Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce 2014

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Information about Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce 2014

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: commercebrain



Content Marketing for eCommerce is what many online retailers are set plans for in 2014. Learn how to craft your content strategy for your online store from the examples in the industry. Build  Your  eCommerce   Content  Marketing     Strategy  for  2014     To  Sell  24/7 Yulia  V  Smirnova Founder  of eCommerce  marketing,   customer  acquisition  and  estore  optimization Content  Marketing  Benefits ①  Brings ongoing free referrals ②  Engages interest & brings back attention ③  Offers insights about your customers ④  Amplifies paid customer acquisition campaigns •  JackThreads •  BirchBox •  ShopStyle •  OneKingsLane •  VAT19 •  GardenGates •  Saatva Matrass •  Land of Nod eCommerce  Sites  To  Watch Results  You  Can  Get   ①  15% of referral traffic from one dominant channel (VAT19, YouTube) ②  Up to 40% natural traffic (BirchBox) ③  Higher volume and ROI in paid Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn marketing One  Kings  Lane One   Kings   Lane One  Kings  Lane Garden  Gates Land  of  Nod Saatva  Matrass Saatva  Matrass Content  Marketing  for   eCommerce   ①  Must be scalable/programmatic to matter ②  Can be a challenge from creative perspective ③  Must engage: inspire, bring attention and develop interest ④  Must be consistent with a balance of commerce and related interests topics BirchBox Source:  Shopify How  To  Solve  For  Scale  (1)   ①  Technology & tools(platform) ②  Vendors (range $4 to 35 per piece) How  To  Solve  For  Creative   Genius  &  Engagement  (2,  3) ①  Observe & learn from sites above and rising media ②  Curate topics ③  Use “Smart Marketing” Checklist hUp:// How  To  Solve  For  Consistency  &   Balance  (4) Editorial  calendar     (programming) Curation  team  or  tool   (relevance  &  ideas  pipeline) Smart  marketing   checklist      (quality  control)   Production  team     (volume  that  maNers) What’s  Next?   ①  Connect to Yulia for a free 20 min consultation o ②  Also 2 day only promo o  Feb 27, the book is $13.99 45% OFF o  Feb 28, the book is $17.99 30% OFF o  Feb 28, 11PM back to $24.99 ③  Q & A

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