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Published on June 30, 2008

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Marketing Stimulus with Consumer Perceptions : Marketing Stimulus with Consumer Perceptions Mowen & Minor Def : procedure that person exposure information , attended information & comprehension the meaning Assael Def : procedure that consumer selected , arrangement & translate all of stimuli presence for understanding Character : 1. consistence with a previous experience 2. consistence with a current consumer’ s belief to the brand 3. Not complexity 4. Truthful 5. Relate with a current consumer’ s needs or wants 6. Less fears and worried too much Slide 2: Perception process Exposure Attention Comprehension Conclude : Process that person selected , arrangement and translate the entrance stimuli through sense bypass knowledge and experience Slide 3: Characteristic of Consumer ‘s Perception Information processing Exposure Attention Interpretation Memory Purchase & consumption decision Slide 4: Marketing stimuli and Perception impact 1. marketing stimuli 2. environmental stimuli Marketing stimuli Def : physiological stimuli in communications forms for impacting toward the consumer 1. Primary or Intrinsic stimuli : product and product component ex; packaging , core product & others 2. Secondary or extrinsic stimuli : communications stimuli through media in many forms for influencing with consumer bypass the presentation in verbal , image , symbol , price , place and sales force Slide 5: Stimuli and Perception influencing 1. Sensory elements 1.1 Color : warm colors feel active , cool colors feel relax 1.2 Taste : international food & culture “flavor houses” take care consumer 1.3 Smell : stimuli emotion (cosmetics) 1.4 Sound : hearing , music build brand awareness , music stimulate working , absenteeism 1.5 Feel : physiological & emotional effects , positive feelings Slide 6: 2. Structural elements (print advertising) 2.1 Size : Ads. bigger than 2.2 Position : 10 pages , upper than 2.3 Contrast : whitening attractiveness 2.4 Novelty : Consumer Perception Characteristics 1. Stimulus discrimination 1.1 Threshold levels : sensory discrimination , expertise 1.2 Just-noticeable difference : j.n.d. : absolute threshold : lowest level for lookingterminal threshold : highest level for lookingdifferential threshold : center point 1.3 Weber ’s law : degree of change , psychophysiologist studying relation between mental & physical phenomenon Slide 7: (if adding initial stimulus more , changing for stimulating to differ observation more too) S : initial stimulus s : the smallest change ; j.n.d. K : constant of proportionality s = K*S Remark : 1. K stimulus vary to feature of stimuli : weigh , color , size 2. Not acceptance to all person (individual differ) , no good near threshold 1.4 Subliminal perception : subliminal Ads. , ethical questions 1.5 Adaptation level Def : consumer feel boring in same thing all time Slide 8: 2.Stimulus generalization : occur when impacted 2 things that same as , respond one thing trended to use with other thing , consumer don’t evaluate each brand (brand loyalty) hypothesis : accepted with previous experience , don’t wasted time to decision making Perception Process 1. Perceptual selection 2. Perceptual organization 3. Perceptual interpretation Perceptual selection exposure attention Perceptual organization arrangement Perceptual interpretation inferences Slide 9: Perceptual selection Procedure : 1. Exposure : consumer ’s sense that stimulus makes feeling ; visual , hearing , listening , smelling involved “zipping” or “channel surfing” solving : campaigned in multi channel for slow down boycott or road blocking 2. Attention : consumer ‘s contribution in many things into specific stimulus , mental activity solving : structural factors ; bigger than , Ads. position , creativity Ads. , creak image , : sensory factors ; jingle , endorsement , lovely smell 3. selective perception : consumer choose some things basis of wants , attitude , experience , personality solving : high – low involvement purchase brand evaluation consistency with previous belief & attitude Slide 10: Perceptual organization Def : arranges information from many source mixes together , order , exacted meaning for right behavioral response Basic : Integration : an organized whole (Gestalt psychology : the whole thing is greater than the sum of the parts) Gestalt means total configuration or whole pattern Slide 11: Procedure 1.principle of closure : consumer have trended perceptual incomplete image to complete image ; fill in the blank 2.principle of grouping : consumer have trended perceptual series information more than segment information (chunking or grouping information) 2.1 proximity : close up between things 2.2 similarity : series of things , product lines 2.3 continuity : follow up 3.principle of context : consumer have trended perceptual context component object , present dominance point , media context(figure ground principle : foreground and background) Slide 12: Perceptual interpretation Def : consumer stimulus comprehension process , used previous knowledge & experience memoral Methods 1. Perceptual categorization : classify info by causal for distills info that rapidly percepted 2. Perceptual inferences : improved stimulus relationship , word of mouth

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