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Published on April 26, 2014

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Consumer Insight Consumer and Innovation Trends in Haircare Shampoos, conditioners, hair colorants, styling agents, perms, and relaxers Category Series. Published November 2013

Contents 1. Introduction • Definition and scope • TrendSights framework 2. Sensory & Indulgence • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Sensory influence • "Truly natural" • Premiumization • Experimentation 3. Easy & Affordable • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Private label • On-the-go • Multifunctional 4. Health & Wellness • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Anti-aging benefits • Scalp health 5. Individualism & Expression • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Consumer segmentation • Texture-specific • Co-creation Please click on the section of interest 07 08 14 16 17 18 19 22 28 30 35 36 37 38 42 45 48 49 50 51 58 61 62 63 64 71 73 2 6. Comfort & Uncertainty • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Salon style products • Familiar concepts 7. Sustainability & Ethics • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Ethical ingredients • Eco-smart packaging 8. Evolving Landscapes • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Single lifestyles • East meets West 9. Smart & Connected • SWOT analysis • Key themes • Mobile technology • Informed shopping 10. Conclusions 11. Appendix 75 76 77 78 81 84 85 86 87 90 93 94 95 96 97 100 101 102 103 104 106 109

Introduction 3 Standard variations continue to dominate the shampoo market • Standard shampoos accounted for 60% of the global shampoo market with a total value of $12bn followed by anti-dandruff shampoos ($4.3bn) and two-in- one formulas ($2.9bn). • The majority percentage share of standard shampoos and shampoos in general can be attributed to the fact that it is a necessary purchase in terms of maintaining personal hygiene, but also that there has been a high degree of innovation in products which fit into the standard shampoo segment. • Anti-dandruff shampoos carry the second largest share with 21% which can be attributed to Asian consumers regionally being very concerned with scalp care – the Asian anti-dandruff market was the largest globally, valued at $2.4bn in 2012 compared with $1.4bn for Europe. Growing global interest in scalp health has also contributed to growing share evident in the fact that the anti-dandruff segment is the fastest growing haircare segment overall with a 2012–17 CAGR of 7.1%. Colorants profit from the financial downturn • The global colorants market has the second largest market share after shampoos holding 23% of the global haircare market. Permanent colorants held the largest share of this category with 60% which can be attributed to consumers demanding more at home hair colorants which are much more cost effective lasting much longer than other segments in the colorants category. • Europe led colorant sales with a market value of $4.2bn in 2012. However the leading country in terms of value globally was Japan with a colorants market value of $2bn, followed by the US at $1.6bn and finally Brazil at $1.5bn. Source: Datamonitor's Market Data Analytics Shampoos continue to dominate the global haircare space Coverage snapshot Market snapshot Innovation snapshot Consumer snapshot Trend snapshot Global: shampoo market shares Global: colorant market shares

Sensory & Indulgence Source: [1] Datamonitor Consumer Survey, 2013; [2] Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics ; Image:,, 20134 "Natural" in haircare is important in terms of transparency in the product formulation Interest in the "natural" trend continues to grow within haircare, impacting haircare ingredient formulations. Consumer awareness of chemicals and their potentially harmful effects is continually growing in conjunction with with the desire to have simpler and safer product options. The belief that such options are inherently better for you than highly "chemical-based" products that contain ingredients such as parabens is evident in the fact that "natural" and "no paraben" claims were the top two claims in haircare product launches in 2012. Global: top five claims in haircare launches, 20122 Natural No paraben Private label Long-lasting High vitamins One third of global haircare shoppers (34%) feel that "natural"/organic ingredients have the highest amount of influence on their overall haircare product choice.1 71% of global haircare shoppers tend to agree/strongly agree that health and beauty products formulated with natural ingredients are better for them.1 Overview Sensory influence "Truly natural" Premiumization Experimentation

Availability of information on DIY treatments plays a key role in homemade solutions Another factor contributing to the experimentation trend in haircare is growing knowledge of alternative haircare methods. Given the openness of access to information sources such as the Internet, consumers now have more and more ways by which to gain information to prompt producing their own shampoo/hair treatments in the home without requiring commercial products. This is further consolidated due to demand for "fresh" products with over half of global consumers (52%) highly/very highly influenced by "fresh" claims when making personal care and beauty choices1. This creates a challenge for manufacturers in that consumers may opt to formulate their own "fresh" innovations at home rather than purchasing pre-made goods. Nevertheless, manufacturers can use the formulations from such DIY treatments to inspire their product ranges to provide fresh and convenient solutions. Sensory & Indulgence The novelty factor plays a large part in the consumer desire to experiment, and one that manufacturers can profit from For consumers, using novel products and ingredients all add to the experimentation process. Unique and new ingredient combinations as well as alternative treatments can all be used to profit from consumers' interest in finding new ways by which to enhance the appearance of their hair. For example, over one quarter of global consumers (26%) believe that beauty products made with rare/exotic ingredients are worth paying a bit extra for.1 Therefore, manufacturers can profit from this as consumers are much more willing to purchase products at a higher price if they lend themselves to the experimentation trend through unconventional ingredients. Such ingredients may not necessarily have a particularly high cost, but consumer willingness to try could allow for manufacturers to charge a premium price for the experience. Source: [1] Datamonitor Consumer Survey 2011; [2] Women's Day, accessed September 20135 Eight homemade hair treatments2 All hair types Dull hair Itchy scalp Limp/fine hair Dry/sun- damaged hair Oily/greasy hair Frizzy hair Residue- ridden hair Raw eggs Sour cream and plain yoghurt Lemon juice and olive oil Beer Honey Cornmeal/ cornstarch Avocado Baking soda Overview Sensory influence "Truly natural" Premiumization Experimentation

Easy & Affordable 6 Overview Private label On-the-go Multifunctional benefits Dry shampoos and one-step treatments are ideally suited to cater to consumers seeking quick and convenient haircare solutions Source: Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics [1] Unilever January 2013; Image: Axe website 20136 Lāfes "all-natural" dry shampoo by Lāfes Natural Body Care – A tinted dry shampoo in black, brunette, red, and blond colors, this product provides "a quick and easy alternative to washing hair with water" in order to remove oil and odors as well as giving hair added volume. Axe Reset waterless shampoo foam by Unilever – A dry shampoo for men designed to refresh hair "when a shower isn't an option" to remove "the greasy/oily morning after look," resulting in hair "that looks and smells great."1 Define Hair Care dry shampoo by Lilleborg AS – A dry shampoo in spray form for use specifically on dry hair types. The product claims to absorb "oils from the hair and scalp," catering to consumers concerned with hair dryness and cleanliness. . Volumizing dry shampoo lift powder by Keratin Complex – This product claims to remove dirt and oil to leave hair softer and healthy-looking, with variants for blondes and brunettes as well as a neutral option. The product is applied using a brush rather than the traditional spray. Syoss "anti-grease" dry shampoo by Henkel Belgium – A new "anti- grease" dry shampoo that is for use on "hair that becomes greasy quickly," keeping hair clean without washing, specifically for greasy hair types. Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong rinse-off treatment by Procter & Gamble – A new rinse-off treatment that is designed to protect the outer layer of each hair strand to make it 10 times stronger in just one wash.

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