Consumer and Innovation Trends in Sugar Confectionery

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Information about Consumer and Innovation Trends in Sugar Confectionery

Published on April 26, 2014

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Consumer Insight Consumer and Innovation Trends in Sugar Confectionery Trends driving the direction of innovation and future growth opportunities in sugar confections Category Series. Published January 2014

1. Introduction • Coverage snapshot • Market snapshot • Trend snapshot 2. Sensory & Indulgence • Overview • Novelty and variety • Sensual packaging 3. Health & Wellness • Overview • Moderation & Avoidance • Positive nutrition 4. Individualism & Expression • Overview • Identity expression • Personalized choices 5. Sustainability & Ethics • Overview • Ethical wellbeing • Sustainable packaging 23 30 76 107 135 2 6. Evolving Landscapes • Overview • Emerging markets • Socio-demographics 7. Easy & Affordable • Overview • Recessionary mindset • Conveniently versatile 8. Comfort & Uncertainty • Overview • Authentic and artisan • Indulgent nostalgia 9. Smart & Connected • Overview • Online engagement • Smart engagement 10.Appendix 155 168 190 209 224 Contents Please click on the section of interest

Sensory & Indulgence What is occurring? • Consumers are easily bored and sensorial novelty creates intrigue. • Sugar confections appeal to consumers seeking a sweet treat and novel tastes. • They are looking for excitement and stimulation from confectionery, especially kids. • New flavor inspirations continually entice confection buyers to value new taste experiences. • Aging consumers too are more willing to try non-traditional flavors. This will accelerate. • Financially constrained consumers swapping a "Big Night Out" for a "Big Night In." Why is it occurring? • Enjoyable sensory qualities are the predominant drivers of all food product demand. • Novelty allows for discovery, creativity, escapism and reward – all pleasant outcomes. • Globalization of food trends and flavors leading creating consumers with complex palates. • Many confectionery enthusiasts value sugar confection brands for their unique flavor profiles. • Non-traditional ingredients have increasingly found their way into new sugar confections. • This includes exotic fruits or spices, floral flavors, or unique combinations. • Confectionery can be compensatory product for staying at home, rather than going out. How can the industry respond? • Indulgent, fun, entertaining, sensual, adventurous and exotic confections. • Regularly update ranges to retain consumer interest. Providing an option for almost any taste. • Subtle experimentation with classic flavors. Adding flavor depth to attract adults. • Delivering unique taste sensations with novel textural properties and bolder flavor sensations. • Enhancing the "playability factor," including giving consumers the chance to "mesh flavors." • Taking flavor inspiration from parallel drinks categories and applying it to NPD. • Use non-descript "discovery flavors" adding a sense of mystery and intrigue. Novelty and variety reflects the strong interest in trying new and distinctive confection concepts 3 Overview Novelty and variety Sensual packaging Source: Datamonitor analysis

Health & Wellness Consumers are adopting a purposeful approach to weight management Source: Datamonitor analysis; [1] Datamonitor Consumer Survey 2010; [2] Datamonitor Consumer Survey, 2011; [3] Datamonitor Consumer Survey, 20134 Controlling hunger is a compelling benefit given the high levels of weight consciousness 72% of consumers deem it important to maintain an ideal weight.1 45% are satisfied with their body weight and shape.2 59% are concerned about putting on weight from consuming food and drinks.2 42% 32% Lose Maintain Gain Do nothing 8% 18% Consumer aspirations (plus obesity) lead to an emphasis on weight loss3 Consumers are mindful of "ideal weight" Consumers are attentive to weight management. After all, weight control is a major factor in the prevention of numerous lifestyle-related diseases. And given the all-pervasive influence of "visual culture" and the focus on upholding appearances, nearly three quarters (72%) of consumers overall attach value to attaining an "ideal weight." Losing weight is the leading priority Most global consumers (42%) are preoccupied with weight loss, while a significant share also focus on weight retention (32%) and weight gain (8%). This is significant for the category because sugar intake is strongly associated with weight gain. Despite this, it is interesting to see that some confections are being explicitly positioned as weight management aids. Confections are generally not chosen as a healthy treat. Nonetheless, confections can appeal to weight- and calorie-conscious consumers, who are mindful that making just a small calorie saving (e.g. by opting for a bite sized piece over a higher calorie snack) can aid in decreasing total calorie intake over time. After all, among the 42% of consumers who are trying to lose weight, eating smaller portions is the number one thing that they are doing to meet their weight goals. Overview Moderation & Avoidance Positive nutrition

Source: Datamonitor; Datamonitor Consumer Survey, 2013; [1] Global Newswire/National Confectioners Association, May 2013; [2] cited in The Huffington Post, October 20135 More confectioners will pursue the removal of animal-based gelatin Individualism & Expression Overview Identity expression Personalized choices Gelatine-free is a key theme in the free-from trend The multi-functionality of gelatin in confectionery is evidenced by the wide range of products in which it is used for its binding properties. Gelatin gels, foams or solidifies into a piece that dissolves slowly in the mouth. It gradually releases flavors, has a pleasant mouthfeel, and is a natural ingredient. However, gelatin presents a problem for the industry because it creates a reason for a growing segment of vegan/vegetarian consumers to avoid confectionery altogether. Indeed, the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America defines gelatin as "product obtained from partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from natural sources such as skin, connective tissue, and bones of animals."1 Therefore, if just one member of a given household follows a vegetarian or vegan diet, it potentially eliminates gelatin containing confection brands from the household shopping basket altogether. Highlighting the significance of this, 49% of US consumers look for candy and snacks that appeal to multiple people in the household.1 Highlighting how the inclusion of gelatin is beginning to resonate in the public consciousness, The Huffington Post recently advocated that Starbust (among others) was "another gelatin-laden treat to consider avoiding if you're vegan."2 There is also the issue of vegan claims imparting a healthier aura around a given product. Although only 8% of consumers would describe their diet as either vegan or vegetarian, far more associate the claim with more nutritious products (see right). Americas 32 30 28 34 Europe 21 15 19 15 15 23 19 20 22 16 Asia Pacific 24 31 43 51 12 36 22 MEA 31 42 40 26% Global: consumers who believe that food or drink products with "vegan" claims are more nutritious (%), by country, 2013

Source: Datamonitor analysis; [1] Datamonitor Consumer Survey, 2010; [2] National Confectioners Association, 20126 Overview Recessionary mindset Conveniently versatile Confectionery is a category that can benefit from a shift towards grazing Easy & Affordable Snacking represents a convenient on-the-go choice A shift towards a more modular eating culture (i.e. more regular consumption throughout the day) is somewhat evidenced by over a third of global consumers (34%) snacking between meals in the afternoon and evening three or more times a week. Although the definition of a "snack" is subjective, the underlying reasons and motivations to snack are broadly common. Snacking motivators shows that consumers typically respond to convenience and impulse-led drivers: i.e. it is simple to eat, to satisfy a (hunger) craving, and quite simply because they like the taste/flavor. Ensuring that confectionery is as conveniently versatile as possible (in order to ensure it meets basic craving needs) is thus an NPD prerogative. Global: frequency of snacking on a weekly basis, 20101 Core eating need states/ food impulses Hunger/ nourishment/ craving Performance boost/pick- me-up Habitual/ part of a routine Stress alleviation Indulgence/ treat Boredom alleviation Activity aligned (e.g. socializing) Morning Afternoon Evening Core influence High influence Moderate influence Low influence

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