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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: christinecrandell



Content Strategy from Journey Maps : Drive Revenue from Content

Content Strategy That Converts Chris&ne  Crandell   ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017     ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017      

Who  we  are..   We  help  companies  turn  customer   experience  into  their  biggest  sales  and  brand   differen8ator.   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

The  Problem  with  Content  Glut..   •  27,000,000  pieces  of  content  are  shared  each  day             –  AOL/Nielsen   •  30%  of  B2B  marke8ng  budget  is  dedicated  to   content  marke0ng  –  CMI/Marke&ngProfs   •  60-­‐70%  of  B2B  marke0ng  content  goes  unused  -­‐  Sirius   Decisions   •  0.5%  of  websites’  content  drive  90%  of  traffic  –   InboundWriter   •  3  biggest  B2B  buyer  complaints  are  that  vendor   content  is  self-­‐serving,  non-­‐substan0ve,  and  too  hard   to  access  –  Social  Media  Today   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Journey-­‐Based  Content  ROI..   100% 50% 50% + INCREASE IN CONTENT CREDIBILITY INCREASE IN PIPELINE VELOCITY DECREASE IN NUMBER OF ASSETS BRAND PREFERENCE ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

CraPing  Journey  Maps…   Sellers’     Compass™   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2013  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017     ©   014  

How  to  Fix  Content  Glut…   1.  Complete  buyers’  journey  by  segment  and  persona.   2.  Iden0fy  each  specific  type  of  content  the  buyer  sought,   channels  used,  and  intended  to  use  the  content.   3.  Develop  a  comprehensive  inventory  of  all  the  content   including  soW  and  hard  copy  assets.   4.  Conduct  content  gap  analysis  that  compares  the   content  buyers’  sought  at  each  journey  step  with  your   content  inventory.   5.  If  you  have  gaps  in  your  journey  informa0on,  re-­‐ interview  customers  or  conduct  focus  groups  or  surveys.   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Gap  Analysis   Journey   Phase   Step   Descrip8on   Buyer  Content   Sought   •  •  Evaluate   1st  Short  List   of  Vendors   •  •  Buyer   Sought   Outcome   Feature  /   Objec0ve   func0on   comparison   comparison     of  solu0ons   Industry   Analyst   Analyst   ra0ng  of   Report   vendors’   SWOT   Technical   In-­‐depth   White   product   Papers   informa0on   Customer   Case   Studies   Channel   Google   Search   Industry   analyst   websites  &     trade  assoc.   industry   associa0ons   &  social   community   Evidence  of   Social  graph,   post-­‐ Slideshare,   purchase   YouTube  &   experience   Vendor   from  trusted   website     peers   Vendor     Content   Vendor   Channels   Product   Company   informa0on   microsites   Gartner  MQ   Social  Media   Report   and  Vendor   website   Customer   videos   Vendor   Website   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

What  The  Gap  Analysis  Tells  You…   •  What’s  missing  by  buyer-­‐persona  and  journey   step.   •  What  content  should  be  yours  and  what   should  come  from  customers,  partners,   others.   •  Content  that  can  be  deleted  and  which  assets   can  to  modify  and  repurpose.   •  The  structure  of  your  content  strategy  at  the   buyer-­‐persona  level   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Updated  Content  Map…   Journey   Phase   Step   Descrip8on   Buyer  Content   Sought   Buyer   Outcome   Channel   •  Evaluate   •  Technical   White   Papers   •  1st  Short  List   of  Vendors   Industry   Analyst   Report   Customer   Case   Studies   Vendor   Channels   Feature  /   Objec0ve   Google   func0on   comparison   Search   comparison     of  solu0ons   •  Vendor     Content   Product   informa0on   Compe00ve   Comparison   Industry   Gartner  MQ,   analyst   3rd  party  rpt,   websites  &     Customer   trade  assoc.   evalua0ons   Company   microsites,   SEO  &   partner  sites   Analyst   Social  Media   ra0ng  of   &  Vendor   vendors’   website,  &   SWOT   Industry   groups     In-­‐depth   industry   In-­‐depth   SEO,  trade     product   associa0ons   tech  archit.   &  industry   informa0on   &  social   Papers   sites,  LI,   community   (gated)   website   Evidence  of   Social  graph,   Customer   Vendor   post-­‐ Slideshare,   videos,  case   Website,     purchase   YouTube  &   studies,   YouTube,  LI,   experience   Vendor  site     CSAT  scores   Syn.  content   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Let’s  Take  A  Poll   ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

3  Things  You  Can  Start  Today…   1.  Document  journey  maps   –  Through  the  lens  of  the  buyer!!   2.  Content  Inventory   –  Everything  including  webpages  and  ecosystem   material   3.  Content  Gap  Analysis   –  Be  honest   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

5  Rules  of  Content  Marke8ng..   1.  Don’t  launch  content  un0l  you  have  a  one  full  cycle   of  buyer’s  journey  content  ready.   2.  Capture  your  prospect’s  a_en8on,  no  majer   where  they  are  in  the  buyer’s  journey.   3.  Learn  from  each  prospect’s  interac8on  and   segment  them  appropriately.   4.  Content  marke8ng  is  an  ongoing  conversa8on,  not   a  linear  dialogue.   5.  Be  a  trusted  advisor,  not  a  salesperson.     Jason Kiselstein, Dec 2013 ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Our  Proven  results…   <90 100% 40% DAYS TO PAYBACK INCREASE IN CAMPAIGN RESULTS INCREASE IN MARKETING ROI 30% INCREASE IN SALES ACCEPTED LEADS 20% INCREASE IN REVENUE + ALIGNS SALES AND MARKETING ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Who  we  are  …   New  Business  Strategies   help  define  and    implement   prac8ces  that  turn  customer   experience  into  your  biggest  sales   and  brand  differen8ator.     •  Customer  experience  and  strategy  consul0ng     firm  contributed  $2.7B  in  client  value.   •  Proprietary  Sellers’  Compass™  methodology   for  defining    and  implemen0ng    customer   experience.   •  99.5%  Client  sa0sfac0on  score     •  Prac0cal  advice,  tools,  and  training  to  sustain   success.   Resources:       •   •  “How  To”   Guide:     “Developing  Content  Strategy  from   Journey   experience  and  strategy   •  Customer  Maps”   •  consul0ng    firm  contributed  $2.7B  in   Forbes: chris0necrandell   client  value.   •  CMSWire: chris0ne-­‐crandell/   •  HuffPo: chris0ne-­‐crandell/   ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

Questions Next  Webinar  is  on:   •  March  27th  at  10:30am  PT   •  Topic  is  Journey-­‐based   Nurture  Campaigns     ChrisCrandell  #cxinnovator  |  |  ©  2014  NBS  Consul0ng  Group,  Inc.  |  Tel:  415.309.7017    

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