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Published on October 5, 2013

Author: nicomiceli


Content Creation for Boring and Regulated Industries Presented by: Nico Miceli | @NicoMiceli @nicomiceli

Content is king • Yeah we get it! • But do you have content that is getting you links? @nicomiceli

This Is Content @nicomiceli

This Is a Linkable Asset @nicomiceli

Do you have Linkable Assets besides just content? @nicomiceli

It’s sometimes difficult! Let’s go on a journey and look at it differently @nicomiceli

Excuse #1 “There isn’t much cool stuff in my industry” @nicomiceli


• Think about your product – What are the things related and associated to it? – Are there any emotions or feelings that come out of it? – What facts can you think off? – What are your customers, customers interested in? – What are the effects of it? @nicomiceli

Lets Talk Office Supplies @nicomiceli

Lets Talk Office Supplies B2B @nicomiceli

Lets Talk Office Supplies B2B @nicomiceli

How do we think about linkable assets? • Lets ask the people @nicomiceli All in one scrapper


Reddit @nicomiceli

Reddit @nicomiceli

Reddit @nicomiceli

Reddit OFFICE HACKS! @nicomiceli


“Binder Clips” @nicomiceli


Keep going! • The top 100 office hacks • Best sharpie art • Other uses for dry erase markers • Be the resource that people go to • But… make it different than what’s out there! @nicomiceli

HALT! Serious Time! • Red Tape! – Lots of red tape • Regulated industries • Legal Dept • Steps of approval @nicomiceli

No more fun? • Now it’s stricter • You can’t use crazy ideas • But you can use DATA! • You can use the resources you have • And you can make it look nice @nicomiceli

Let’s talk Finance @nicomiceli

Let’s talk Finance

Let’s talk Finance Ups Downs

Finance Industry @nicomiceli

Biggest increase @nicomiceli

“People want to know about the stock market... So Tell them!” @nicomiceli

Lets get deeper in Data • The World Fact Book • • World Bank • International Monetary Fund • State Agency Databases • US Government Printing Office (GPO) • Social Security Death Index • • • @nicomiceli URLs Here:

So what do I do with it? @nicomiceli

Turn that data into a Fusion Table! • Create interactive embeddable charts • Overlay any data on a map • Update the data whenever you want @nicomiceli

What should you build? • Search and find out what questions are being asked? – Create something people will want to use – Create a resource @nicomiceli

Keep thinking! What will overlay on a map? @nicomiceli

•Crime •Income •Places of interest •Employment Rates • High way speed limits • City cleanliness • Historical events • Public court data @nicomiceli Example Data Sets here:

Want studies backed by credible sources? ext:pdf OR "study" ~increase OR ~decrease [key word] ext:pdf OR "study" ~increase OR ~decrease car accidents @nicomiceli Other query Ideas here:


“Ehhh That’s not my target audience” @nicomiceli

The Mindset • Your clients are thinking about the target audience • We are thinking how to increase internet presence and get more people - real people to talk about you @nicomiceli

Widening your audience will widen your target audience @nicomiceli

@nicomiceli Extra Proof?

Who made that? • 439 Linking Root Domains • PA 67 • College Lead Gen Site! • @nicomiceli

Who made that? • PA 77 • 80 Linking Route Domains • A Travel Site! • @nicomiceli Other Examples here

Remember… Find out what people want around your industry & want to know about your industry @nicomiceli

But don’t… @nicomiceli

Don’t think Promotion Think Presence @nicomiceli

Thanks! Nico Miceli Twitter @NicoMiceli @nicomiceli

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