Content Management Tip: How To Deal With Duplicate Content

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Information about Content Management Tip: How To Deal With Duplicate Content

Published on December 6, 2016

Author: itvibes


1. © 2016 ITVibes, Inc. All rights reserved. Material may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without permission. CONTENT MANAGEMENT TIP: HOW TO DEAL WITH DUPLICATE CONTENT

2. 2 9/20/2016 You can get dinged for having duplicate content on your website just because your URLs are too closely matched. If you don’t fix it, your search engine rankings are going to drop and you’re going to lose web traffic to your site. HERE ARE 7 WAYS TO HANDLE DUPLICATE CONTENT.

3. 3 9/20/2016 Most duplication errors happen because of bad URLs. To remove duplicate content use a 301 Redirect option that will point searchers in the right direction. Redirects are a simple way to handle an oversight like this quickly and easily. Redirect Multiple Pages to One URL 1

4. 4 9/20/2016 The most obvious and well known duplicate content is the plagiarized. Your URL will get the shaft if search engines are forced to choose between your site which is only sharing original. Copyscape or similar sites is worth it. Double Check Your Content 2

5. 5 9/20/2016 If you run an online retail website, you know better than most how difficult it is to distinguish products as it is loaded with duplicate content. Using the rel=canonical tag you can redirect users and is less time intensive than catching duplicate content Alter Duplicate Content Using REL=”canonical” Tag 3

6. 6 9/20/2016 Using a canonical root for all of your web pages will help to eliminate duplication. You just make sure that every new page on your website has a URL address that conforms to your domain. Make All of Your Links Conform 4

7. 7 9/20/2016 Search engines are going to make a choice when it appears that there are different links to the same content. If yours is not original, yours is the one that gets dropped so make sure to link back to original content. Link Back to Original Work 5

8. 8 9/20/2016 Using unique descriptions and content can be time-consuming. Instead, combine pages with similar products into one page for better SEO navigation. Combine Similar Content into One Page 6

9. 9 9/20/2016 There are tools that can help you seek out duplicates on your website and remove them or properly index them. You can use webmaster tools from your favorite search engine. Use a Search Tool to Remove Duplication 7

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