Consumer and Innovation Trends in Desserts and Ice Cream

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Information about Consumer and Innovation Trends in Desserts and Ice Cream

Published on April 8, 2014

Author: cteahan


Consumer Insight Consumer and Innovation Trends in Desserts and Ice Cream Category Series. Published June 2013 Opportunities in chilled, canned, and frozen desserts; dessert mixes; and ice cream

Contents 1. Introduction • Definition and scope • TrendSights framework 2. Sensory & Indulgence • SWOT analysis • Natural ingredients • Savory flavors 3. Health & Wellness • SWOT analysis • "Free-from" desserts • Smaller sizes • Frozen yogurt 4. Individualism & Expression • SWOT analysis • Customizable • Male preferences 5. Comfort & Uncertainty • SWOT analysis • Locally grown and seasonal ingredients • Nostalgia Please click on the section of interest 06 07 12 15 16 19 21 25 26 31 32 33 36 37 39 44 46 47 50 52 2 6. Sustainability & Ethics • SWOT analysis • Edible packaging • Carbon-neutral production 7. Easy & Affordable • SWOT analysis • Restaurant quality for at-home consumption • Portable desserts 8. Smart & Connected • SWOT analysis • Online and social media presence • Ben & Jerry's 9. Evolving Landscapes • SWOT analysis • Catering for aging populations 10. Conclusions 11. Appendix 12. Meet the Author 54 55 57 61 62 63 66 68 70 71 73 74 77 78 80 83 85 89

Introduction . Europe is the leading region for dessert and ice cream launches, buoyed by high demand Source: Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics3 Global: new dessert and ice cream product launches, by region, 2008–12 Global dessert and ice cream launches are in decline Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics tool captured 4,358 dessert and ice cream products launched globally in 2012. Europe accounted for 58% of global launches, a proportion that increased from 42% in 2008. The second most popular region, Asia Pacific, witnessed a decline in proportional launches, from 29% in 2008 to 18% in 2012. Meanwhile, total global launches fell in the five-year period, a decline that can be attributed to such factors as the global downturn, increased production costs, and supply and demand mismatches. Numberofstock-keepingunits

Sensory & Indulgence Ice Cream cakes offer a new level of indulgence to the traditional creamy dessert Ice cream cakes are essentially ice-cream-shaped or layered into a cake, combined with additional ingredients such as sponge, cookies, or frosting. US-based ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins has a successful line of ice cream cakes and considers this to be a key area of opportunity for global growth going forward. Over 13 million ice cream cakes were sold across Baskin-Robbins stores in 20121. With cake prices ranging from $25 to $300 in Baskin-Robbins stores, ice cream cakes add significant value to a standard ice cream product. In the CPG sector, elaborate ice cream cakes are appearing on supermarket shelves, such as the Coop Panna e Cioccolato cake from Italy, which includes a mixture of cream- and chocolate-flavored gelato ice creams, sold in a transparent plastic tray. Ice cream cakes present a novel take on traditional ice cream Source: Product Launch Analytics; [1]businessinsider.com4 Ice cream cakes on display at a Baskin- Robbins outlet, US Creambell Tropical Paradise – premium ice vream vake, India Chocolate-covered ice cream cake with pineapple flavoring and cashew nuts. Coop Panna e Cioccolato ice cream cake Italy Cream- and chocolate- flavored frozen dessert.

Health & Wellness Introduction: healthly indulgence is a growing consumer requirement in desserts and ice cream Key themes in Health & Wellness "Free-from" ingredients claims Consumers are demanding foods that are free from certain ingredients either for allergy, intolerance, weight management, or other health reasons. Many products now contain free-from claims such as "no dairy" so that consumers can eat dessert or ice cream that meets personal dietary requirements. Smaller portion sizes Over a period of time, portion sizes gradually increased across many food and drink products. Concern over the healthiness of such a move to consumers has prompted mini versions of desserts to appear that address consumer health demands. Frozen yogurt Frozen yogurts offer a lower fat alternative to ice cream. While they have been on the market for a while, their popularity is growing, particularly seen in the expansion of frozen yogurt stores, as consumers see their appeal as a healthier dessert product. Source: Datamonitor analysis5 Mega-trends: degree of relevance to desserts and ice cream Easy & Affordable Individualism & Expression Health & Wellness Comfort & UncertaintyEvolving Landscapes Sensory & Indulgence Sustainability & Ethics Smart & Connected

Individualism & Expression Taste, healthiness, and price are key factors for kids' desserts Kids' desserts account for a small proportion of overall launches Less than 3% of dessert launches globally were specifically designed for children in 2012, a percentage that has not risen above 5% in the past five years. However, this amounts to over 100 new stock-keeping units a year, showing that manufacturers are customizing a small but significant proportion of their product launches to cater for the specific needs of the children's market. Source: [1] Datamonitor's Product Launch Analytics; [2] OnePoll survey, June 20116 Child enjoyment is considered the most important dessert attribute In a survey conducted in the UK by OnePoll2, 77% of respondents said that an important consideration for choosing desserts for their children was that they enjoyed the taste. The product's healthiness was the next most popular response, only a percentage point less popular, followed by price, which was chosen by much fewer of consumers, at 68%. This highlights the importance for dessert manufacturers to focus on getting the taste of the product right above all else, so that it suits the palates of children. In addition, parents want their children to eat healthily, so will actively look for healthy ingredients in desserts designed for children.Global: dessert and ice cream launches that are for children as a proportion of total launches, 2008–121

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