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Published on June 11, 2016

Author: DarylWatson1


1. Beyond Limits

2. “A values-based learning, leadership and talent development consultancy creating exceptional solutions that deliver sustainable change” Who We Are Jill, Glenn & Daryl - Partners 2

3. 3 “To create conversations that cut through the noise and result in a leap beyond limits” Daryl Watson - Partner Our Vision

4. 4 Courageous Challenge Composed Drive Bold Humility Reflective Action Jill- Partner Our Values “Creative tension in a complex world”

5. 5 “to reflect current reality, to refresh mind-sets and generate sustainable results that leap beyond limits for our clients and their communities” Glenn Widelko - Partner Our Purpose

6. 6 When we pause to reflect on challenges we clarify our current reality. What has changed is how we see the situation. Reflect

7. 7 When we see challenges differently, creative insights and new ideas emerge. What has changed is how we approach the situation. Refresh

8. When we approach challenges refreshed our actions open the door to delivering exceptional results beyond limits. 8 Results Everything has changed!

9. 9 “We work with people at all levels in organisations” What We Do Growing Self and Others EXECUTIVE AND PERFORMANCE COACHING Our, outcome-focused coaching philosophy creates a relationship anchored in trust and credibility, and an environment that unlocks potential and delivers beyond limits. CONVERSATIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS Our experiential approach reflects the magic that happens in real conversations when hearts, minds and behaviours combine to create powerful collaborative partnerships. SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF MASTERY The path to self awareness and self mastery is a journey of discovery. The result is to unlock talent, create, new and enhanced relationships enabling extraordinary achievement beyond limits. 1 2 3

10. 10 “We work with people at all levels in organisations” What We Do Growing Teams and Performance LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTDEVELOPMENT Bespoke, blended & integrated solutions tailored to engage all leaders in a transformational experience that develops leadership capability, and an environment within which leadership thrives. PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT Everyone is a performer but organisational high performance happens when everyone takes ownership for setting goals, evaluating their own and sometimes another’s performance and celebrating success. ALIGNED & COHESIVE TEAMWORK From birth to death and everything in between, we facilitate teams to gel together around key deliverables using the power of collaborative working and playing to strengths. 1 2 3

11. 11 “We work with people at all levels in organisations” What We Do Growing Culture and Organisations TALENT & GRADUATE DEVELOPMENT Essentials for every organisation, we support talent programmes from strategic and process alignment to the identification and development of talent through tailored programmes. CULTURE & CHANGE MANAGEMENT The pulse and heart-beat of every organisation, shaping how people think, communicate and behave, we facilitate culture change from diagnosis to the roll out of events that exude your vision. SALES & ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Our values-based sales academy builds sales and account management capability with the moral courage to be highly successful while doing the right thing. 1 2 3

12. 12 “We work with people at all levels in organisations” What We Do Organisational Development EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT & COMMITMENT Helping you influence the psychological contract between the organisation and its people which is one of the foundations upon which commitment and success dependents. PERFORMANCE STRATEGIES& TRANSFORMATION We partner with organisations to co- develop strategic solutions aimed at the harnessing and using all the strengths, talent and potential throughout the organisation. COMPETENCY & VALUES FRAMEWORKS Organisational alignment in values and ethical behaviours creates an environment where people are clear on what is expected from them, enabling people to grow and succeed. 1 2 3

13. How We Do It 13 INSIDE-OUT, OUTSIDE-IN Our approach is based on a two-fold strategy of facilitating organisational capability and change from the inside-out and from the outside in – like two sides to the same coin INSIDE-OUT About facilitating change internally from within so individuals, teams or the whole organisation build capabilities to influence and deliver sustainable high performance. OUTSIDE-IN About supporting change externally looking at the organisation from the perspective of customer, stakeholder or operating context. Our approach

14. 14 How We Do It Our Differences A 3-stage cycle guiding our conversation and work REFRESH Client data and new insight are woven together to create customised solutions RESULTS Identifying and delivering sustainable change beyond limits REFLECT Deep listening forms the basis of our collaborative thinking and partnership

15. 15 How We Do It Our Differences Three Questions to Deliver Sustainable Results We use a three-question framework to test that each project is set up for success and to enable us to measure progress and results. Each piece of work must meet these three tests to satisfy us that we will deliver sustainable results for our clients and their communities. REFRESH Are refreshed mind-sets essential for success? RESULTS Are the desired results clear, agreed, valuable? REFLECT Is our reflection of current reality a version on which we can all agree? Test 1 Test 2 Test 3

16. 16 Unlocking Talent & Potential Success and achievement are not going to happen in our comfort zone. Whether it is being fast- tracked as talent, leadership, new opportunities, demanding relationships, an important deal, the need to be heard or to be at our best … the sharp end of our talents and potential is the threshold of our stretch zone. ‘The most positive and amazing thing I have ever learnt!’ The Stretch Zone Everyone has a stretch zone and confidence is an issue for everyone who has the courage to step outside their comfort zone. Our Differences

17. 17‘The most positive and amazing thing I have ever learnt!’ The Stretch Zone  Everyday Problem – everyday the very human story of people holding back their potential under pressure plays out at untold cost to the individual and organisation, an unnecessary waste.  Unique Solution – the stretch zone is a unique set of insights, principles and practices that have enabled executives, managers, talent and graduates to discover their best over the past 10 years.  Lasting Benefits – when people step up they inspire others to step up, creating an infectious ‘can- do’ energy of possibilities, a culture of achievement where people seize opportunities and deliver.  Talks & Seminars – a thought-provoking talk that speaks to the audience’s experience demystifying confidence under pressure.  Workshops - an in-depth masterclass brining the insights, principles and practices to life with depth and pragmatism.  Coaching – confidential one-to-one or group coaching that unlocks talent and potential under moments of pressure.  Self-Assessment – an online questionnaire profiling against 7 forms of self-limiting doubt, developing awareness of what holds us back.  eCourse – an online e-course of 9 modules introducing a whole new way of thinking, turning outdated assumptions on their head.  Business Simulations – tailored, real life scenarios designed to take learners outside their comfort zones with professional role players. ‘If only I had read this 25 years ago I am sure I could have achieved far greater things in my career. The ability to shine in those critical career moments is a massive win for anyone aspiring to senior management. I would recommend this book to all aspirational students, junior managers and sales people – almost anyone in fact.” Chris Hudd Our Differences

18. Programme Principles  Face to Face Workshops/Programmes  1 – 1 and Group Coaching  Business Simulations & Role Play  Facilitated Learning Sessions  Action Learning  Talks and Seminars  Cohort and Buddy Networks  Case Studies  In Market Immersion Learning  On-Line Tools & Assessments  Webinars  Impact Analysis METHODOLOGIES  Deep Learning  Ethical and moral  Learner-Centred  Facilitative Approach  Outcomes Focused Conversations  Experiential & Feedback  Support & Challenge  Inspirational & Collaborative  Fun & Interactive  Pace & Reflection  Life Changing  Action Orientation DESIGN & DELIVERY 18

19. 19 COACHINGConsultation Evaluation Sample Programme Setting out the pathway Pre-Work • Profiling 360 Assessment • Pre-work engagement Module 1 Self • Self Awareness • Business Simulation • Influence Module 2 Others • Team Dynamics • Change • Performance Module3 Organisation • Strategy • Collaboration • Reflective Practice

20. 20 Areas of Delivery  Coaching & Mentoring  Relationship Management/Partnering Skills  Performance Management  Developing Talent  Values Based Leadership  Appraisal Training  Customer Service/Experience  Creativity & Innovation  Communicating & Influencing  Self Awareness & Communicating  Negotiation Skills  Holding Difficult Conversation  Managing Effective Meetings  High Impact Presentation PERSONAL / LEADERSHIP SKILLS  Team Start Ups/Emerging Teams  High Performing Teams/Team Effectiveness  Managing Remote/Virtual Teams  Team Conflict  Change Teams  Leading Global Teams TEAMS  Change Management strategy development and programmes  Leading Change  Transformation Support  Employee Experience and Engagement  Capability Uplift  Customer Experience CHANGE

21. 21 We have an outstanding team of experienced and talented Organisational Development and Learning & Development professionals who truly love what they do, each bringing their own unique touch and flair. “Our genuine concern… …is for your success…” Our People

22. 22 “…The journey starts with self-awareness, through assessments and coaching…” Our Accreditations

23. 23 Our Clients

24. 24 Beyond Limits

25. 111 Captain’s Road, Edinburgh EH17 8DT, United Kingdom Consult F5 Ltd is Registered in Scotland, No 473608 For further information contact: Jill Maclean +44 (0) 7920 136592 l Daryl Watson +44 (0) 7786 038317 Glenn Widelko +44 (0) 7770 472652 UK Based Global Reach Office +44 (0) 131 564 0154

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