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Published on August 16, 2018

Author: truefinancial


slide 1: Apply For a Title Loan with a Cosigner If you have a cosigner on a title and are looking to apply for a loan then get in contact with True Financial today. Documents you will need for approval are  Drivers License  Some proof of income be they bank statements or pay stubs  Copy of your vehicles title  Vehicle info such as Make Model and Mileage These options are your way around that cosigning rule. As long as you and your cosigner have a good relationship these options should come with ease. As for option one removing your cosigner from the ownership of your vehicle you will need to pay off any present liens. After doing this you will need to follow it with a form sent to your county clerk’s office. You will be filing a transfer title in your name with this form. This is a quick and easy process as long as your cosigner agrees to changing name on car registration. They will need to sign the title release document confirming the agreement. It may take a few days for the transfer to be completed. It’s always a good idea to do your research and look up any questions before applying for a title loan. Not following these simple steps will slow down the fast loan process. Option two as mentioned before you can apply for a title loan with your cosigner. Some borrowers will want to remove their cosigner while others may want to add one. The difference with this option is you will need to add someone to your registration instead of removing someone. This also can be completed at your local county clerk’s office. As mentioned before it’s important to have a good relationship with your cosigner. If you decide you want to add a cosigner to your title and auto title loan they will be responsible in paying off any loans if you are unable to pay as long as they are registered as partial owner of your vehicle title. For more details visit us.

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