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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: jackrichards96



My media DPS pcs

The sound

This is the first point I got to. I decided to lay out all the outsides first so I knew what would go inside and how big it would have to be. I started with the left third and I added the text using shapes and text boxes.

Here I added the box on the left which is the reviews side. Reviews is a big part of my magazine so I thought I would add a big box for that. I decided to make it blue to stick to the house style.

Now I have completely filled in the reviews box and I made it easy for the viewer to navigate the magazine. I made the page number a red colour so it stands out while still fitting in with my house style. I made the name of the artist big so the reader can easily see it with the description smaller below.

Now I’ve done the second box in yellow which is still in keeping with the house style. The yellow also goes with the quarter circle in the corner. I also added a red box over the others which will probably have a picture on as contents pages usually have a lot of pictures, the box also has a black stroke which makes it stand out but still with the text behind being visible.

Now I have finished the text for the two main boxes which is good as now I can focus on the design and creative side. I also changed the issue number font but I haven’t used it before and looks out of place and goes against the house style.

I added a picture at this point with surrounding text, this is the feature artist so I want readers to see him quickly and turn to that page. However the picture is a bit blurry and stretched with the writing not to visible either so I may have to change that.

I resized the picture as it was a bit stretched and here it look better quality. I also took the issue number out as it went against the house style but I probably we add It again but in a better style. I added the title in the editors note box which is bold and easily read.

Here I added a second picture to the contents page as this is what you commonly see a lot of on the contents page. I took this photo as a long shot as most of the other shots have been mid shot or close up. I also added a supporting description to the image.

Now I have added the text into the editors note box. This is a good section for the contents as it lets the readers know what is to come and I also left space for a picture of the editor.

I have now added the picture of the editor which is usually seen next to the editors note. I also resized and repositioned the box into a better position which makes it easier to read the surrounding text.

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