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Published on December 1, 2007

Author: guestee0806



Business Intelligence is still too elitist and growing still too slow. Currently business intelligence is in corporate arena and it needs to move to consumer.
How can we change this paradigm?

NASSCOM’s EMERGE Blog » Consumer Business Intelligence – Content with Context Page 1 of 3 home about emerge blog terms of use profiles search Consumer Business Intelligence – Content with Context November 28, 2007 Recent Posts Posted by admin in : Indian IT Industry, Emerging Companies, Marketing , Consumer Business Intelligence trackback Content with Context Blog it right! Business Intelligence is still too elitist and growing still too slow. Currently business intelligence is in corporate arena and it needs to move to consumer. Showcase of 7 companies in Market How can we change this paradigm? How can Business Intelligence impact Facing Innovation consumers’ daily lives and decisions like internet search or Web 2.0 is doing? On The Global Platform How can BI become a utility for decision making with consumer BI applications SOA – A new paradigm in Business getting developed?   integration NASSCOM Product Conclave 2007 All individuals need information to take decision in their daily lives and most An Overview of the decisions are taken without analysis of referential data. Currently our decisions are based on opinions, recommendations, advertisements, surveys Some real interesting presentations and not actual data which is measured or analyzed.   and videos from the SandHill conferences We find people claiming No. 1 Restaurant Chain based on customer To Understand the deep impact of satisfaction another claiming No. 1 Restaurant Chain in Sales figures another Michael Cusumano’s presentation ~ recommended by some food guide as No. 1 Restaurant Chain or some 80:20 comments. All above complexities are arising as today data is available in The EMERGE Newsletter Issue plain vanilla survey format which is opinion based without data referential released. integrity, without intelligence. In corporate companies today we use analytics Some of my personal favorite to take decision and all decisions are based only on the outcome of analyse reading data. Here I have mentioned publicly simple usable consumer BI which has content Contributors with context with consumer BI usage and it can have a great impact in consumer decision making power. Alok Mittal Ankur Lal School / College Admission: Today school and college admissions are taken Ganesh Natarajan on ratings given by some magazine, verbal reference, advertisement and not Gerard J Rego on the data.  BI can help slice and dice the data of all the schools / colleges Kiruba Shankar with dimensions which can be number of students, fees, number of teachers, area, number of outgoing graduates etc. With this information parents, Krishnakumar students can get real data insight on selection and take intelligent decision. In Naveen Varshneya BI for consumer all school and college will publish data based on which Navyug Mohnot consumers will use consumer BI and take decision. Pradeep Chopra Raja Choudhury 11/28/2007

NASSCOM’s EMERGE Blog » Consumer Business Intelligence – Content with Context Page 2 of 3 Rajdeep Sehrawat Bank Selection: New banks account either business or saving is opened on S Sadagopan Banker relation, proximity and various other non facts and figures based data Sanjeev Aggarwal factors. BI can help drill down data of all the Banks with variety of dimensions Suresh Sambandam which can be in terms of number of branches, services, ratio of business v/s number of saving accounts, number of ATMs, etc. In BI for consumers all Categories banks financial institutions will publish data based on which consumers will consumer BI and take decision. Branding (8) Healthcare and Hospitals: Selection of a hospital for any remedy is done on Emerging Companies (26) Doctor Relations, proximity and various other factors without reference to Entrepreneurship (25) factual data. BI can help selection of a health care service provider based on HR (8) analysis of data, number of doctors, number of beds, success rate of Indian IT Industry (9) diagnosis in the past, type of remedies or specialization, health satisfaction Innovation (26) ratio etc. In BI for consumers all health care institutions will publish data Leadership (8) based on which consumers will use consumer BI and take decision. Marketing (13) There will be a paradigm shift by moving from corporate to consumer NASSCOM Activities (13) business intelligence. In coming years there will be huge value for content new Category (1) which has context based on fact and figures. I had heard one time Mr. Organizational Development Narayan Murthy quote in an interview that before taking any decision he would Podcasts (6) tell the team “I believe in god rest everybody brings data to the table”. I Software Products Eco-system conclude with a statement that “Business Intelligence will move from corporate Usability (1) to consumer in coming years”. Post contibuted by Sanjay Mehta from MAIA-Intelligence Archive Share This November 2007 October 2007 Comments» September 2007 August 2007 no comments yet - be the first? Blog Roll EMERGE Online Newsletter message Showcase of 100 IT Innovators India Featured Emerging Companies. Exciting Emerging Companies To Work For. NASSCOM Mentorship Program FEEDS FULL COMMENTS Enter your email address: name Subscribe 11/28/2007

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