Content is Still King, But it Needs Your Help

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Information about Content is Still King, But it Needs Your Help
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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: WCGWorld



This is a short presentation Lionel Menchaca, former Chief Blogger at Dell for 7 years and now Director of Content Engagement for W2O Group

1. Content is Still King, But it Needs Your Help Lionel Menchaca 2014 IABC Southern Region Conference, Oct. 17 1

2. It’s Noisy Out There 2 500M tweets 60M Instagram photo uploads 30M Facebook small biz pages 73M WordPress blogs 100 Hours of video uploaded/ min

3. Things to Remember 1. Align your social content efforts with your communications 3 and marketing efforts 2. Traditional PR still matters; Social content is additive to the process 3. Build relationships internally and externally 4. Paid media is now a bigger part of the social content equation

4. Being an Effective Communicator in 2014 and Beyond 4 50% 10% 20% 20% Relationship Builder Content Creator Internal SME Motivator Hustler

5. Align Social Content with Communications and Marketing Efforts 5 Blog Posts Facebook Status Updates Tweets Google+ Updates LinkedIn Status Updates YouTube Videos Press Releases Pinterest Board Topics Global Editorial Calendar • Aligning with Communications topics ensures social is augmenting strategic areas and corporate objectives. • Aligning with Marketing pillars ensures strategic value; opens possibility for paid media in social.

6. Effective Content is About Balance 6 Will lead you here: Starting with Credibility Builders… What you want to promote What matters to customers What influencers are talking about

7. Social Content as Official Corporate Response Hub 1. Acknowledge (2 – 4 hours) 2. Confirm (24 – 48 hours) 3. Fix (2 days – several weeks) 7

8. Connect with Reporters Online 8 Twitter Lists

9. Building Relationships on the Web 9 Read Connect Share

10. Turn Employees Loose as Topic Experts and Advocates • Dell’s social training & activation program, SMaC University, launched in August 2010 (heralded as “best-in-class” by Forrester Research) 10 10,000+ Certified Practitioners (50% active at least monthly for Dell) 64% engaged in Chatter community (most active group) 800+ SMaC Champions (1:7 personal posts drive traffic to Dell) 200+ Social SMEs/Execs (Impact SEO, SOV, revenue, cost savings) Networks: By function/region + dedicated community for certified social practitioners Advocates: Volunteer for specific tasks to support business via social outside of role Thought Leaders: Identify, train and support internal experts to become active social thought leaders Certification: Open to all employees; 3 foundational classes + one platform elective

11. Paid Media is now a bigger part of the equation • Jay Baer is right: Shotguns Trump Rifles • Besides so much content, many social 11 networks are now (or soon will be) public companies • When extra visibility is important (and budget allows), look to content syndication services; See Jordan Teicher’s Contently post for insights

12. 12 THANK YOU Lionel Menchaca Email: Phone: 512.298.1189 • @LionelGeek on Twitter • My WCG Blog Posts • My Dell Blog Posts

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