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Published on November 18, 2012

Author: Demetrio_Maguigad


Content StrategyListening & Talking to the Groundswell

Listening“Brands belong to customers, not companies.”- Ricardo Guimaraes, Brand Theorist

Listening• Market Data• Market InformationCustomer insight – what they are thinking andwhy

ListeningLimitations & Problems with Listening1. We only hear from those who participate in talking2. The volume of insight is great and difficult to capture

ListeningTwo listening Strategies1. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Private Community2. Mini USA: Brand Monitoring

ListeningListening strategies help improve products,services and the brand in general by providingdecision makers the data, information andinsight to make better decisions and adapt tothe market.

ListeningHow to start listening to the groundswell:1. Find out what your brand means2. Understand how buzz is always shifting3. Increase research responsiveness & effectiveness4. Find influencers5. Manage PR Crisis6. Generate new products & marketing ideas

ConversationTalk, don’t shout…


Communicate Four Basic Goals: To Inform To Educate To PersuadeTo Appeal To Emotions

Content StrategyHow to communicate to the Groundswell…Defines what listen to and what you will say…… how you will say it and where… … when you will say it… … why you are investing in content… Content is King

Content Strategy• Content Focus• Content Type• Content Frequency & Calendar• Measure Results

Content Focus• Listen, Research & Plan – Identify what is being talked about – Identify what customers want to talk about – Conduct a Keyword Analysis – Establish the Brand voice and style Stimulate engagement, demonstrate thought leadership, and consistency with business goals.

Content Focus Tools: Twitter WordTracker Keyword Discovery Google Adwords Google TrendsFacebook and LinkedIn Groups YouTube/Charts Technorati

Content Type• Establish what and how will you communicate – Establish the 70/20/10 Rule • Customers lifestyle, interests and needs • Other People’s Content • Promotional – Establish which platforms you will focus on

Content Frequency & Calendar• Post content at the most optimal time• Use summary excerpts of your main points to avoid truncating content• Depending on your campaign, trends and season, designate weekly or monthly schedule for posts

Content Frequency & CalendarTools:EdgeRank CheckerVerticalResponseSproutSocial

Measure Results• Track how many comments and Likes your Facebook post gets.• Track monthly how many followers, retweets and mentions you or your brand gets.• Measure how many comments your blog posts get and how much traffic they receive.• Measure social media referral traffic to your website; in other words, how much traffic is sent from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Measure ResultsTools:Facebook InsightsGoogle AnalyticsSproutSocial

Content Strategy WorksheetComplete by next week, no Groundswell readingthis week.

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