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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: MehrunissaJalil



GROUP MEMBERS  Mehrunissa Jalil -10539  Muhammad Mustafa Saeed-10756  Muhammad Yaseen Jamal – 9943  Hasan Rizvan- 12470  M.Ali-

PROJECT LAYOUT  Background Research  Hypothesis  Questions  Data Analysis  Introduction  About the Company

MANAGEMENT QUESTION  Why you started this business (your aim)?  Who are your customer?  What is your segment?  What is your Marketing strategy ?  Tell us about your product and consumer.

HYPOTHESIS  Female consumers will be more inclined to prefer brand name merchandise over generic products.

QUESTION  Quetionnaire.doc  Sample size We had a survey 50 consumer for our research


INTRODUCTION  A fashion clothing brand for a woman & girls  Founded in 2012  Ready -To -Wear dresses  They believe in setting trends rather than following them  Believes in Innovation

MARKETING MIX: PRODUCTS  Kurtaa.  Scarf’s  Churidar pajamas  Fitted straights paints  Shawls

PRICE  Kurtaa price starts from Rs.1500 to Rs.4000,It depends on the design & quality  Scarf’s prices are fixed that is Rs.500  Churidar pajamas price Starts from Rs.1000 to 1500  Fitted straight paints price starts from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000  Shawl price Starts from Rs. 1500 to Rs.3000

PLACE  Sadia’s collection is located in Adamjee Nagar, Karachi.  Presently there is only one outlet.  Second outlet is shortly opening in Park Towers Shopping Mall ,Karachi.

PROMOTION COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES • Alert-based communications • Register Account • Web sites for customers • SMS ALERTS • Social Media (Face book Page)

COMPETITOR  It’s a new brand & is on the performance stage on brand equity model  Many small competitors nowadays  Main Competitors are: Ego , Naina’s & Sanaullah

POINT OF DIFFERENCES Provides beautiful and trendy casuals, formals ready to wear outfits and always been providing the ladies with something that they would love to wear and it enhances their image at reasonable price.

TARGET AUDIENCE Gender  Female SEC A,B & C(upper) Age  Above 18

Thinkers Believers Innovators Achievers Strivers Experiences Makers Survivors High Resources High Innovation Low Resources Low Innovation Ideals Achivem. Self Expr. Values and Lifestyles (VALS) System These types of consumer will be targeted for the Sadia’s Collection fashion clothing

VALUES Make you (consumers ) feel Attractive, smart enhance your beauty and look, and gives you quality of product with value PSYCHOSOCIAL CONSEQUENCES Stauts Consious, create an Image, follow latest trends FUNTIONAL CONSEQUENCES Quality , fitting ATTRIBUTES: Is the variety of new dresses, Color , stitching MEANSENDCHAINMODEL

MARKETING IMPLICATION  Increasing Competition- More local outlets  Price -Prices are increased  Quality -Difficult to compete on quality  Consumer Preferences - Changing day by day  Variety Seeking - Consumer are more variety seekers

SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES OF CONSUMERS Similarities  Working Women  Socializing

CONT… Difference  Usage Pattern  Cultural Values  Disposable Income  Education

TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN  Purchase of unstitched Clothes:  Designing  Pricing  Displaying and Selling

DDM Peripheral Route ( According to our Consumers ) According to the consumers feedback we studied that they are low involved in purchasing of the cloths from the fashion designer outlet.

RECOMMENDED MARKETING STRATEGIES  Local Cable Commercials  Advertising  Magazines Ads  Newspaper Ads  Exhibitions

RECOMMENDATIONS  Unstitched Clothes  Below 18  Online Delivery  Communications Strategies as recommended above

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