Content Marketing Part 3 of 7

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Information about Content Marketing Part 3 of 7

Published on November 10, 2016

Author: JenniferGuevara5


1. Information about content marketing from statistics to ideas for marketers to use.

2. Table of Contents: PageTitle: Page Number: Content Marketing Statistics: 3 Overview 4 Usage & Effectiveness 23 Marketing Metrics: 37 Effective Strategy Creation: 57 ContentCreation: 63 ContentGoals 64 Types of Content to Create 70 Creation Steps 97 How to Create Content 104 Content Readability: 132 PageTitle: Page Number: Social Media: 150 IdealWord Count 151 RepurposingContent 159 Best Practices: 168 Top Practices 169 Pros & Cons 181 Tips 186 Trends 193 Content Marketing Ideas 199 Content Success 213 Work Cited: 229

3. Strategy Creation: Things to Consider when Making a Content Marketing Strategy: 1. Determine where you need to invest to in order to compete within your market 2. Make the case for the business to invest in this strategy 3. Integrate your content marketing strategy with your business goals 4. Set these goals & link to a reasonable ROI by using analytics

4. Strategy Creation: Competitive Audit Device Editorial Calendar Formats Gaps in Coverage Interest Overlap Interest Velocity Search Terms Target Intenders Topics of Interest Compiled byAuthor: Consider the Following When Building a Content Marketing Strategy:

5. Strategy Creation: Compiled byAuthor: Competitive Audit: Audit your content first See how you compare to the top five sites in your brand niche Device: You need to consider where consumers will view your content: desktop, mobile or tablets Editorial Calendar: Document you content plan from objectives to seasonality & promotions Look at typical traffic dips & highs

6. Strategy Creation: Compiled byAuthor: Formats: Based on KPI’s: For more engagement make visuals, For more time on sites you should focus on quizzes Gaps in Coverage: Brands need to be mindful the disparity between what you think consumers are interested in & what they are really interested in Interest Overlap: This explains how consumers interact with the content outside of your brand Interest Velocity: Illustrates when a certain topic will peak for your consumers

7. Strategy Creation: Compiled byAuthor: SearchTerms: Overlay topics of interest They have search terms based on your brands KPI’s Target Intenders: They are the core of strategies They have interacted with your brand They come to you as potential customer Topics of Interest: The desired content topics They relate to your brand

8. Content Marketing Goals: Lead Generation Sales Lead Nurturing Brand Awareness Engagement Customer Retention Creating Advocates Upsell or Cross- sell Top Goals Marketers Want to Achieve by Using Content Marketing: Compiled byAuthor:

9. Content Marketing Goals: Enterprise Marketers Engagement Sales Lead Generation First Steps of Program Sales Lead Generation Most Important Goals for the FollowingType of Marketer Compiled byAuthor:

10. Content Marketing Goals: IdentifyGoals: Define Objectives Specify Details Set a Schedule Start Measuring StrategizetoReachGoals: Select Social Media Channels Plan for Consistent Content Keep an Eye on Trends Optimize for Mobile Engagement Document Everything Compiled byAuthor:

11. Content Marketing Goals: Define Objectives: • Within broader goals, define objectives that can be given to the marketing team • They should be measurable so the progress & success are easy to track Specify Details: • Create a plan of action for each defined objective • Have a clear strategy for how to accomplish the objectives Set a Schedule: • Make a long term schedule for each goal • Produce short term schedules for objectives that will help you reach broader goals over time Start Measuring: • Decide which tools & methods team members should use to measure progress & success Look at your audience & choose broad, long term goals, such as increased time spent on the site, boosted sales & higher engagement Identify Goals: Compiled byAuthor:

12. Content Marketing Goals: Select Social Media Channels: • Different social media outlets are used depending on the message & who you’d like to reach Plan for Consistent Content: • Posting new, frequent & unique content maintains your brand & audience interest • When marketers focus on blogging they are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI for the content Keep an Eye on Trends: • 77% of marketers feel confident using data to back their strategies & plans • Using data is a great way to predict where you’re strategy needs to go next Optimize for Mobile Engagement: • 87% of millennials keep their smartphones close to them • Not optimizing a website for mobile can be detrimental to a campaign Document Everything: • Keeping records of everything can double a businesses ROI To achieve marketing goals, choose which tactics will work best based on audience behaviors & identified objectives Strategize to Reach Goals: Compiled byAuthor:

13. Type of Content to Create: Expert Content Branded Content User Content Compiled byAuthor: ContentVariety:

14. Type of Content to Create: Compiled byAuthor: Expert Content: Is created by people that are knowledgeable on the subject matter like bloggers Includes articles, research reports & case studies from other websites Branded Content: Uses content that brands produce themselves Includes buying guides, blog posts & infographics User Content: Pertains to user & audience-generated content Includes product reviews, podcasts & video testimonials Expert content boosts buying decisions more than user reviews by 83% ContentVariety:

15. Type of Content to Create: Most Effective ContentTypes: Compiled byAuthor:

16. Type of Content to Create: Articles Blogs Case Studies E-Books E-Newsletter Infographics Podcasts Quizzes Videos Visual Content for Social Media White Papers Compiled byAuthor:

17. Type of Content to Create: • Helpful & informative lessons are introducedWhat: • Search rankings, & thought leadershipBenefits: • Post on Company websites & guest postsWhere: • Low to moderate (often priced per length)Outsourcing Costs: • Low difficultyDifficulty: Articles Information: They address issues your audience faces with an objective writing style Compiled byAuthor:

18. Type of Content to Create: Address common problems ArticlesTips: Compiled byAuthor:

19. Type of Content to Create: • Deep educational contentWhat: • Thought leadershipBenefits: • Offers on key page: often need to fill out a formWhere: • HighOutsourcing Costs: • Time & research-intensiveDifficulty: White Paper Information: They are a good fit for complex product categories Compiled byAuthor:

20. Type of Content to Create: Include research White PaperTips: Compiled byAuthor:

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23. Contact Us for the Full Presentation: Mediacontact USA Inc. 13575 58TH Street North #160 Clearwater, Fl. 33760 T: 727 538 4112 E:

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