Content Marketing Part 4 of 7

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Information about Content Marketing Part 4 of 7

Published on November 30, 2016

Author: JenniferGuevara5



1. Information about content marketing from statistics to ideas for marketers to use.

2. Table of Contents: PageTitle: Page Number: Content Marketing Statistics: 3 Overview 4 Usage & Effectiveness 23 Marketing Metrics: 37 Effective Strategy Creation: 57 ContentCreation: 63 ContentGoals 64 Types of Content to Create 70 Creation Steps 97 How to Create Content 104 Content Readability: 132 PageTitle: Page Number: Social Media: 150 IdealWord Count 151 RepurposingContent 159 Best Practices: 168 Top Practices 169 Pros & Cons 181 Tips 186 Trends 193 Content Marketing Ideas 199 Content Success 213 Work Cited: 229

3. Content Creation Steps: Compiled byAuthor: 1 2 3 4 5

4. Content Creation Steps: Research: 1: Look for industry-relevant subject matter Use online tools to maximize your efforts Find out the most-shared type of content Aim for popular & current subjects Compiled byAuthor:

5. Content Creation Steps: Ideas: Can you come at the data in a new way? Can you produce something unique? Find the best way of presenting the data Use blog posts, videos or infographics Compiled byAuthor: 2:

6. Content Creation Steps: Placement: Create a list of possible placement sites Try & aim as high as you can Try & highlight the target audience Start your outreach as early as you can Compiled byAuthor: 3:

7. Content Creation Steps: Creation: Don’t rush to get the content finished Try & draw in readers as early as possible Include high quality outbound links Explain things- be as helpful as you can Compiled byAuthor: 4:

8. Content Creation Steps: Promotion: Don’t ignore the content once published Use as many promotion avenues as you can Build strong links to your content Reach out to influencers in your industry Compiled byAuthor: 5:

9. How to Create Content: Articles & Case Studies Difficulty Level: 31% Infographics Difficulty Level: 34% Videos Difficulty Level: 59% VisualContent Difficulty Level: 24% White Papers & Research Difficulty Level: 50% Compiled byAuthor: White papers & research are the most time consuming platform with 50% difficulty level Least time consuming is visual content with only a 24% difficulty level Content Difficulty Level:

10. How to Create Content: 30% Agency/ Consultant 32% PR/ Communications 36% Subject Matter Experts 39% Product Marketing 53% Corporate Marketing Compiled byAuthor: Areas Responsible for Creating Content:

11. How to Create Content: Blog Industry News Infographics Long Form Journalism SocialVideo User- Generated Content Viral Content White Papers Compiled byAuthor:

12. How to Create Content: Blogs: How to- Discuss topics that matter to the industry Aim at a specific target audience Only be as technical as the audience requires Compiled byAuthor:

13. How to Create Content: Include: Strong Examples Consistency Industry Knowledge Blogs have to be interesting, useful & easily digestible with no more than 400 to 800 words Blogs: Compiled byAuthor:

14. How to Create Content: Most Popular Blog: Huffington Post with 110 million monthly users Best Content Marketing Blogs: Copyblogger Contently Compiled byAuthor: Best Blogging Companies: 67% of marketers have success with blog posts & articles

15. How to Create Content: White Papers: How to- A way to share detailed information Allows you to show your understanding of your niche Compiled byAuthor:

16. How to Create Content: Include: Rich, In- Depth Information Clear, Concise Presentation Your strong point is the information you have to offer your audience White Papers: Compiled byAuthor:

17. How to Create Content: The Content Marketing Institute: Frequently publishes informative & in-depth guides on everything related to the industry White Paper using Company: Compiled byAuthor: These are the #1 content format for B2B buyers

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