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Information about Consumer Insight : Data vs. Intuition

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: gocmenhakan



Some self talk on consumer insights

Consumer Insight Data vs Intuition Notes to myself#5

How do you know it? I, myself, hate to be asked for the datas of the consumer insights that lead me to the communication objective and communication proposition. I don’t blame anybody. It seems to be right, theoretically. But, it would be a perfect world if all the insights had came with figures.

Consumer Insights by Researches? • Problems can be precisely defined, mostly not the solution. • A problem defining consumer insight needs a scientific solid ground. But the consumer insight which leads us to the solution, not necessarily. • I call them Marketing insight and Communication insight respectively. • Let’s take a look to the differences between the two:

Marketing Insight • Defining the problem/challenge – This is usually duty of the client’s marketing dept. – The core of the marketing problem and objective. – It’s easy to find out via scientific researches and convert to the figures e.g: Our sales declining. According to the researches, 85% of youngsters tend to categorize our brand as old fashioned

Communication Insight • Answer/solution to the marketing insight – Duty of the agency’s planning dept. – To be the core of the creative solution, the big idea – Not easy to capture the human reality via researches. Usually depends on observation, more intuitive and needs more creative thinking to avoid the generic. • Mostly lack of time and resource make people neglect researches • Even when you have plenty of those, you have to come up with a smart hypothesis -again- depending on intuitions that can be proven and boost the creativity • You can’t find a syndicated research that gives you the clue to the golden award.

A Simple Demo Marketing Insight-Problem 85% of youngsters feel that our brand is old fashioned Communication Insight-Key to the solution Retro became cool among youngsters – Sure, you can go for surveys to concretise this hypothesis. But if it’s obvious, why spend time and money?

Some Examples: Bests in Recents I don’t know the challenges for these famous campaigns. But we can deduce their communication insights from the creative outputs You tell me if the insights leading to creative solution are the finding of any researches

Insight: Moms’ devotion • P&G Thank You, Mom • Can you imagine that strategy dept asking the sample moms if so? • Maybe not a great insight, since it would be called as “so generic”

Insight: Going crazy when hungry • Snickers hunger • We asked 1000 hungry people Q1: How you feel? • A nice example. A reality which doesn’t need to be proven; not generic yet

Insight: Natural is better • Chipotle "The Scarecrow“ • Is that possible to find percentage of people who don’t think so?

Insight: “I’m a friend of my child” • Robinsons "Pals" • Again a beautiful insight. Needs proof?

Insight: Solidarity between the men • Guinness "Basketball" • Main theme of at least ten thousand Hollywood pictures

Insight: ??? • Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split feat. Van Damme" • Most buzz creating work of the year 2013. Anyone can tell me what the comms insight is here? Isn’t that impressive, though?

An intriguing reverse example • Dove "Real Beauty Sketches“

I said mostly. “Not always” • Here is the marketing insight in figures: “Only 4 percent of women worldwide think they're beautiful” • Ok, the comms insight seems to be “People are more beautiful than they think”. And yes it’s proven in the creative output. • But, before the creative process, you should come up with this brilliant hypothesis, than go through some experiments. A long and smart process that mostly we can’t afford. • BTW, in this case, we can not be sure that the result is credible. Is the forensic artist cheating, describers just doing what they are told? Who knows…

Although I don’t refuse contributions of the science, I believe advertising still needs to give a chance to intuitions for strategic planning side.

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