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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: jjordanhhall


Contents page screen shots : Contents page screen shots Jordan Hall PowerPoint Presentation: I opened a new project using QuarkXPress Passport 7.5 PowerPoint Presentation: I then chose to have 3 columns in my new project so that this would be a guide for the layout of my article. PowerPoint Presentation: I used the text button to create two text boxes and insert the title and headings. PowerPoint Presentation: These boxes will allow you to either fill with an image or text. PowerPoint Presentation: I used this tool to insert the picture boxes which I the filled with the images that I have taken. PowerPoint Presentation: Here I have added more text under the heading feature articles, and more images to fill the contents page. I have also added small writing on the images so that people who are reading it know who the images are of. PowerPoint Presentation: I have added some colour to the background of my contents page to incorporate the colour scheme and make it more attractive. I have also put the titles in a contrasting colour which also fits in the the colour scheme that I have chosen. PowerPoint Presentation: I have also added page numbers and some text to each of the images.

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