of the AFCEE team Ultimately, the contractor will NOT meet all requirements and expectations of the project Close AFCEE surveillance and special contractor emphasis required Example: serious disruption in schedule and increases in the budget baseline that cannot be recovered Quarterly Contractor Performance Reports:  Quarterly Contractor Performance Reports PM collects Evaluation Data from CORs quarterly Data is incorporated into a quarterly performance report Report sent to the Program Manager by the 15th of the month after the end of the quarter Contractor performance is evaluated based on performance objectives and performance thresholds stated in the Performance Work Statement Discrepancy Reports will be collected throughout the quarter and reported upon receipt of report Contractor Performance Evaluation Form will be e-mailed to each COR for the Performance Report Contractor Performance Assessment System (CPARs):  Contractor Performance Assessment System (CPARs) Tracks performance of contractors Implemented to ensure source selection teams have a detailed assessment of contractor’s past performance Completed on an annual basis by the GEITA05 Program Manager E-mail will be sent to the registered party to notify that a CPARs has been completed Available for review at Contractor Performance Assessment System (CPARs) Cont’d:  Contractor Performance Assessment System (CPARs) Cont’d Must provide comments or state no comments in Block 22 of the form Sign and date form in Block 23 30 days to review and sign or automatically returned indicating that the contractor did not provide any information CPAR should be protected as source selection information Summary Technical Issues:  Summary Technical Issues Team Player Communicate Keep web information up-to-date Perform at “Green” level or above No discrepancy reports during the quarter AFCEE Contractor School Technical Issues:  THE AIR FORCE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE AFCEE Contractor School Technical Issues Questions

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