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Published on February 27, 2009

Author: BengalFutures



Changes in society today means that products have supply extra value to consumers. How do we manage to get a consumer perspective in a innovation process and the right type of information.

Trend- og brukerdrevet innovasjon

09 Brukerdrevet innovasjon © Bengal as

Mange firmaer har store mengder informasjon i basene sine. Men hvordan skal de konvertere denne kunnskapen til nytte i innovasjonsarbeidet?

Agenda Samfunn i endring – kontekst i dag Brukerdrevet innovasjon – hva er det? Bengal – cases så langt

Samfunnet og den teknologiske utviklingen opplever en akselererende endringstakt 1940 -1970 1970 -1990 1990 -

Valgsamfunnet ”The paradox of choice – why less is more”

”Post Scarity” (post W.Wars) ”Post Abudance” (last 3 decades) J. Walker Smith, -president of Yankelovich Partners, Inc & Fortune magazine as quot;one of America's leading analysts on consumer trends,

”People don’t buy products they buy soultions to problems”quot; TED LEVITTquot; PROFESSOR A LEGENDARY MARKETING SCHOLAR AND FORMER HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

”New needs will have to be discovered… It means thinking about how to give customers less in ways that deliver more value to their lives”quot; J Walker Smith

De fleste bedrifter Bedrifters behov + Kundedata = ok? Nytt Produkt Marked Kommunikasjon PR Reklame KUNDEOPPLEVELSER – MENING?

Noen få bedrifter KUNDEOPPLEVELSER - MENING Nytt produkt/tjeneste eller løsning Marked Kommunikasjon PR Reklame KUNDEOPPLEVELSER – med MENING


Bengal’s mål = Brukerdrevet innovasjon: Se heller verden fra brukernes ståsted!

Business Akademisk Sosialt Basert ”Outcome-driven ”People-Centred Innovasjon” Innovasjon” Brukerdrevet innovasjon

“Ninety percent of newly launched consumer products languish on-store shelves. Statistically average customer “type” and then envisioning products that will satisfy that type. But human beings don’t behave like statistical averages. So most new offerings aren’t meeting real people’s needs.” Anthony W. Ulwick: published dozens of articles on strategy and innovation including the Harvard Business Review

“Customer outcomes” - drive innovation 1.  Deconstruct the process associated with existing products 2.  Interview consumer who use the products – difficulties and ideal scenarios (forventninger, krav, ønsker, drømmer eller usikkerhet) 3.  Translate solutions into desired outcome 4.  Rate the outcomes importance to customers and identify unsatisfied outcomes 5.  Brainstorm innovations that meet those unmet needs Source: Anthony W. Ulwick; CUSTOMER DRIVEN INNOVATION 2008 , Havard Business Review

Mapping a Customer Job - ”Credit card cancelling” 1.  Planning – Lost wallet -cancel cards 2.  Gathering required resources – telephone – effective, quick , & easy 3.  Setting up the environment – Wait for new code and cards 4.  Verifying – that they are ready to begin – receive both 5.  Executing – the job – new process .. mistake.. New order 6.  Assessing how they are doing – little flexibility, rude customer services 7.  Making change to improve the execution – new supplier ? 8.  Concluding the job – cheaper, easier

Source: Anthony W. Ulwick; CUSTOMER DRIVEN INNOVATION, 2008 , Havard Business Review

Sosialt Basert Business Akademisk ”Outcome-driven ”People-Centred Innovasjon” Innovasjon” Brukerdrevet innovasjon

People-Centred Innovasjon ”Team work is a key factor for successful change” ”Focus on the individual worked in the industrial revolution and now we are in the technological revolution – we need to work across disciplines and think more holistically in order to meet the fast pace world we live in – adaptability and flexibility” Anna Kirah – interview Elina Jokisalo (2008)

People-Centred Innovasjon ” Innovation is for everyone. In companies, the keeper of best ideas could be the janitor or the receptionist, yet no-one thinks to ask them.” “When we focus on people and meaning – innovation just happens.” Anna Kirah – interview Elina Jokisalo (2008)

Hvem og Hva? • Viktig – hvem snakker man til? Noen verbaliserer bedre enn andre! • Viktig - hvordan stiller man spørsmål og hva spør man om? • Hvilke verktøy man bruker!

Hva kunden KAN si noe om Bevisst Ubevisst Hva kunden VIL si noe om Ny uventet Vil si kontakt Vil IKKE si Observasjon

New Product Design Workshop

Memory is simply ways we store and recall things we've sensed. Recalling memories re-fires many of the same neural paths we originally used to sense the experience and, therefore, almost re-creates the event. Memories of concepts and ideas are related to sensed experiences because we extract the essence from sensed experiences to form generalized concepts. Source: April Holladay, Wonderquest

False memories ”About one-third of the people who were exposed to a fake print ad describing a visit to Disneyland and how they met and shook hands with Bugs Bunny said later they remembered or knew the event happened to them.” Source: Jacquie Pickrell and Elizabeth Loftus, 13- Jun-2001 University of Washington Bugs Bunny c/o Warner Bros.

Rational VS Irrational quot; ”Emotional Research” ”Human beings tend to think of the brain as the body's chief executive and rational thought as the predominant force in our daily lives. Some of us grudgingly admit that the subconscious plays a role, but we waste little time contemplating what that role is outside of the confines of our therapist's office.” Source; Orli Van Mourik, in Neurontic: Psychology for the Modern Mind. 2007 Photo: Peter Funch

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