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Published on February 5, 2014

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If you're in the business of acquiring users, you'll need great content to power ads, campaigns and conversion strategies. Here's a look at how to create content that converts.

Content That Converts: Win Leads and Influence People

Every Business Has a Problem The Problem? User acquisition. How do we target potential customers and convert them into users? ! The Solution? There are many ways to drive users. Let’s look at some of the basic ways. 2

User Acquisition Strategies - Display Ads Benefits: • Great for brand exposure ! Drawbacks: • Low clickthrough rate (0.1%) • The average person is served 1,700 banner ads per month 3

User Acquisition Strategies - PPC Ads Benefits: • Tied to search behaviour • More likely to lead to purchase intention • Affordable ! Drawbacks: • Low clickthrough rate (2%) 4

User Acquisition Strategies - E-mail Benefits: • Access to optin audience • Personalizable • Preferred by users for promotional messages ! Drawbacks: • Variable conversion rate (5-50%) • Requires great content 5

User Acquisition Strategies - Promotions Benefits: • High conversion rate: 73% • Generates leads and engagement ! Drawbacks: • Can only run 1 per month at most • Requires great content 6

User Acquisition Strategies - SEO Benefits: • High potential for click-through if you can rank well • Targetted traffic tied to purchase intention ! Drawbacks: • Ranking well is getting harder • Requires great content and inbound links 7

User Acquisitions Strategies - Social Media Benefits: • Low-cost tools • Access to a large audience • Generates leads and engagement ! Drawbacks: • Crowded and noisy • Requires great content to stand out 8

All Routes Lead to… Great Content You simply can’t get traffic, leads and conversions without awesome content 9

What is Good Content? Good content = Clear, informative, entertaining, educational ! Bad content = Boring, overly salesy, full of errors, lacks concrete, actionable information, focuses on you instead of your reader, tries too hard to be funny 10

What is Good Content? In its early days, Groupon used outlandish copy in an attempt to stand out. It used descriptions that were so bizarre they bordered on fantastical. ! Hair was described as “frayed head threads,” while spray tanners were “handheld hue-changers” and teeth were “mouth cubes.” Here’s an example: “The earliest salons were informal gatherings where B-list philosophers gibbered away so they couldn’t hear themselves dying of plague. Get an earful of the modern salon’s soothing hair-dryer purrs and scissor chopchops instead with today’s deal: for $30, you get $100 worth of services at Gary Patrick Salon at its location in Pleasanton.” 11

What is Good Content? Now, Groupon’s copy is clear, direct and much easier to understand. Readers don’t have to work so hard to figure out what the deal is. For example: 30 Days of Unlimited Hot-Yoga Classes or 10 Classes at Westcoast Hot Yoga (Up to 69% Off) Build strength, balance, and flexibility while stretching and bending in a 30to 40-degree room 12

The Internet is Noisy • 2 million blog posts published each day • 55 million photos uploaded to Instagram each day • 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute • 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month ! How will your content stand out? 13

First, Decide on Your Format Text Visual Blog post Tweet Photo 
 Gallery Presentation FB post Video Quora 
 answer 14 Infographic

Next, Pick Your Channel Your blog Break original story into chunks and distribute across multiple channels 15

Basic Blog Post - Best Practice Avoid the direct sales pitch. ! Avoid running press releases as blog posts. ! Keep the post reader-focused. The reader wants to know what’s in it for them. 16

Basic Blog Post - Best Practice Use an attentiongrabbing headline. ! Include pullquotes and key takeaways. ! Make it compelling and make the reader benefits obvious. 17

Instagram - Best Practice Avoid using the same visual over and over again. ! Avoid nothing but product shots. 18

Instagram - Best Practice Show your product in unique contexts. ! Catch the eye and build a story around your brand. 19

Twitter - Best Practice Avoid leveraging eyeballs on the back of human tragedy. 20

Twitter - Best Practice Leverage current events in a positive way. ! There’s no need for a sales pitch when the image sells itself. 21

Twitter - Good or Bad? There’s a lot of grey area when it comes to creating good content. ! This tweet could be funny, or it could be offensive, depending on where you live and what you drive! 22

Quora - Best Practice Avoid overly selfpromotional content. ! Focus on delivering value. 23

Quora - Best Practice Answer questions thoroughly. ! Include visuals. ! Be interesting. ! Include a link back to a longer blog post. ! Be helpful to people without the sales pitch! 24

Infographics - Best Practice Avoid overly complex graphics that are virtually impossible to decipher. 25

Infographics - Best Practice The purpose of an infographic is to use visuals to convey information more quickly and effectively than you could with straight text. ! Use a simple schematic that is easy to decipher and nice to look at! 26

Your Content Mix This content matrix, produced by Distilled, illustrates four types of content that every brand needs: - Entertaining content - Educational content - Persuasive content - Conversionoriented content 27

Average Content Mix • Social media (other than blogs): 87% • Articles: 81% • E-newsletter: 80% • Blogs: 76% • Case studies: 73% • Videos: 73% • White papers: 64% • Infographics: 51% 28

Content Must-Haves Here’s a look at the elements you’ll want to have in every blog post to ensure its success. ! We’ll dissect our most popular post — What Burberry’s Doing Right in Online Marketing 29

Content Must-Haves - Title Title: Must be clear, compelling and communicative. ! The title is often what the reader will use to determine whether they will click-through and read the piece. ! Be interesting, use keywords and promise the reader something of value. 30

Content Must-Haves - Microcontent Microcontent: Subheadings, pullquotes, and other small bits of content that help the reader navigate your page. ! Use micro content that helps tell the story and makes the page scannable. 31

Content Must-Haves - Keywords Keywords: Use words that describe the essence of what your content is about. Repeat them in your title, meta-title, subheadings, and body copy. ! Keywords are important for SEO, and also help your reader identify your subject matter. 32

Content Must-Haves - Visuals Visuals: Visual content enhances readability. It grabs the reader’s eye. It gives the eye a break from large blocks of text. It breaks up the content and makes it more manageable on the screen. ! Visual content also gets more shares on social media channels. 33

Content Must-Haves - Call to Action Call to Action: At this point, you’ve earned the right to be a little salesy. Bring it home and go for the ask - tell your reader what you’d like them to do next. 34

Understand Web Reading Patterns • Most web readers • • Look to bold headings, subheadings and links to help them find the information they’re looking for • Often only scan the first few words of a sentence, paragraph or teaser text to determine whether or not to read on • Often won’t scroll below the fold if what they're looking for hasn’t been confirmed above it • • 35 Scan a page in under 10 seconds looking for specific information. They typically do not read every word - at least at first Will read, on average, only 20% of the text on a page Will leave a site/page quickly if they can’t find what they need

Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose • People learn differently, so use different formats for your content blog post 36 infographic slideshow

Content Must-Haves - Shareability Understand what motivates people to share content, then create content that fits the different sharing personalities. 37

How Do You Know if it’s Good Content? • Measure it • • • • • • 38 Traffic Shares Longevity Virality Engagement Conversion

Study, Rinse and Repeat • Study what works and do more of it ! • Title: • Timing: • Subject: ! ! 39

We can help you launch a promotion designed to generate leads and engagement with great content ! ! Contact us for details !

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