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Information about Consumer Buying Behaviour

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: LizaDsouza1


Introduction Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson and his brothers James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. It was started with a vision of creating ready to use surgical dressings and antiseptic products. This company is acknowledged as one of the most respected companies in the world by Barron’s Magazine. The company helped practice sterile surgery in the U.S and around the world. In the year 1888, it was the first to invent commercial first aid kits for railroad workers but this later became a standard first aid kit supplied throughout the world for treating injuries. In the year 1894, the company entered into a new segment of Baby care product. Later on the company launched many products under its consumer and hospital products. Johnson & Johnson in India The company started its operations in India 1948 by marketing Johnson Baby Powder which was manufactured by a local company in Mumbai. In 1957 a new company Johnson & Johnson Limited was formed having 12 employees on their payroll, currently it hold 2000 employees on its payroll in its various segments namely Consumer Durables, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Vision Care. Johnson & Johnson India has won several Best Employer Awards and is clearly recognized as an employer of choice. It is also very active in reaching out to those in need through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. In over 50 years of operating in India, Johnson & Johnson Limited has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality products. - Johnson & Johnson website:

Company product profile Johnson & Johnson Limited Consumer Health Care Products Medical Devices &Diagnostics Prescription Products Consumer Health Care Products Baby care Skin and Hair Care Wound Care and Tropicals Oral Health Care Womens Health Over the counter Medicines Nutritionals Vision Care Baby Care Products • Johnson's Baby Lotion • Johnsons Bedtime • Johnsons Head to Toe- Fragrance Free Baby Lotion Johnson and Johnson has diversified into hundreds of products, it is not feasible for me to jot down every product in the different segments and the individual products under it. The product that I have been regularly consuming is Johnson Baby Lotion. It falls under the Consumer Health Care Products under Baby Care.

Johnsons Baby Lotion Johnsons Baby Lotion is specially designed for newborns. It helps protect baby skin from dryness and rashes. It is a very gentle lotion that helps soften and nourish baby skin. It is a number one choice of hospitals and mothers and it has a very wonderful baby fresh scent. The features - Fast-absorbing formula with rich emollients leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, not greasy - Clinically proven to be gentle and mild - Hypoallergenic, allergy and dermatologist-tested - very easy and convenient to use - Does not cause skin allergies, irritations etc. The price of a 500 ml bottle is Rs.304 Reason for Preference The reason for my purchase of Johnson Baby Lotion is that I’ve been using this product for childhood. It helps me maintain a healthy and soft skin, it does not harm my skin and it has a very baby type gentle and mild smell. I know that this product is not meant for teens and it is specially designed for babies and children, but I am very attached to this product since I’ve been using it from childhood therefore I still use it on a regular basis. This is one product which even when I use at night makes me feel very fresh and cleansed. It gives you a relaxed feel and is not at all oily. The brand according to me relates to softness and gentleness and has been most loyal to my needs till now.

The Factors that affected my buying behavior Cultural Factors Johnson and Johnson is a U.S brand, as an Indian we tend to have more faith in foreign brands as they stress more on quality. Therefore the fact that this product is a foreign product influence my buying behavior. Socio Economic Classification: the people who purchase this product mainly fall in the middle class and upper class section of the society, as the product is costly as compared to local oils that are used for babies. I use this product as I fall in the middle class and it is reasonable for us. This product is purchased every month in my family therefore I don’t have to spend my own money on it. Social Factor As we say that family is the most influential primary reference group. As my family was very loyal to Johnsons and Johnson’s products and did not allow me to use any other product when I was a child, this influenced my buying behavior till now, as I still consider Johnsons Baby Lotion to be effective on my skin. Personal Factors I have three younger siblings in house, they all have used Johnsons and Johnsons when they were Kids, therefore Johnson baby lotion was always present in my house, and it became a routine as I used this product daily. Therefore I had already adapted fully to this product and shifting to another cream in the current stage makes me feel very uncomfortable and sticky. Psychological Factors I am very emotionally attached to this brand as I’ve been using it since birth and have no desire to shift to another product as it provides me with full satisfaction of leaving my skin feeling fresh, smelling fresh and mild, and non-stickiness. I also consider Johnsons baby to be a very gentle product as this is the perception formed in my mind about the product noting its advertisement which relates to the softness and freshness of a baby.

The Buying Decision Process Problem recognition The buying process starts when the need is triggered, for me it is when my current Johnsons Baby lotion bottle is over and I need to purchase a new one. Information Search: Family: my friend and family influence my decision to a great extent. As they provide me with alternatives, like dove and Vaseline Advertisement: the various advertisements of other Johnson’s products like Clean and clear, Neutrogena and other products like Dove, Vaseline Body Lotion also form a part of my Total Set of preferences. Through advertising I got to know about all the products in the market that cater to my need that is soft skin, but these products were purchased by me just for trial basis and they never satisfied my Evaluation of Alternatives The reason for me not to buy Clean and Clear Cream is that it can be only used on the face and not on the whole body. Dove is very sticky and can’t be used at nights because of this. Vaseline too is a thick lotion like dove and therefore cannot be used Johnsons is very mild and gentle and is absorbed easily by the body. Therefore I prefer Johnsons baby Lotion from the total set of my preferences. Purchase Decision Johnson’s baby lotion is always available at a chemist, therefore I never look for any other place to buy the product except for the Pharmacy. I always pay by cash as I am a student and I don’t make bulk purchases, I always prefer buying the 500ml bottle of the lotion. Post Purchase Behavior This product always leaves me satisfied, as a satisfied customer I am more likely to purchase the same product again and say good things about this brand. Especially when my friends and family

complain about infection and rashes, Johnson’s baby lotion is the cream suitable for all skin types and it is very gentle as proven by using it on Baby’s skin. Conclusion A consumer has many alternatives to consider while buying a product as he/she is bombarded with thousands of advertisements daily. So also even after her final decision is made he/she may tend to purchase another product just by looking at it and reading its features at the shop. Therefore it is very hard for companies to maintain customers who would be Loyal to the product. Johnsons & Johnsons have already portrayed itself as a reliable product over the 100 years therefore it has already established trust among mothers, it’s a very well-known brand among children. The above factors and reasons made me purchase the product. Since I am already using this brand, the other products that this brand launches also form a part of my Consideration Set as I have already established trust in this brand and I am also loyal to it.

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