Content Acquisition, Licensing and Rights clearing strategies

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Information about Content Acquisition, Licensing and Rights clearing strategies

Published on July 7, 2016

Author: BenjaminPius




3. Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for”. – Taylor Swift

4. INTRODUCTION TO CCA •  Content Connect Africa (CCA) is an independently owned South African new media and content player based in Johannesburg. •  Extensive experience in the African entertainment industry has allowed CCA to establish itself as a content aggregator and content provider of on-portal and off-portal localized content to mobile operators and third party clients throughout the African continent. •  CCA owns the rights and licenses to highly desirable African and International products and services, including music, entertainment, mobile television content and games. CCA is also a reliable creator and provider of multiple mobile delivery protocols. •  With a view to bridging the digital divide for the vast number of new media users throughout Africa, the company is constantly developing entertainment services that reflect and fit with the cultural values and unique nature of this emerging market.

5. INTRODUCTION TO CCA •  CCA was formed in 2005 with a view to supplying digital content to on and off portal customers. •  The business grew exponentially between 2005 and 2008 generating over R20 million in revenue and signing up new clients from Vodacom to MTN South Africa and Nokia. •  CCA’s focus was and still is the signing up of domestic content. With a team of highly experienced music industry personnel CCA went on to become of the biggest independent aggregators on the continent. •  In 2007 CCA management recruited Antos Stella to consult and travel into Africa to sign up and recommend business development in a number of the territories. •  In 2008 the founding members of CCA sold the company to Blue Label Telecommunications, a South African based company. •  The business began its growth and vision and slowly evolved into a 360o entertainment model offering more that just content but also synergies between marketing and entertainment via activations and strategic content.

6. CONTENT STRATEGY •  CCA strives to bring the various fragmented entertainment elements offered by its competitors into one single solutions offering. The combined service offering provides a seamless service to the client and entertainment industry as a whole, whilst offering diversified revenue streams for the business. •  The expanded solutions offering include: •  Entertainment and Consulting Services •  Accelerated growth in content distribution and aggregation •  International collaborations •  Content relevant to a broad demographics •  Publishing and Rights Administration •  Mobile Television •  IVR and IP Radio •  Live Events Management and Loyalty Offering •  Live Streaming •  Production of Artist Specific Apps •  Physical Distribution •  Geographic Expansion

7. REASONS TO ATTEND THIS KEY INDUSTRY SUMMIT Discover Hot Button Trends That Are Impacting The Industry In Africa Right Now •  Discussion Points: •  Music – Ring Back Tones – The 30 second music clip phenomena represents 90% of the digital music revenue in Africa •  We currently have an office in South Africa •  Office In Nigeria •  Branch In Uganda •  Office In Ghana •  Operate In Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia •  By the end of 2015 we will be in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Learn About The Challenges And Opportunities From A Pioneering OTT Provider In The Content •  Our Business Has Been Primarily Music For The Past Eight Years. We Have Had False Starts in East, West and North Africa – What I Have Learned Since We Purchased CCA is that you need to spend time In-Country

8. REASONS TO ATTEND THIS KEY INDUSTRY SUMMIT Hear From The Authoritative Voices In The Industry Regarding Key Issues •  Not an authoritative voice but we see that the networks have got it right in terms of voice – we as content providers need to work on getting it right and choose the right partners in doing so. Understand How You As A Stakeholder Can Shape The Burgeoning OTT And Content Delivery Services •  Listen to the respective markets. Don’t allow arrogance to get in the way. Work with the creators as opposed to looking at the end buck look at how everyone can be involved and earn money

9. REASONS TO ATTEND THIS KEY INDUSTRY SUMMIT See What The Industry Is Doing To Exploit Mobile Phones As Primary Television- watching Device For Young Africans •  Take a leaf out of the music industry experience •  Understand the complexity of copyright and ownership Leave Content To The Content Providers •  Our Continent is unique and there are many sins of the past – we need to level the playing fields. The creators of content need to be factored into the food chain content needs to be run by experienced content people. Africa has seen too many platform and technical providers who have come in with the sole purpose of hustling value added services to the network environment and making content just a conduit to it. Ultimately the creator is who gets burnt.

10. OUTLINING THE ECONOMETRICS OF LAUNCHING AN OTT TV AND VOD PLATFORM. •  Significant changes to the industry at a structural and legislative level in USA and Europe. In Africa there are fewer rules and caretakers but this should not allow a cowboy mentality. As with music there is : •  A Scriptwriter (Composer) •  Producer (Director) •  Performer (Artist) •  And we have to collectively include them in the process or face silence – a downward turn in creativity and hostility in the industry •  We need to level the playing fields

11. IMPACT OF CONTENT RIGHTS ON OTT TV AND VoD DEPLOYMENTS •  Single Territory licensing creates chaos in the industry we cannot create cross border restriction by fragmenting the content business as we have done with music

12. THE CHALLENGES OF DIGITAL RIGHTS AND PAYMENTS SYSTEMS FOR OTT VIDOES SERVICES We Face A Dilemma In The Entertainment Industry •  We work with the big digital services likes MTN, VODADOM, ARITEL or do we fix prices so high that we stifle the growth and prevent Actors, Musicians, Publishers etc. to earn money •  Those are the challenges we face, we do believe that short form content will have a huge impact and show tremendous growth. Growth of video in Africa is expected to be huge and connectivity will be and is through mobile phones

13. EXPLORING CONTENT DISCOVERY STRATEGIES FOR PLAYERS IN AFRICA •  We need to create localized content at the right price working with the networks to keep data costs low. •  The ringback tone format has been a great learning curve for our continent – creating a huge volume at a low cost to the consumer – therefore the demand has not decreased •  With an expected number of 1 Billion subscribers by the end of 2015 – it is imperative that the content providers begin to form a stronghold as opposed to creating division and a fragmented business. •  Billing systems with onward reporting to the creators (artists, publishers etc.) in the form of royalties must be standardised across the industry.


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